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What Our Customers
Say About Us

Kevin Gruhl

There was no doubt that my hearing as a 69 year old wasn’t as good as it used to be. Issues with regularly having to ask my wife to speak up or repeat something, TV volume issues or simply missing out on parts of conversations finally got me to acknowledge that I needed hearing aids. A friend who was already a very happy client of Kelly at Hearing Sense suggested that the excellent service and outcome that he had received could also benefit me.

How right he was! After a six week trial period when I learned how to use the hearing aids and ironed out any bugs in my understanding, I have now had them for six months and have realised how much they have improved my day to day life. I have learned how to best use them in various settings, I adjust the volume as needed and I am no longer struggling to hear what I had previously taken for granted as a younger person.

I chose to get the top of the range model as I wanted all the benefits that this technology has to offer. I have not been disappointed!! The better hearing that they provide is excellent in a whole range of situations eg: I can now hear conversations in noisy situations. The TV adapter allows the hearing aids (via bluetooth) to receive sound directly from the TV to my ears. My wife is then able to adjust the TV speakers to suit herself. I receive phone calls directly to my hearing aids. I can listen to music from my phone directly to my hearing aids.

I have been surprised by the number of times friends have noticed that I now wear hearing aids and have asked about my experience as their hearing is compromised the same as mine and they are contemplating getting them for themselves. I have outlined my journey which my friends have appreciated as they have yet to take the first steps. Based on what I have learned, I have stressed how important I believe the service provided by Kelly and her team has been to achieving my successful outcome. Typically, my friends have indicated that they will now seek out the benefits that I have realised.

The cost of hearing aids is always part of the conversation when discussing them with my friends. I have friends who are not particularly happy with their hearing aid experience and choosing lower spec’d models is a common theme. Not persisting with learning how to use them properly is another reason. My belief is that you get what you pay for so as I wanted all the benefits that these devices could offer, I went with the best and haven’t regretted it. Kelly and her team were always there if I had questions so I am now a confident user.

Not everyone is blessed with the amazing hearing that my lovely wife has so if I was going to still be able to have deep and meaningful conversations with her in the future I needed help and hearing aids have provided that.

Brett McCarthur

I have been wearing aids for more than 20 years but have never really been satisfied until I came across Hearing Sense. I found hearing sense when I was yet again searching for a better aid or provider so I thought I would give them a call.

This proved to be a good decision on my behalf as I found Hearing Sense very friendly and knowledgeable. Right from my first appointment, they have been on time every time. I was impressed that Pavel really understood my issues and he has been the only professional who has diagnosed my single sided deafness.

The aids that he has recommended for me have been almost life changing and I can’t thank him and his team enough. On top of all this, I was able to try the aids for several weeks without having to outlay thousands of dollars which was different to all the other providers out there who insist you pay up front.

After a couple of adjustments and me being totally happy it was only then that I had to pay for the aids. On top of all this, I found the aids to be a better price than anywhere else I had tried and they do all the big brands so you have plenty to choose from.

I totally recommend Hearing Sense to anyone out there who needs some help to hear.

Greg W

Since switching to Lyric from my previous hearing aids it almost feels as if I don’t have a hearing problem.  Most of the time I am not even aware that I have them in and it is great not having to make sure I am carrying spare batteries everywhere in case I need them and not to have daily, weekly and monthly cleaning rituals.  They are so invisible, many people are surprised if I mention that I am wearing hearing aids.  The service from Hearing Sense has been fantastic.  Always friendly, quick and easy.


I went to Hearing Sense as I had a hearing aid from another provider that I was not comfortable wearing.

Pavel was great! After a hearing test, he listened to my concerns and fitted me with trial hearing aids for 2 weeks.

I was impressed with the range of hearing aids and price ranges available.

They were incredibly comfortable compared with my previous experience.

On review he adjusted them and arranged a further two fortnightly follow ups to ensure I was happy with them.

It was only then that I was required to finalise payment for the purchase.

Thank you Pavel for helping to make wearing hearing aids an enjoyable experience and allowing me to hear conversations clearly again.

Jan – Kensington Park

A hearing test in my early 60s confirmed what everyone else seemed to already know – that my hearing loss was officially a problem. It had become embarrassing and debilitating and my efforts to conceal my hearing loss and pretend that I could understand what people were saying, failed me regularly. I work full time as a manager in a very busy and demanding environment so being sharp and attentive is extremely important. I had started to feel professionally undermined and embarrassed at having to ask others to speak up or repeat what they had said.

Over time, loss of hearing has the potential to make you feel isolated and prematurely old. People get impatient with you and treat you differently. Still, I approached the idea of hearing aids with a great deal of apprehension, shame, and embarrassment.

The staff at Hearing Sense couldn’t have been more supportive, anti-ageist, informative, patient and accommodating. I was treated with respect and dignity by all the staff. The audiologists were especially kind and supportive. I was offered endless opportunities to ask questions and was able to trial several hearing aids until I found the one that worked for me.

Being able to trial different devices made a huge difference and enabled me to make a fully informed and careful decision. In the end, I chose a hearing device, (Oticon) which is top of the range, highly sophisticated and very responsive to all my social and work environments. They are easy to clean, maintain and recharge, they sit comfortably and are concealed by my long hair. The blue tooth connectivity to my iPhone streamlines communication and entertainment.

My experience of wearing hearing aids is extremely positive. The sound quality is fantastic and once they are in I completely forget I’m wearing them.

Getting good hearing aids can be a big financial investment. but its a potentially life changing decision. I couldn’t be happier with the devices that I have and am extremely grateful to the team at Hearing Sense for bearing with me. Being able to hear properly, has completely restored my self-confidence, especially at work, and has made me feel more alert and on the ball. My only regret is that I waited so long.


I would like to thank the staff at Hearing Sense for their wonderful help
and support. Of course it was difficult to make the decision to have my hearing checked
but after visiting another facility I was totally put off.

After going through more embarrassing situations I answered an advert for
a very small device as I did not want anyone to know. After my
consultation Pavel showed me a range of hearing aids from the cheapest to
the most expensive and he did not put me under any pressure to choose the
initial item which of course was the top of the range.

I have referred a few people to Hearing Sense as I always feel welcome and
nothing is any bother even the smallest of requests.

It is now almost 9 years and whilst I may have an off day here and there,
my overall experience of getting hearing aids has been good – thanks to
Hearing Sense.

Karen Thurston

To the team at Hearing Sense,

I wish to sincerely thank you for all the fabulous service and support that you provide. I have recommended your practice to many friends, family and acquaintances over the last 8 years, including members of the Acoustic Neuroma Association of Australia.

I first approached Hearing Sense on a recommendation when I was seeking support for my single sided deafness that resulted from the removal of a benign tumour known as an Acoustic Neuroma. I saw Pavel who sensitively considered my issues and explained in great detail what could be done for my condition. He recommended a CROS system by Phonak. He was considerate of financial constraints and I never felt pressured by “up-selling” to higher models. I was given 1 months free trial with regular appointments to answer questions and make adjustments. I’ll never forget my first day at work with my new hearing aids and hearing a child who was behind me ask to go to the toilet. Such a small thing for most but a huge deal for me. Fast forward 8 years and I am onto my second set of aids this time by Oticon. The technology has advanced so much and features such as streaming phone calls through my aids and being able to listen to music through them have been fantastic. This time the lovely Rhiannon lead me through the process recommending aids to suit my needs and consulting with me over the different levels of technology and the costs involved. The follow up service I have received at Hearing Sense has been fully included in the initial cost of the aids and has been second to none! This has included cleans, services, adjustments, help with replacing filters, annual hearing checks and even emergency hearing tests when I had sudden sensorineural hearing loss in my good ear.

I happily and thoroughly recommend the whole team at Hearing Sense !

David Kay

I just want to say that for the first time in many years I am now able to hear the speakers at our church service. It has always been very frustrating until now so thank you everyone at hearing sense.


My main problems were not hearing the TV as well as I wanted and in not hearing family and friends around a table in a noisy place. Otherwise, I felt I could hear quite well! I could manage without knowing the whole story at the table and felt I could fill in the missed messages in the TV or simple turn it up a bit or replay a section if possible!!

But one day just in case just to prove to myself that my hearing was not very bad I decided to have a hearing test. I was rather surprised to find that I miss heard quite a few words (there was no context in which to place them I thought!!!). But I decided to give hearing aids a trial!! And “Hearing Sense gave me a trial in the office, gave me help in regulating the aids by using my phone (really cool as the younger ones thought- and so did I really!)

After some weeks I had a few teething problems which Kelly and the staff were always pleased to help me with. I decided I would manage with the TV volume and with COVID there was not much in the way of socialising around a table anywhere for me!! So, I let it go for a year-or more? And Hearing Sense were OK with that. AND I didn’t have to pay anything!!

Then I decided to give it another trial. Some of the literature I received did point out that not hearing properly was thought to contribute to later dementia which was one thought I did take on board. I was retested and found to be a bit worse and had a trial with one brand off hearing aidi which was fine at first and gave all the latest in technology. But I wasn’t 100% happy with the aids and Kelly gave me a trial on another brand. Again, I received a few weeks trial with no payment. I was much happier with this brand. It did sound different from the previous one. I do hear the TV much better now and cope with the restaurant noises better, hear the mobile and home phones more clearly, and sometimes enjoy listening to music or a story from the mobile as I take a walk or do some chores around the house. There is no problem in fitting or wearing the aids. They are light and comfortable and easily cleaned. The Hearing Sense staff will help with cleaning too.

I can’t praise the staff at Hearing Sense enough for their patience, understanding and hands on help, throughout the process I went through. I know they are only too happy to help me at any time in the future if there is any problem whatsoever. I feel that I was given every opportunity to get the best hearing aids for my personal need, that I was given all the time! needed to adjust to using and wearing them, that I was given alternative brands to try, and that the firm was particularly generous in offering the best price they could. I am very happy to recommend Hearing Sense to anyone wondering about their declining hearing and whether they should do anything about it!!


Concerning the lyric fully inserted hearing aid at my first fitting the hearing improvement was extraordinary, sparkling sound which rapidly improved my mood and love of life. I was aware from research that I had been losing brain material because I had lost 20% of my high-frequency hearing and without exercise the relevant neurones die. I was also aware that poor hearing is associated with social isolation, Alzheimer’s disease and an early death which seemed undesirable to me!
Thad previously had amazing success with hard contact lenses for my eyes, being chronically myopic and the lyric have been just as effective. Perhaps better because I wear them all the time.
Relaxed persistence in allowing the brain to adjust to the hearing aid is the sensible approach I believe not being able to get the hearing aid to completely adapt to the brain!
Anyway, congratulations to lyric and I’m sure they are going to further improve it!
At 74 years of age, I am not able to do scuba wearing them or go up and down the pool with my head dipping under the water but that is a very small price to pay for getting my brain back and happiness! Here’s hoping lyric make them submersible in the near future!


I have been a client of Hearing Sense for more than 6 years and I’m currently on my second set of hearing aids (although I did trial a set of the Lyric ear pieces early in my time with Pavel).  The Lyric was attractive to me as I was going to work in an Orangutan Sanctuary in Borneo for 3 weeks & I wanted ear pieces which wouldn’t be influenced by rain & humidity.  As it turned out my Lyric wasn’t successful for me when I used it in my gym pool so I just took my standard ear pieces, which ultimately spent the best of 3 weeks in their box due to the 92% humidity & the twice daily torrential rain.

Throughout my time with Hearing Sense I have found Pavel and his staff to be extremely obliging.  If I have ever had an issue with my hearing aids they have been quick to deal with it, generally on the spot and usually with very short notice, which is important when you’re quite reliant on them.  Once, with my first set, I had an issue with one piece & Pavel was able to have it replaced under warranty, quickly & with no fuss.

Free service & cleaning of hearing aids, as well as the “Battery Club” (where you can pay a very reasonable fee for unlimited batteries for a year) have been valuable to me.  Dropping in, unannounced, to have my aids quickly cleaned has invariably been met with prompt & courteous service.

Pavel has also introduced me to a “set top box” for my TV which has a blue-tooth connection to my hearing aids.  This has been a marriage saver as I can watch the TV with volume to my ear pieces while my wife can watch with a volume which doesn’t shake the house.  Furthermore she can be doing other work in our living area, eg on a laptop, while I watch TV with my own earpiece audio and the TV volume muted.

I had done my research with other businesses before committing to Hearing Sense and to be honest I could have bought similar hearing aids at a slightly cheaper price elsewhere.  In my hearing assessment with Pavel he suggested that the after-sale support was important and that they provide this very well, so I chose to go with him.  I have been completely satisfied with every aspect of the service I have received at Hearing Sense. “You get what you pay for” is a good general rule & with a strong dependence on my hearing aids in every aspect of my daily life, I consider my decision to go with Hearing Sense, over cheaper alternatives, to have been the right one.

Gerald Smith

My wife has been telling me for years that there was something wrong with my hearing. While we were still living in Sydney we went to a clinic and had our hearing tested. We were told there was nothing wrong. When we moved to Adelaide Karen found out about Hearing Sense. This was testing at a new level of professionalism. And yes it proved that my wife was right all along and I now have a hearing aid in my left ear.

It wasn’t just the testing. Everyone at Hearing Sense was friendly, courteous and professional. Pavel provided a thorough explanation of what all the testing meant and how important it was to do something about the hearing loss before it got so bad that nothing could be done. The 30 day trial period gave me time to get used to the hearing aid and see the improvement for myself. Everything about dealing with Hearing Sense made the whole experience so much easier and less daunting than I had feared.

Thank you Hearing Sense.

Ray English

First of all, I would like to say that the service at Hearing Sense is second to none. I have been a customer of them for several years and I have always found them to be very thorough, helpful and professional.

I have had to wear hearing aids for more than 20 years due to industrial noise. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but the benefits outweighed the initial discomfort. The size of the hearing aids has gotten a lot smaller and are less noticeable than the earlier models.

I have recently replaced my Phonak hearing aids with a remote control for the TV to Oticon rechargeable ones which can be controlled by my phone with the APP downloaded from the Internet. This is much more convenient.

lan Bowes

This testimonial comes from quite a long association with Hearing Sense.

My first pair of hearing aides were purchased from them before they
sold the business a long time ago near Parabanks. They treated me extremely well then and sold first class equipment.

The company that took over were OK, but I missed the personal service that Pavel gave me.
Several years later, a good friend received his hearing aids from Pavel
much to my surprise. Got his new address, which was just down the street.

Made an appointment and was made to feel very welcome again by Pavel and Rhiannon, who is now my Audiologist Rhiannon is fabulous, she knows her product is friendly and is more than willing to put herself out to make it easier for myself. When it comes to technology, I don’t know much but the gang at Hearing Sense are the best.

Elias Siahamis

I like to support local business, and found Hearing Sense after seeing an advertisement. The staff are extremely polite, helpful and patient. They are also very supportive to get the hearing aids fitted correctly. I went back a few times to get it right and on each occasion, they were helpful and patient. I cannot recommend Hearing Sense highly enough. Top class service!

Lyal Williams

The team at Hearing Sense made me feel at ease immediately. They took the time to educate me on my hearing test and results. I was offered solutions for my needs with no pressure to proceed with purchasing devices. I was amazed when they advised that I could connect my hearing aids to my phone. My quality of life is better thanks to my hearing aids and Hearing Sense.

Bruce Malone

I am 90 years old and have used hearing aids in each year for several years. The first set supplied by the Government had very little control over the sound quality or volume. After a year or two, I purchased another set also dependant on air tubes to transmit sound, I could control the volume, however, the batteries were very expensive and the earpieces were uncomfortable.

About 5 years ago I saw an advertisement by Hearing Sense and decided to give them a try. I am so pleased I did, even though I must use taxis to ger to their business on The Parade at Norwood. Pavel fitted me with a set of hearing aids that match my hearing loss, I could easily adjust the volume, listen to the television without disturbing my wife, the earpieces were reasonably comfortable and the battery club subscription saved me a lot of money.

In 2020 Pavel set me up with a new set of hearing aid, better quality soft earpieces, rechargeable batteries and a less obtrusive television adaptor. As a bonus, they are the cheapest hearing aids I have purchased so far.

If you are suffering from hearing loss I urge you to get fitted with Hearing Aids.

I cannot think of anyone better to advise you than Pavel and the team at Hearing Sense.

Matt Hosini

My story with hearing aids is different from many others. I’m 34 years old and would never have thought that I may even need to consider hearing aids. It started with my colleagues telling me that I can’t hear them properly, and of course, I missed what they said. Then, I noticed that when I was watching the TV, I wasn’t able to understand the conversations. Hearing Sense is the only hearing aid provider that I contacted. Kelly and Rhiannon are professional and friendly. After Kelly tested my ears, she offered me a few options to choose from, and let me try them for 2 weeks. I am happy with their service and recommend them to you.

Peter Biber

Forty years ago, I was told I needed hearing aids. Vanity kicked in, and that was not going to happen! Since that bad-news day, I have managed OK working in senior positions in Governments and the private sectors in several countries. Still, now at 71 and CEO of a benevolent institution (Grandparents for Grandchildren), I was finding that at the numerous meetings that come with the role, I was not grasping important information; not remembering — let alone hearing — people’s names, and even not being able to match faces with names.  I finally admitted I needed help.

So over the last couple of years, I consulted with the larger, ‘well known’ names in the hearing aid business but was very disillusioned. I was treated like a dollar sign. It was akin to dealing with a shonky used car salesperson. Then one of my team, a client of Hearing Sense Norwood, told me about Kelly and Pavel’s business and their approach to helping people like me. I really did need to get something done, so I took the plunge, made an appointment with a highly professional young lady, Rhiannon. The rest is now history.

No pressure, no sales pitches, open and honest discussion about the options available to me, resulting in an absolutely perfect solution to my needs. It is impossible to describe the difference these hearing aids have made to the quality of my life in general; not just my work life. They connect to my iPhone, they stream music, TV — AND I can remember names so much better now! The team at Hearing Sense will explain this phenomenon to you.

Finally purchasing my hearing aids was not the end of the journey. It’s just the beginning of a long-term relationship with Hearing Sense as their after-sales service and continuing interest in my wellbeing is quite remarkable.

There’s still a bit of vanity here though: I don’t call them hearing aids, but ear jewellery! I shouldn’t really worry, though as you cannot see them!

Peter Edwards

Hi Kelly, Pavel & Rhiannon,

Just wanted to express my appreciation for a few things…

Firstly for the courtesies extended by all staff members, especially in the way of putting clients at ease. This is particularly important when people feel a little apprehensive regarding costs, and often rather embarrassed about hearing loss.

I was able to have a good laugh at myself about all this!

Secondly, I find EVERY team member furnishes sound, simple and explicit TECHNICAL information and advice! Very important. This includes the “drop-in” after-visits too.

Thirdly, on the lighter side…

– I’ve got no excuse for employing “selective hearing” anymore.

– I generally know when my partner is whispering to her sister (don’t tell her).

– I can hear traffic better.

– I can hear my local magpies calling outside home for a little food for their babies.

– I can hear my own voice better (result being, I speak more clearly, great for those with no hearing assistance).

– I didn’t know there was so much crinkly paper around the place.

– And yes it’s true… One of my fav shoes actually does creak.

– Orchestra comes alive again.

I guess life should be embraced to the fullest. Thanks for your help and humour along that way.


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