What Our Customers
Say About Us

Ray English

First of all, I would like to say that the service at Hearing Sense is second to none. I have been a customer of them for several years and I have always found them to be very thorough, helpful and professional.

I have had to wear hearing aids for more than 20 years due to industrial noise. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but the benefits outweighed the initial discomfort. The size of the hearing aids has gotten a lot smaller and are less noticeable than the earlier models.

I have recently replaced my Phonak hearing aids with a remote control for the TV to Oticon rechargeable ones which can be controlled by my phone with the APP downloaded from the Internet. This is much more convenient.

lan Bowes

This testimonial comes from quite a long association with Hearing Sense.

My first pair of hearing aides were purchased from them before they
sold the business a long time ago near Parabanks. They treated me extremely well then and sold first class equipment.

The company that took over were OK, but I missed the personal service that Pavel gave me.
Several years later, a good friend received his hearing aids from Pavel
much to my surprise. Got his new address, which was just down the street.

Made an appointment and was made to feel very welcome again by Pavel and Rhiannon, who is now my Audiologist Rhiannon is fabulous, she knows her product is friendly and is more than willing to put herself out to make it easier for myself. When it comes to technology, I don’t know much but the gang at Hearing Sense are the best.

Elias Siahamis

I like to support local business, and found Hearing Sense after seeing an advertisement. The staff are extremely polite, helpful and patient. They are also very supportive to get the hearing aids fitted correctly. I went back a few times to get it right and on each occasion, they were helpful and patient. I cannot recommend Hearing Sense highly enough. Top class service!

Lyal Williams

The team at Hearing Sense made me feel at ease immediately. They took the time to educate me on my hearing test and results. I was offered solutions for my needs with no pressure to proceed with purchasing devices. I was amazed when they advised that I could connect my hearing aids to my phone. My quality of life is better thanks to my hearing aids and Hearing Sense.

Bruce Malone

I am 90 years old and have used hearing aids in each year for several years. The first set supplied by the Government had very little control over the sound quality or volume. After a year or two, I purchased another set also dependant on air tubes to transmit sound, I could control the volume, however, the batteries were very expensive and the earpieces were uncomfortable.

About 5 years ago I saw an advertisement by Hearing Sense and decided to give them a try. I am so pleased I did, even though I must use taxis to ger to their business on The Parade at Norwood. Pavel fitted me with a set of hearing aids that match my hearing loss, I could easily adjust the volume, listen to the television without disturbing my wife, the earpieces were reasonably comfortable and the battery club subscription saved me a lot of money.

In 2020 Pavel set me up with a new set of hearing aid, better quality soft earpieces, rechargeable batteries and a less obtrusive television adaptor. As a bonus, they are the cheapest hearing aids I have purchased so far.

If you are suffering from hearing loss I urge you to get fitted with Hearing Aids.

I cannot think of anyone better to advise you than Pavel and the team at Hearing Sense.

Matt Hosini

My story with hearing aids is different from many others. I’m 34 years old and would never have thought that I may even need to consider hearing aids. It started with my colleagues telling me that I can’t hear them properly, and of course, I missed what they said. Then, I noticed that when I was watching the TV, I wasn’t able to understand the conversations. Hearing Sense is the only hearing aid provider that I contacted. Kelly and Rhiannon are professional and friendly. After Kelly tested my ears, she offered me a few options to choose from, and let me try them for 2 weeks. I am happy with their service and recommend them to you.

Peter Biber

Forty years ago, I was told I needed hearing aids. Vanity kicked in, and that was not going to happen! Since that bad-news day, I have managed OK working in senior positions in Governments and the private sectors in several countries. Still, now at 71 and CEO of a benevolent institution (Grandparents for Grandchildren), I was finding that at the numerous meetings that come with the role, I was not grasping important information; not remembering — let alone hearing — people’s names, and even not being able to match faces with names.  I finally admitted I needed help.

So over the last couple of years, I consulted with the larger, ‘well known’ names in the hearing aid business but was very disillusioned. I was treated like a dollar sign. It was akin to dealing with a shonky used car salesperson. Then one of my team, a client of Hearing Sense Norwood, told me about Kelly and Pavel’s business and their approach to helping people like me. I really did need to get something done, so I took the plunge, made an appointment with a highly professional young lady, Rhiannon. The rest is now history.

No pressure, no sales pitches, open and honest discussion about the options available to me, resulting in an absolutely perfect solution to my needs. It is impossible to describe the difference these hearing aids have made to the quality of my life in general; not just my work life. They connect to my iPhone, they stream music, TV — AND I can remember names so much better now! The team at Hearing Sense will explain this phenomenon to you.

Finally purchasing my hearing aids was not the end of the journey. It’s just the beginning of a long-term relationship with Hearing Sense as their after-sales service and continuing interest in my wellbeing is quite remarkable.

There’s still a bit of vanity here though: I don’t call them hearing aids, but ear jewellery! I shouldn’t really worry, though as you cannot see them!

Peter Edwards

Hi Kelly, Pavel & Rhiannon,

Just wanted to express my appreciation for a few things…

Firstly for the courtesies extended by all staff members, especially in the way of putting clients at ease. This is particularly important when people feel a little apprehensive regarding costs, and often rather embarrassed about hearing loss.

I was able to have a good laugh at myself about all this!

Secondly, I find EVERY team member furnishes sound, simple and explicit TECHNICAL information and advice! Very important. This includes the “drop-in” after-visits too.

Thirdly, on the lighter side…

– I’ve got no excuse for employing “selective hearing” anymore.

– I generally know when my partner is whispering to her sister (don’t tell her).

– I can hear traffic better.

– I can hear my local magpies calling outside home for a little food for their babies.

– I can hear my own voice better (result being, I speak more clearly, great for those with no hearing assistance).

– I didn’t know there was so much crinkly paper around the place.

– And yes it’s true… One of my fav shoes actually does creak.

– Orchestra comes alive again.

I guess life should be embraced to the fullest. Thanks for your help and humour along that way.


Francisco Dias

Dear Mrs Kelly and Mr Pavel Korceck,

My sincere thank you for the way you look after my needs, not only professional but also friendly and always prompt to help and make my life more rewarding. I write to recommend you for your friendly service and hope you will always be there to continue to make my day better.

Thank you for your care,

Sincerely Francisco

Jim Snook

Since I started attending Hearing Sense, I had really good support with my hearing aids. I am very happy with the services they have provided.

Neil Johnson

I was like most down-to-earth Aussie blokes who thought they don’t need hearing aids. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my hearing. I ignored the tell-tale signs that I might be experiencing hearing loss, but as time went by I noticed I was having problems with hearing. I was having problems when out socially or when surrounded by a lot of outside noises. So, I took a recommendation (to call Hearing Sense) from a friend and made an appointment to see Pavel. Pavel explained my type of loss and recommended I trial aids for both ears. I decided to take the plunge and I cannot believe how much the aids changed the quality of my life. I can now hear all conversations around me especially my grand kids. I remember driving home and heard a noise, I couldn’t pick where or what it was, it turned out to be the rain falling on the roof of the car that I obviously hadn’t heard for a long time. I’m now on my second pair of aids which a far more advanced than the first but I still keep the old ones in the bedroom for watching TV in bed, it beats trying to lip read. The level of knowledge and service from Pavel, Kelly, and Rhiannon (who I have all seen on different occasions) is topped by none, they are just brilliant in all manner of speaking. And, the same goes for all the staff at Hearing Sense they are just like one big family that can’t do enough for you. So, in ending this I would highly recommend Hearing Sense to anyone. You would be foolish to go anywhere else.


My experience with Hearing Sense has been exceptionally good. I had been given hearing aids about 5 years earlier by another agency, but wasn’t convinced that I needed them.

When I realised that I wasn’t hearing certain sounds, I thought it was time to seek help. I came to Hearing Sense, and was treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Everything about the types of hearing aids that might be suitable was very carefully explained, and I chose what I thought would be right for me. I never looked back, from day 1 I was able to wear the hearing aids without experiencing any discomfort and any help I have needed with new batteries, cleaning etc, has been given very helpfully by the staff at Hearing Sense. It was Pavel who gave me my hearing test and he was most professional and helpful.

Geoff Chandler

Hi Kelly,

I have had my new hearing aids for five months now and would like you to know that I am really pleased with the outcome. I was truly impressed by your enthusiasm for what you do and your friendly and relaxed manner as you explained in simple terms the mechanics of hearing and the products that would assist my hearing. Your enthusiasm is quite infectious and from the outset I looked forward with eager anticipation to getting my new hearing aids.

Honestly I am constantly blown away with the results as my expectations have been exceeded beyond belief. My old hearing aids were extremely uncomfortable and as a result I used them very sparingly. In contrast my new hearing aids are very comfortable to the extent where I wear them constantly, I even forget that I am wearing them.

My hearing has improved and I am now able to participate in conversations with a much greater awareness of what everyone is saying and I no longer have to have the radio or television turned up so high that they are uncomfortable for others.

My wife is also enjoying the results as she doesn’t have to repeat herself so often or answer my questions like “What did they say” or “What was that”?

Kelly I cannot thank you enough – you have made a world of difference, the whole experience has been an amazing revelation.


Gerhard Valk

My name is Gerhard Valk. As a young man learning the trade of cabinetmaking I was exposed to a lot of machinery noise and later in my life I had to use hearing aids constantly.

I went to Hearing Sense for a new hearing aid and met Kelly. I told her about my problems with using the telephone and hearing the television. Kelly told me to get a new mobile telephone, Kelly then connected my hearing aids to my mobile phone and to the television.

This was very successful and I am very happy with it. Kelly and her husband, Pavel and the friendly team behind the counter are very helpful and I thank them very much.

Peter Bradshaw

Dear Kelly, Pavel and Rhiannon,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how delighted I am with my new hearing aids, and to tell you my story.

It was in the late 1980’s when I realised that my hearing, which had never been good, was slowly deteriorating. A hearing test confirmed this, and I purchased my first pair of hearing aids from our local optical franchise.

They certainly helped a bit, mostly by just magnifying sounds, but they were so uncomfortable to wear, that they spent a lot of time in my bedside drawer.

It was some years later, after seeing Kelly in Spaceland Arcade in Salisbury, that I was fitted with hearing aids that significantly improved my hearing.

With successive hearing aids and the tremendous advances in technology, I thought things were about as good as they could be, but just before last Christmas, when Kelly suggested that I try the new Oticon Minirite hearing aids my world changed.

I am now hearing sounds that I have not heard for years, possibly decades. I can join in conversations with others and no longer feel isolated.

Only when I look back on my life do I realise just how much I missed by simply not being able to hear properly. Whilst sailing home to England from Malaya at the end of my national service in 1958, I participated in an activity involving shooting at a target towed about 50 metres behind the ship. We were in groups of six and the officer said “when I say ‘fire’… All I heard was ‘fire’ – so I did. I managed to get the whole group disqualified and I was not very popular to say the least.

It is no coincidence that my hobbies as a young man were cycling, photography and glider flying – all solitary pursuits. I never did well in team sport, probably because I did not obey instructions, simply because I could not hear them. I am sure that being in the army – the Royal Artillery, of course, and my liking for target shooting, plus many years in noisy machine shops have done little to help me.

It’s been a long journey, but at least I can enjoy a meal in a restaurant with friends, visit the cinema or theatre and follow the dialogue, and hear and understand what is going on at meetings. I would urge anyone having hearing difficulties to seek help – a whole new world awaits you.

The staff at Hearing Sense have always been totally professional, friendly, helpful and understanding. I unreservedly recommend your products and services.


David N Peck

Dear Kelly and Pavel,

Late last week I had a remarkable experience.

Perhaps it was something like 18 months ago when I accompanied Thelma Hannam to have some adjustments made to her hearing aid.

I was most impressed by Pavel who did that work, so within some weeks I was similarly fitted and a new phase of my hearing life had begun.

About a year later the ‘inserts’ to the aids were fitted with two domes that further improved the quality of what I heard.

This did not come without some cost though, for I had some difficulty with the domes falling out of my ears. This did cause some frustration, so eventually I returned and spoke to one of the young ladies at the front desk.

She changed the domes for slightly smaller units that remain in place much more effectively. This in itself is a valued improvement, but with the cause of frustration removed, there came a further improvement in what I hear.

In recognising the added comfort and improvement in the sounds, I quickly decided that I would acknowledge that and almost addressed this letter to ‘The girls at the front desk’.

What I recognize of course is that you are all a special team of talented people, and not only talented but very pleasant to relate with.

I am so grateful to have been pointed to you.

I am sincerely,

Alison Bruce

As a return client I have been consistently delighted with the care and attention to detail provided by Hearing Sense. They have always provided a personal and caring approach to any problem and maintenance.


To Kelly, Pavel & Rhiannon,

Just letting you all know how happy I am now that I have one of your hearing aids.

I was a bit hesitant in going, so I took my husband to one of my visits, and between us we asked many questions.

Everything was answered and I was advised on which one would be the better one for me.

I don’t feel like I am even wearing one, as it tucks neatly away really well. It took my family and friends a good while before they noticed, and it is great to hear the family when they are all around and at work I’m not saying ‘pardon’ all the time.

I would recommend Hearing Sense to anyone, they really look after you.

Yours Truly,


My story.

So, what do you do when your friends and family keep telling you that you aren’t listening and you keep asking them to repeat what they are saying? Conversations in crowded places and restaurants leave you missing the general drift.

You go, with understandable reluctance, to see Kelly.

It’s great to see someone who understood and could ease me through the trauma of admitting that I am getting older and my hearing is on the blink.

It was good to have explained the issues arising out of hearing loss with patience and demonstration of the several options that are available to rectify the problem.

The trial month was tremendously helpful in getting used to the suggested hearing aids, so the decision after the end of the month was made easy.

I am well into my fourth month now and whilst I still dislike the fact that I need hearing aids my ability to hear the world around me again is pretty convincing that my decision to go and see Kelly and co (the real experts) was the right one.

David Kay

To whom it may concern,

I am just writing to let you know that I have been delighted with my new hearing aids. For the first time in years I am now able to hear the television properly and I can wear my new aids outside in traffic noise or where there is a large group of people without having to turn them off or take them out.

Pavel has been a great help showing me the various types available and recommending the most suitable for me personally. The advanced computer technology has accurately diagnosed my requirements.

Everyone at Hearing Sense has been friendly and helpful. The appointments were on time and I always felt welcomed and comfortable during my visits, all in all it has been a great experience for me.

Congratulations to all the staff at Hearing Sense.

Yours Sincerely,