I like to support local business, and found Hearing Sense after seeing an advertisement. The staff are extremely polite, helpful and patient. They are also very supportive to get the hearing aids fitted correctly. I went back a few times to get it right and on each occasion, they were helpful and patient. I cannot recommend Hearing Sense highly enough. Top class service!

Elias Siahamis

The team at Hearing Sense made me feel at ease immediately. They took the time to educate me on my hearing test and results. I was offered solutions for my needs with no pressure to proceed with purchasing devices. I was amazed when they advised that I could connect my hearing aids to my phone. My quality of life is better thanks to my hearing aids and Hearing Sense.

Lyal Williams

I am 90 years old and have used hearing aids in each year for several years. The first set supplied by the Government had very little control over the sound quality or volume. After a year or two, I purchased another set also dependant on air tubes to transmit sound, I could control the volume, however, the batteries were very expensive and the earpieces were uncomfortable.

About 5 years ago I saw an advertisement by Hearing Sense and decided to give them a try. I am so pleased I did, even though I must use taxis to ger to their business on The Parade at Norwood. Pavel fitted me with a set of hearing aids that match my hearing loss, I could easily adjust the volume, listen to the television without disturbing my wife, the earpieces were reasonably comfortable and the battery club subscription saved me a lot of money.

In 2020 Pavel set me up with a new set of hearing aid, better quality soft earpieces, rechargeable batteries and a less obtrusive television adaptor. As a bonus, they are the cheapest hearing aids I have purchased so far.

If you are suffering from hearing loss I urge you to get fitted with Hearing Aids.

I cannot think of anyone better to advise you than Pavel and the team at Hearing Sense.

Bruce Malone

My story with hearing aids is different from many others. I’m 34 years old and would never have thought that I may even need to consider hearing aids. It started with my colleagues telling me that I can’t hear them properly, and of course, I missed what they said. Then, I noticed that when I was watching the TV, I wasn’t able to understand the conversations. Hearing Sense is the only hearing aid provider that I contacted. Kelly and Rhiannon are professional and friendly. After Kelly tested my ears, she offered me a few options to choose from, and let me try them for 2 weeks. I am happy with their service and recommend them to you.

Matt Hosini

Forty years ago, I was told I needed hearing aids. Vanity kicked in, and that was not going to happen! Since that bad-news day, I have managed OK working in senior positions in Governments and the private sectors in several countries. Still, now at 71 and CEO of a benevolent institution (Grandparents for Grandchildren), I was finding that at the numerous meetings that come with the role, I was not grasping important information; not remembering — let alone hearing — people’s names, and even not being able to match faces with names.  I finally admitted I needed help.

So over the last couple of years, I consulted with the larger, ‘well known’ names in the hearing aid business but was very disillusioned. I was treated like a dollar sign. It was akin to dealing with a shonky used car salesperson. Then one of my team, a client of Hearing Sense Norwood, told me about Kelly and Pavel’s business and their approach to helping people like me. I really did need to get something done, so I took the plunge, made an appointment with a highly professional young lady, Rhiannon. The rest is now history.

No pressure, no sales pitches, open and honest discussion about the options available to me, resulting in an absolutely perfect solution to my needs. It is impossible to describe the difference these hearing aids have made to the quality of my life in general; not just my work life. They connect to my iPhone, they stream music, TV — AND I can remember names so much better now! The team at Hearing Sense will explain this phenomenon to you.

Finally purchasing my hearing aids was not the end of the journey. It’s just the beginning of a long-term relationship with Hearing Sense as their after-sales service and continuing interest in my wellbeing is quite remarkable.

There’s still a bit of vanity here though: I don’t call them hearing aids, but ear jewellery! I shouldn’t really worry, though as you cannot see them!

Peter Biber

Hi Kelly, Pavel & Rhiannon,

Just wanted to express my appreciation for a few things…

Firstly for the courtesies extended by all staff members, especially in the way of putting clients at ease. This is particularly important when people feel a little apprehensive regarding costs, and often rather embarrassed about hearing loss.

I was able to have a good laugh at myself about all this!

Secondly, I find EVERY team member furnishes sound, simple and explicit TECHNICAL information and advice! Very important. This includes the “drop-in” after-visits too.

Thirdly, on the lighter side…

– I’ve got no excuse for employing “selective hearing” anymore.

– I generally know when my partner is whispering to her sister (don’t tell her).

– I can hear traffic better.

– I can hear my local magpies calling outside home for a little food for their babies.

– I can hear my own voice better (result being, I speak more clearly, great for those with no hearing assistance).

– I didn’t know there was so much crinkly paper around the place.

– And yes it’s true… One of my fav shoes actually does creak.

– Orchestra comes alive again.

I guess life should be embraced to the fullest. Thanks for your help and humour along that way.


Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards

Dear Mrs Kelly and Mr Pavel Korceck,

My sincere thank you for the way you look after my needs, not only professional but also friendly and always prompt to help and make my life more rewarding. I write to recommend you for your friendly service and hope you will always be there to continue to make my day better.

Thank you for your care,

Sincerely Francisco

Francisco Dias

Since I started attending Hearing Sense, I had really good support with my hearing aids. I am very happy with the services they have provided.

Jim Snook

I was like most down-to-earth Aussie blokes who thought they don’t need hearing aids. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my hearing. I ignored the tell-tale signs that I might be experiencing hearing loss, but as time went by I noticed I was having problems with hearing. I was having problems when out socially or when surrounded by a lot of outside noises. So, I took a recommendation (to call Hearing Sense) from a friend and made an appointment to see Pavel. Pavel explained my type of loss and recommended I trial aids for both ears. I decided to take the plunge and I cannot believe how much the aids changed the quality of my life. I can now hear all conversations around me especially my grand kids. I remember driving home and heard a noise, I couldn’t pick where or what it was, it turned out to be the rain falling on the roof of the car that I obviously hadn’t heard for a long time. I’m now on my second pair of aids which a far more advanced than the first but I still keep the old ones in the bedroom for watching TV in bed, it beats trying to lip read. The level of knowledge and service from Pavel, Kelly, and Rhiannon (who I have all seen on different occasions) is topped by none, they are just brilliant in all manner of speaking. And, the same goes for all the staff at Hearing Sense they are just like one big family that can’t do enough for you. So, in ending this I would highly recommend Hearing Sense to anyone. You would be foolish to go anywhere else.

Neil Johnson

My experience with Hearing Sense has been exceptionally good. I had been given hearing aids about 5 years earlier by another agency, but wasn’t convinced that I needed them.

When I realised that I wasn’t hearing certain sounds, I thought it was time to seek help. I came to Hearing Sense, and was treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Everything about the types of hearing aids that might be suitable was very carefully explained, and I chose what I thought would be right for me. I never looked back, from day 1 I was able to wear the hearing aids without experiencing any discomfort and any help I have needed with new batteries, cleaning etc, has been given very helpfully by the staff at Hearing Sense. It was Pavel who gave me my hearing test and he was most professional and helpful.


Hi Kelly,

I have had my new hearing aids for five months now and would like you to know that I am really pleased with the outcome. I was truly impressed by your enthusiasm for what you do and your friendly and relaxed manner as you explained in simple terms the mechanics of hearing and the products that would assist my hearing. Your enthusiasm is quite infectious and from the outset I looked forward with eager anticipation to getting my new hearing aids.

Honestly I am constantly blown away with the results as my expectations have been exceeded beyond belief. My old hearing aids were extremely uncomfortable and as a result I used them very sparingly. In contrast my new hearing aids are very comfortable to the extent where I wear them constantly, I even forget that I am wearing them.
My hearing has improved and I am now able to participate in conversations with a much greater awareness of what everyone is saying and I no longer have to have the radio or television turned up so high that they are uncomfortable for others.

My wife is also enjoying the results as she doesn’t have to repeat herself so often or answer my questions like “What did they say” or “What was that”?

Kelly I cannot thank you enough – you have made a world of difference, the whole experience has been an amazing revelation.



Geoff Chandler.

Geoff Chandler

My name is Gerhard Valk. As a young man learning the trade of cabinetmaking I was exposed to a lot of machinery noise and later in my life I had to use hearing aids constantly.
I went to Hearing Sense for a new hearing aid and met Kelly. I told her about my problems with using the telephone and hearing the television. Kelly told me to get a new mobile telephone, Kelly then connected my hearing aids to my mobile phone and to the television.
This was very successful and I am very happy with it. Kelly and her husband, Pavel and the friendly team behind the counter are very helpful and I thank them very much.

Gerhard Valk

Dear Kelly, Pavel and Rhiannon,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how delighted I am with my new hearing aids, and to tell you my story.

It was in the late 1980’s when I realised that my hearing, which had never been good, was slowly deteriorating. A hearing test confirmed this, and I purchased my first pair of hearing aids from our local optical franchise.
They certainly helped a bit, mostly by just magnifying sounds, but they were so uncomfortable to wear, that they spent a lot of time in my bedside drawer.

It was some years later, after seeing Kelly in Spaceland Arcade in Salisbury, that I was fitted with hearing aids that significantly improved my hearing.

With successive hearing aids and the tremendous advances in technology, I thought things were about as good as they could be, but just before last Christmas, when Kelly suggested that I try the new Oticon Minirite hearing aids my world changed.
I am now hearing sounds that I have not heard for years, possibly decades. I can join in conversations with others and no longer feel isolated.

Only when I look back on my life do I realise just how much I missed by simply not being able to hear properly. Whilst sailing home to England from Malaya at the end of my national service in 1958, I participated in an activity involving shooting at a target towed about 50 metres behind the ship. We were in groups of six and the officer said “when I say ‘fire’… All I heard was ‘fire’ – so I did. I managed to get the whole group disqualified and I was not very popular to say the least.

It is no coincidence that my hobbies as a young man were cycling, photography and glider flying – all solitary pursuits. I never did well in team sport, probably because I did not obey instructions, simply because I could not hear them. I am sure that being in the army – the Royal Artillery, of course, and my liking for target shooting, plus many years in noisy machine shops have done little to help me.

It’s been a long journey, but at least I can enjoy a meal in a restaurant with friends, visit the cinema or theatre and follow the dialogue, and hear and understand what is going on at meetings. I would urge anyone having hearing difficulties to seek help – a whole new world awaits you.

The staff at Hearing Sense have always been totally professional, friendly, helpful and understanding. I unreservedly recommend your products and services.

Regards, Peter Bradshaw.

Peter Bradshaw

Dear Kelly and Pavel,

Late last week I had a remarkable experience.
Perhaps it was something like 18 months ago when I accompanied Thelma Hannam to have some adjustments made to her hearing aid.
I was most impressed by Pavel who did that work, so within some weeks I was similarly fitted and a new phase of my hearing life had begun.
About a year later the ‘inserts’ to the aids were fitted with two domes that further improved the quality of what I heard.
This did not come without some cost though, for I had some difficulty with the domes falling out of my ears. This did cause some frustration, so eventually I returned and spoke to one of the young ladies at the front desk.
She changed the domes for slightly smaller units that remain in place much more effectively. This in itself is a valued improvement, but with the cause of frustration removed, there came a further improvement in what I hear.

In recognising the added comfort and improvement in the sounds, I quickly decided that I would acknowledge that and almost addressed this letter to ‘The girls at the front desk’.
What I recognize of course is that you are all a special team of talented people, and not only talented but very pleasant to relate with.
I am so grateful to have been pointed to you.

I am sincerely,

David N Peck.

David N Peck

As a return client I have been consistently delighted with the care and attention to detail provided by Hearing Sense. They have always provided a personal and caring approach to any problem and maintenance.

Alison Bruce

To Kelly, Pavel & Rhiannon,

Just letting you all know how happy I am now that I have one of your hearing aids.
I was a bit hesitant in going, so I took my husband to one of my visits, and between us we asked many questions.
Everything was answered and I was advised on which one would be the better one for me.

I don’t feel like I am even wearing one, as it tucks neatly away really well. It took my family and friends a good while before they noticed, and it is great to hear the family when they are all around and at work I’m not saying ‘pardon’ all the time.

I would recommend Hearing Sense to anyone, they really look after you.

Yours Truly,



My story.

So, what do you do when your friends and family keep telling you that you aren’t listening and you keep asking them to repeat what they are saying? Conversations in crowded places and restaurants leave you missing the general drift.

You go, with understandable reluctance, to see Kelly.

It’s great to see someone who understood and could ease me through the trauma of admitting that I am getting older and my hearing is on the blink.

It was good to have explained the issues arising out of hearing loss with patience and demonstration of the several options that are available to rectify the problem.

The trial month was tremendously helpful in getting used to the suggested hearing aids, so the decision after the end of the month was made easy.

I am well into my fourth month now and whilst I still dislike the fact that I need hearing aids my ability to hear the world around me again is pretty convincing that my decision to go and see Kelly and co (the real experts) was the right one.




To whom it may concern,

I am just writing to let you know that I have been delighted with my new hearing aids. For the first time in years I am now able to hear the television properly and I can wear my new aids outside in traffic noise or where there is a large group of people without having to turn them off or take them out.

Pavel has been a great help showing me the various types available and recommending the most suitable for me personally. The advanced computer technology has accurately diagnosed my requirements.

Everyone at Hearing Sense has been friendly and helpful. The appointments were on time and I always felt welcomed and comfortable during my visits, all in all it has been a great experience for me.
Congratulations to all the staff at Hearing Sense.

Yours Sincerely,

David Kay.

David Kay

Dear Kelly,

In addressing you, I recognize that you work as part of a team; yourself, Pavel and the “girls” on the desk (I have not yet met the new lady). However, it was your expertise that I now plan to speak of with gratitude.

Long before I realised that deafness was encroaching, I made some studies on sound in a more general sense, to assist me in my work with telephones.
I spent virtually all my life with PMG’s Dept. then with Telstra, largely as a supervisor for the installation of customer equipment.
Early on Tinnitus began to trouble me, then hyperacusis or was it recruitment, I was never sure. Either way I attempted to control noises and was given much help by Graham Gartshore, the then manager at Modbury office of Australian Hearing Services.
I often met with a lecturer at the Adelaide University who gave my idea of an aid to hearing, to his electrical engineering students, as a project of several years.
The aid was based upon industrial ear muffs that included a filter to remove the troublesome frequency and of course a controllable amplifier. By the time this was ready, the muffs were no longer capable of adequate passive rejection of the problem frequency.

You might understand then that with varying levels of success, I have contended with nauseous headaches caused by the wrong noises, tinnitus and a growing deafness for about forty years.

Pavel fitted me with aids that made a momentous improvement to my lifestyle, a little more than a year ago.
Wearing the aids with the changes to the left side has resulted in further improvement.
I had not before, recognised my imbalance, but having lunch today in a shopping centre, I suddenly realised I was not cringing inwardly. My ears felt in balance, multiple voices were no longer a nasty noise, but almost pleasant. It was certainly pleasing to feel ‘normal’.
Of course after so long, normal is not.
I think you will understand that it is almost too good to be true.
Thank you!

David Peck

Dear Kelly and Pavel,

I would like to thank your organisation for bring back the smile to my face and adding greater enthusiasm to my life.

The years of not being able to hear correctly, became the norm to me and I did not know what I was missing out on.

I, like many others with hearing problems, made many excuses not to attend functions with family, friends and work colleagues, because of the inability to engage in meaningful conversations. The blurring of conversations, the frustrations of background noise and the different tones and pitches of peoples voices, guaranteed for an awkward situation to arise, not only for me, but for those whom I would speak with.
It was easier to stand back, smile and nod to everything said. I would leave exhausted and with a headache, trying to concentrate and lip read.

This has all changed since getting my hearing aids fitted almost a year ago.

I am totally pleased with the hearing aids I currently have (so is the wife!). They are so small people don’t even realise that I am wearing them. The ease of fitting and operating is a breeze.

The question I now ask myself is “why did I take so long?” I have no real answer, but I think it was stubbornness, vanity, no research and costs. In my situation the amazing hearing benefits far out way the costs.

The no pressure sales experience, patience when testing and fitting along with recommendations, is the other reason I chose to purchase my hearing aids from Hearing Sense.

I would also like to commend your organisation for the outstanding follow-up service and offers well beyond purchase date of hearing aids. I have taken advantage of the battery club and highly recommend others to do so. Check out the prices at Coles and Woolworths and I’m sure you’ll be convinced.

Once again, thank you for a whole new listening and learning experience.

Kym Thomas

To Kelly, Pavel and Rhiannon,

I first met Pavel 10 years ago in Salisbury. He was advertised in the Messenger offering free hearing tests, so I thought I would make a booking to see him. Pavel was quite pleasant to talk too and I had a hearing loss so he recommended the hearing aids that best suited me; he was not just a salesman to sell me hearing aids.
He was authentically interested in my hearing loss and went to the trouble of contacting work cover to sort out a claim that I had 20 years ago to pursue my free hearing aids.
For this reason I am very grateful, Pavel went the extra mile for my care and as I am old school I will only see Pavel, no one else.


Jamie Sweeney

Hearing Sense has provided me with quality hearing aids and accompanying service over the past few years.
I can recommend them for friendly and professional help for anyone with hearing loss.


Pam Hoy

To all the people who have hearing loss and are in need of hearing aids I would urge you to make an appointment to see the Hearing Sense team at Norwood. Believe me when I say it’s the best decision I have ever made.

I was previously with another supplier and was not happy with their aids, and hated wearing them. By word of mouth I heard about Kelly and the wonderful staff and service, so decided to make the big step to see what they could for me.

First up the reception area and staff were so friendly and I was soon in to see Kelly for a chat and a new hearing test, it was explained very clearly just how bad my hearing was. I was not due for a replacement aid but Kelly made a huge effort and I was soon fitted with a very new modern set, it was the best thing I could have wished for.
I hated using my old set and now I wear my new ones all the time, they make such a huge difference in my hearing life now!

The Hearing Sense service is great, with any problems fixed straight away and fantastic staff who are always smiling. I highly recommend the Norwood centre, a life changer 100%.

These new aids are so small and many people who know I have hearing loss have commented saying ‘I can’t see them, are you wearing them again?’ and notice just how good I can hear again.
Thank you Kelly and the gang, I do wish you all the best, and I do love the nice coffee, biscuits and lollies I get at each visit.

Clyde Green

I can’t believe something so small can be so effective. I can hear conversations clearly and it also helps cover tinnitus.
Thank-you Kelly, Pavel and staff for your friendly expertise, and best of all, no one knows I’m wearing a hearing aid.


Six months ago, I purchased Hearing Aids from Hearing Sense.  At the time I thought it was an unnecessary expense.  I had had a stroke a few months earlier, and some brain surgery, and my wife knew I could not hear the doctors properly.  She insisted we get the best.

They took a little getting used to, and I have now decided it was money well spent!

Pavel was – and is – fantastic, and has been gentle with me all the way.  The support staff have been prompt and great with all my requests and questions.

I can now have the TV sound sent straight to my hearing aids, with my mobile phone as controller.  It is brilliant sound – better than the surround sound audio system.  And my wife doesn’t need to hear it at all, as the sound can be muted or at a level to suit her, not blaring.

I am hearing all sorts of things I have not heard before – I didn’t know two clocks we have actually ticked!  I attend meetings and can hear each individual speaking clearly.

My wife is the chief battery changer and cleaner of the hearing aids – the stroke left some weakness in one hand, but I have done it when she is not available.  It is not too fiddly.

All in all, I would like to thank all at Hearing Sense for getting me back into the communicating world.  I love it and thank them all greatly.


I was quite oblivious to the gradual decline of my hearing acuity over the years. In fact, I was quite adamant that my hearing was excellent till my family members frequently had to repeat themselves when talking to me – sometimes perhaps a wee bit begrudgingly.

One day my family members and especially my wife, suggested that I should have my hearing tested. In my moment of weakness I agreed and my wife hastily arranged an appointment for me with Hearing Sense at Norwood. It was indeed quite a pleasant experience, being greeted by a friendly and smiling staff member on the day of my appointment.

The audiologist, Mr. P. Korcek, who attended to me, has a most pleasant and unassuming demeanour – which immediately put me quite at ease. He then explained what he was going to do before the actual test. When the test was completed, the result was discussed and explained to me. A few days later, when the hearing aids were fitted, he ensured that they were comfortable and what to expect from the devices. I can now engage in any conversation with confidence.

All in all, it was a rather enlightening experience which, in hindsight, I am glad I have taken and I have no hesitation to recommend to anyone who may feel that they have a hearing problem to get themselves tested.


T.C Lim

The staff at Hearing Sense are always very kind and helpful. I have never felt any pressure put on me.
I must say I miss my hearing aids when I don’t put them in my ears, as I wear them all day because they are so comfortable.

Mary Pelvay

Hearing Sense has been my “hearing supplier” since 2005 and I have found them to be by far the best over the years.
I have always been sure of being treated with respect and dignity. This has added to my confidence in any assessment or review of my hearing aids.
On occasion I have found the need to have my aids adjusted and my experience on these occasions has been endorsed with help and smiles.
I would have no hesitation in recommending them as the first class Hearing help people.


Les Juster

I started to lose my hearing around the age of 59, at first it was mild but then I noticed it was getting worst and was finding it harder to hear people around me unless it was quiet, naturally I did not want to admit this or use hearing aids, I mean their only for old people …right! You see I was too vain even though I had reached the stage where my hearing was now causing me problems, both at work and at home not to mention being out with friends.

After speaking to many people with hearing problems, I was very surprised when many of them told me their aids were in some drawer at home as they could not put up with them, even some costing over $10.000.00! They just found them useless, I of course could not understand this as I had never worn any!

But I was soon to discover why after I went to a Specialist (not retail outlet) as I did not trust the normal retail outlets, unfortunately the aids I was fitted with had both ears blocked off with plugs, and after wearing these for one month I took them back and told the people, sorry I can’t wear these and decided to give up on hearing aids.

Eventually, some months later I was forced to get a set from another outlet, these lasted about five years. During this time, I realised that hearing aids “Don’t replace your Hearing” they are just AIDS!! And you need to relearn how to LISTEN.

I now needed new hearing aids and so went looking for SOMEONE you would actually help me rather than just selling me their brand of hearing aid, I came across Hearing Sense on the internet and was amazing to see so many Positive reviews, so I decided to go and see them. Well, I could not have received more help from anybody than I got from these people, not once was I pushed into buying ANYTHING, or told you need XY or Z, they just tried everything to help my hearing. I did get hearing aids from Hearing Sense at Norwood and cannot speak highly enough of these people, their patience and support have been invaluable. If you are reading this letter, possibly about to purchase hearing aids, rest assured you are in VERY good hands.


It was many years ago since my husband and I were on a bird watching trip that we had one of those “Eureka moments” The Black Grass Wren was exactly in the area that our guide book had listed it to be, but the joy was in seeing it moving amongst the rocks. After we had checked the details we gave ourselves a ‘tick” to register that we had seen the bird. We were rather pleased with ourselves that it had not been a journey wasted. We were setting off to go back down the track when David said, STOP! I can hear calls on your left. We halted and in a few minutes a group of small birds came scrambling through the bushes, amongst them, the Purple-Crowned Wrens, if we had stretched out our arms we could have touched them. Delighted as I was to see the Wrens, I asked myself “Why had I not known the birds were so close?” The answer was simple: I had not heard them call.

On returning home I went for a hearing test and was very sad to learn that I no longer possessed an acute level of hearing. This was my introduction to hearing aids.

Over the following years as my hearing loss was increasing, the scientists were upgrading the quality in the manufacture of new models of hearing aids. I have now had 5 different types of aids all of which periodically have greatly assisted me in hearing and socializing, in fact letting me lead a fairly normal life-style. It is a blessing to be able to hear and communicate.

Late 2016, I heard and read about a new aid which was causing quite a stir and was being highly praised. I committed the news to memory and I said I will investigate it later. That time occurred when I was walking down The Parade and saw a shop window with a sign above namely HEARING SENSE. I went inside to ask questions. I was impressed with their presentation I proceeded to have the test and accepted the free trial for one month. I can assure you that within minutes I realised how much improved they were and smaller too.

I was intrigued by the various pieces of electronic equipment involved in the testing and fitting process in comparison to 30 years ago. I was rather keen to choose the type that sits more into the canal and is removed about eight days later for cleaning but I was advised against that model as it was not the best for my needs. I chose a similar design to my existing ones with the battery container anchored behind my ear. It cannot be seen because of my hairstyle.

The staff are friendly and are trained to assist clients in need of new batteries, a monthly cleaning aid programme for those with not so nimble fingers and possibly not such good eyesight and or try to solve whatever problem they may encounter.

I enjoy wearing my aids because they give me more freedom and increases my awareness of what is going on around me and in today’s world that needs my highest priority.

I hope my little story will encourage anyone who does not hear to take the next step and be tested. I am sure that you will not regret it.

I say THANK YOU to the clinicians and Directors of Hearing Sense for being there.

M. Robertson

The first impression of your business begins with your personal assistants: Ashleigh & Sherri. They are polite, enthusiastic and have an aura of warmth and friendliness.

The fact that you are greeted in a very friendly manner and then offered a tea, coffee or water is just gold! (By the way nice coffee to!!)

My first encounter with hearing aids (with another company) did not pan out. So I was recommended Hearing Sense. The prior company only offered me 2 types of hearing aids and I thought being in the 21st century there would be different types of hearing aids available. Hearing sense hand many to choose from.

My first visit with Kelly who is enthusiastic, upbeat and delightful explained everything, I felt comfortable and all my questions were answered. My experience with Hearing Sense has been nothing but a positive one. They are all more than happy to help with any queries you may have. Apart from Kelly’s bubbly personality, wealth of knowledge on hearing aids her time management skills are brilliant! Kelly is always on time and is more than accommodating when trying to fit in an extra appointment.

It’s all about customer service and Hearing sense have nailed it!!


Lynn Phillips

We are very pleased with all of their work and help.


I have been using a hearing aid for some years now and found that Hearing Sense are very good and
Having a hearing aid gives me a lot of confidence. I can trust these people to do the right thing.
I would recommend them.

Edith Pederson

Hearing Sense of Norwood

All I can say is that after changing from another hearing firm who I was not getting the satisfaction or service from, I made the RIGHT choice.

Service and friendly faces by staff at front desk. Kelly’s smile and being able to show me and explain all about my hearing problems. Quickly getting me my much better and smaller aids all adds up to a great choice. I’ve told may people about them and recommend any one young or older to go see them if they need help with hearing.

Glyde Green

I was recommended to Pavel by a customer of mine, as I had hearing problems which were noticeable at work. Not familiar with professionals in this area I followed up on a referral.

After having a chat with Pavel over the phone, I made an appointment.

I was treated exceptionally well. Pavel answered all my questions, gave great advice and explanations on all products available.

Pavel and I decided on a pair the best fit for me. My appointment for fitting was very comfortable and all aspects of care and performance were explained.

If I ever had any questions or been unsure of something, I have been able to chat to Pavel over the phone which has reassured me.

I am so pleased I went to Pavel for I have had a great experience and now cannot live without my hearing aids.

I highly recommended Pavel and Kelly to help you on your way to better hearing


Peter Rentz
Very happy customer

Peter Rentz

I have had my hearing aids for six months now and I can’t begin to thank you enough for guiding me through the process of being able to hear again. For the last ten years I was aware that my hearing wasn’t as good as it used to be but I still waited a long time before plucking up the courage to do something about it. I am sure most of us are the same.

When I finally got to Hearing Sense the thing that stood out to me was the respectful way I was treated, first by Ashleigh at the front desk and then by Kelly and Pavel in turn. Each of you put me at ease and I felt happy and comfortable. You all went out of your way to explain what was happening, answer my questions and minimise the awkwardness and initial fear that I felt. You kindly and patiently guided me through the whole process.

Not all health professionals have both the technical expertise and the Healing touch, but at Hearing Sense you all have both.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Diane Batterham

After seeing an advert to have a free hearing check and a free trial, I made an appointment to have a hearing check. As soon as I walked in the staff were so friendly and made me feel at home. Then I saw Kelly and I had my ears checked and she is so professional and understanding of my problem and I have never looked back. Now whenever I am in the area I call in for a chat and have the hearing aids cleaned.

After about 2 years to persuade my wife to have her ears checked and sure enough she was worse than me. She is very happy with Kelly and Pavel, they are experts in their field and are so friendly. We recommend Hearing Sense to anyone and you will not be disappointed.

Thanks You Kelly, Pavel and the great staff.

Joe and Brigitte Colangelo

After being told by my family and friends that maybe it would be a good idea to get my hearing checked as I quite often missed what they were saying, I decided maybe it was a good idea. I searched the internet and found Hearing Sense. I am so pleased that I did. Everyone was very helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Kelly was very patient and understood my feelings, she was excellent, explaining everything to me and making me feel comfortable and relieved that I made the right decision. Ashleigh, Aysha and Sherri are very helpful and friendly. It is a very caring environment and I am happy to recommend Hearing Sense to anyone who needs hearing aids.

Val Schumacher

I would like to say what a good service I received on arrival for my appointment, with a coffee to start. Now I can hear clearly what is being said on TV and not needing it so loud. I’m sure what your problem is Hearing Sense will be able to help you as they have me.

Thank you to Kelly and Pavel

Gwen Calver

Thanks and Acknowledgement for fabulous service and after care support.

Hi Kelly-Mare and Pavel – I write to thank you and acknowledge the total care service I have received from you since walking in the door in December 2015.

I had had 2 other provider attempts before coming to you and was a bit rattled.

From the moment Kelly-Mare sat me down and listened to my teary sense of distress about having to have hearing aids and if so what sort and how much etc etc – my journey towards improved hearing has been so successful thanks to Hearing Sense.

The first months where about trial and improvement and Kelly-Mare patiently working out the best program for me. Your caring, sensitivity and “we can do this” approach was such a wonderful soothing balm Kelly-Mare. Thank you so very much.

The facility to pay by the month was so valuable for such an expensive purchase.

And so  importantly Hearing Sense’s after care staff team of Ashleigh, Aysha and Sherri are truly the icing on the cake. I have been overwhelmed with their consistency of support, attention to detail, thoughtfulness’s and respect. They model on a daily basis exceptional customer care standards and are such a positive front line for Hearing Sense.

I have discussed with a number of people  their tails of hearing aid acquisition and none experience the quality of after care service that Ashleigh, Aysha and Sherri contribute.

The journey of purchasing Hearing Aids is complex and can be distressing.  You are all so valued for helping me move forward with much better quality of life.

I spread the word about you to everyone and hope that this means you will gain new business as I know it’s a win win situation for all.

Please feel free to use any or all of this as part of your transparent customer feedback processes.

Biggest hugs and my heartfelt thanks to you all.

Stephanie Kiley

Stephanie Kiley

Hello, my name is Stanley Aukland and I have two hearing aids fitted by Hearing Sense. The clinicians at Hearing Sense are a husband & wife team, Pavel and Kelly-Mare Korcek. Both are very knowledgeable, sincere and respectful in addressing your needs. Completing the great team at Hearing Sense are the reception staff who are trained to clean and care for your hearing aids.

I would like to talk to those people who have a hearing loss and may be nervous or apprehensive about trialling a hearing aid for the first time. Both Pavel and Kelly acknowledge you may have issues regarding new hearing aids. The will listen to your smallest concern with patience and understanding to put your mind at ease.

Once the style of hearing aids has been chosen, they will expertly fit them to your ears and programme them to your hearing level. They will explain the details of your hearing aids in plain language but if you forget, please don’t be afraid to call them as they will be happy to help you.

As I said before, a great team.

I sincerely hope you get the same satisfaction from your new hearing aids as I have. They will be great. Thank you for listening.

Stan Aukland

I am very pleased to provide this testimonial for “Hearing Sense”.

Kelly and her team provide a superlative service – always friendly, attentive, and happy to help in any way.

Kelly is thorough and patient. She takes the time to explain everything and answer any questions. She is happy to make as many adjustments as necessary to get optimum results, and works incredibly hard to do the right thing by her clients.

Appointments are always on time, and requests for batteries are handled promptly via the efficient battery replacement service.

I cannot speak highly enough of the team, and unreservedly recommend them to anyone experiencing hearing difficulties. You will not be disappointed!

Dr John Pierides

John Pierides

My name is Evan Gelios, I am writing this to encourage anyone who believes they have a hearing problem to go and see Pavel Korcek, at Hearing Sense in Norwood. I am an 88 year old pensioner who has suffered from hearing loss for many years. I had been to about six clinics and had not found any satisfying solutions. A few years ago I became ill with shingles and lost complete hearing with what was my good ear, I had little hearing in the other ear.

Slowly, that too began to decline. I was not able to communicate with my grandchildren and great grand children. If we had family get-togethers the conversations were all one big noise, and I could not make out individual voices. I had a great love of music , and to my great disappointment I found, that music was no longer clear.

In frustration I looked at buying expensive hearing aids hoping that they would help, but unfortunately they were no better. Wearing them or not wearing them made little difference. I was in despair as I longed to be able to have normal conversations with my family, and to be able to listen to my music and hear the news on the TV etc.

One day I happened to see the clinic, Hearing Sense as I was walking on The Parade Norwood, I felt I should go inside and have one last attempt for help. Once inside I could not help but notice the friendliness of the staff, they offered me a cup of coffee and listened to my concerns. They made an appointment for me and reassured me that the audiologist would be able to really help me.

When I met Pavel he listened intently, to my history and to my concerns and he reassured me that there would be something, he could do to help me find a satisfying solution for my hearing.

Not only did I not have to pay for this hearing aid, but I can hear! I can talk to, and hear my grandchildren, my great-grand children, my family and friends. I can hear my music and listen to the TV.

Pavel has changed my life from the dread I had of living in silence to being able to converse and hear, to a very satisfying degree. I urge anyone with hearing problems please go, see Pavel and his staff, they are genuine in their help. They are passionate with their work, they really care and they will help you find a good solution to your problem. Don’t just think about it..act now, you don’t know what your missing.

Thank you Pavel and your team for all your wonderful help.


Evan Gelios

Dear Pavel,

I have been pleased to write, as you requested, my testimonial to your highly valued help that resulted in my hearing so very much better.

Sometime ago I came with my friend Thelma Hannam, when she kept an appointment with yourself. I began to feel an excitement that day, then experienced reality several weeks later as I walked up George St to my car.

Perhaps it was a little more than eighty years ago that I contracted Scarlet Fever and was kept in bed for a long time; if I remember correctly, about six weeks.

Some years before retirement I began to experience “pain” when some sounds became too loud for comfort.

Working through a magazine, I conducted a survey and learned that some others had a similar problem to myself. They all reported having Scarlet Fever or Measles as children.

Later still, experimenting with various tones I found some relief for the hyperacusis (as I called it) hyperacusis or recruitment were not diagnosed formally.

By this time I was using amplified muffs, then my friend from Adelaide University (lecturer in electrical engineering) had some of his students working of muff specifically filtered against the primary tone of trouble (was it 417 hertz?). By the time that a student developed a suitable muff, the problem had exacerbated. I wore Siemens aids to reduce the troublesome sounds for some years, finally reaching the place where they were no longer of help.

Hyperacusis is still something of a trouble for roads noises etc, but now to be able to hear fairly well in conversations etc is very pleasing.

One of the characteristics of my hearing sensitive to some sounds, is that while I am able to make some predictions about the danger or otherwise of sounds, is that it keeps changing.

Perhaps I have developed a tolerance that I did not previously know and perhaps the problems has, or is reducing.

Either wast, if I can avoid the worst of multiple voices and low frequency sounds that are not too loud I am able to live fairly comfortably.

Certainly it is really very good to be able to hear sounds now that I had not heard for a very long time.

You will, I am sure, appreciate the fact that I am very grateful to yourself and recent technology.

Sincerely, I am


David N Peck

David Peck

I would like to say that although I resisted the idea of having hearing aids for along time, I am so glad that I do have them now.

Pavel explained that I would have a trial, and worked out the best ones to suit my budget. I thought they would be uncomfortable, but sometimes I have to check to see if I have them on.

I can now hear my grandchildren, and even the wind chimes and rain.

Thanks for the help


Having damaged my hearing due to an accident I was advised to consult with a Hearing Specialist. On the 7th September 2016 I had the now pleasure of going to Hearing Sense for consultation to try to improve my hearing.

John Wardrop


Thank you for helping me to select my Hearing Aids which are fully adjustable which is a big help.



After much procrastination we decided to get serious about our hearing problems early this year. A family member had spoken well of the service he had received at Hearing Sense, Norwood, so we decided to give them a go.

From the very outset we have been greatly impressed with the quality of the service provided by Hearing Sense, the highly professional attitude of Kelly and staff, their patience and attention to detail, and the outstanding and friendly follow-up services provided.

We had ample time to make a decision on the types of hearing aids which best suited our needs. We now wear our hearing aids all day, everyday, and we are very satisfied indeed with the outcome of our decision to go with Hearing Sense and the improvement in our quality of life.

The coffee is great too.

Trevor and Trish Fuller

For a couple of years, my family had been telling me I was missing a lot of family conversations, especially with the grand children. At the end of 2015, I decided I would get my hearing checked. I saw an ad in the paper for the new small hearing aids at Hearing Sense. I made an appointment.

A t this appointment, I met Kelly who ran tests on my hearing. My results showed that my hearing was nowhere near what it should be. Kelly explained to my wife and myself the deficiencies in my hearing and recommended to us, what she thought would be best to suit my needs. She also explained the various prices of the aids. Kelly ordered the hearing aids for me.

In about 2 weeks they arrived and I had them fitted and programmed to suit me. Kelly told me to come back in 2 weeks and she would make any adjustments I thought necessary. Kelly again asked me to come back in another couple of weeks for a final adjustment. At this appointment I told Kelly that any outside breeze was annoying, she said there was another type of hearing aid which helped reduce the wind noise. So she ordered them in and we started all over again with 2 weekly visits. I finally decided these new aids were better suited to me than the first pair. The point being, all of this explains how nothing was too much trouble for Kelly and she will go out of her way to ensure you get the best hearing aids for your needs.

I have been very impressed with Kelly and her office team and would recommend them to anybody who is concerned about their hearing loss.

Malcolm Hudson

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and thanks to Pavel and Kelly-Mare Korcek and staff for the excellent service I have received at Hearing Sense. The service they provide is extremely informative and helpful. Pavel was very patient and understanding throughout the whole process of determining my hearing loss. After discussing the various types of hearing aids his advice in selecting the one suitable for me was invaluable.

Hearing aids can only be a plus, my friend has been wearing hearing aids since she was only three and helped me understand that the reason sounds are so loud when you first use hearing aids is because of the hearing loss and one needs to get used to hearing again at a normal level.

I have had my hearing aids for several months now and I don’t even feel them in my ear. So use them, get used to them and they will serve you well.


Being an 88 year old, I did not think I would be able to improve my hearing issues.

Hearing Sense was recommended to me by a friend, I will be forever grateful to them.  I was never happy with my previous hearing aids, I still struggled to hear.

Being able to trial the hearing aids for a few weeks was so beneficial and was very much appreciated.

The service and friendly staff are amazing, nothing is too much trouble for them, I am definitely a very happy, satisfied customer.

It has opened up a whole new world for me being able to hear properly, no more pretending to hear conversations to save embarrassment.

My daughter has finally accepted she has a hearing problem and is about to be another happy customer.

I am more than happy for my name to be displayed in the Reception Book.

Betty Wachtel

Dear reader, fellow battler

I’m sharing my experience and opinions because I don’t want others to continue battling with the frustrations and misery of hearing loss OR, to end up paying a lot of money for a so-called ‘solution’ that doesn’t work for them…

I have struggled with untreated hearing loss for more than a decade.

And that means my family, friends and colleagues have struggled with me as well because I have misunderstood them or was forever asking them to repeat themselves! An extremely frustrating experience for all of us.

Oftentimes, in particularly noisy environments, I would stop trying to have a real dialogue and pretend I could hear. While not at all satisfactory it did at least spare all of us the aggravation.

I’d been to numerous audiologists to find a solution. But every one of them seemed intent on not just selling me a pair of hearing devices but their most expensive set. Answers to my questions were patronizingly scant on detail or dismissed as not relevant.

Then, in a last ditch effort I attended Hearing Sense. What a breath of fresh air!

  • Explanations of hearing damage and permanent loss were comprehensive yet totally understandable.
  • No question was irrelevant or too trivial.
  • My needs and concerns were fully canvassed before any solutions were suggested.
  • Even then, at no time was I or did I even feel, steered, obliged or pressured towards making a purchase. in fact, I was able to properly trial two (2) behind the ear devices and the in-ear Lyrics before settling on the Lyrics.

Let me say, no hearing device is perfect or as good as original hearing. But the Lyrics have made my life and everyone I engage with so much easier and more pleasant when it comes to conversation. They also give me more flexibility and independence than behind-the-ear devices I need for my life style.

Because Hearing Sense is not owned by a particular manufacturer, it is one of the very few truly independent audiology centres operating in Adelaide. And it shows.

I can say with absolute certainty that Kelly and the staff at Hearing Sense are committed to finding only the very best outcome for every one of their clients and that includes telling them that a hearing device is not necessary yet or it’s too late for one to make a difference. How good is that?

Honesty like that is rare and invaluable. It’s spurred me to refer several friends and family already.

If anyone reading this is struggling to hear conversations, suffering with tinnitus or recruitment, I’d urge you to make a free, no obligation appointment. You won’t be sorry you did. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Henry Keogh

To whom it may concern:

I have no hesitation in providing a testimonial to the excellent care given to me by Kelly and Pavel regarding early diagnosis of my hearing loss and subsequent use of a hearing aid.

Like many people I found difficulty accepting that my hearing wasn’t as good as it used to be and I was confronted with the prospect of having to get a hearing aid – and of course a certain degree of trepidation was involved.

My mother-in-law was already a patient of Hearing Sense and I’d been impressed with the care and attention given to her ; so it was a natural progression for me to have tests carried out at Hearing Sense.

Hearing Sense, being Kelly and Pavel, is not a franchise of any Hearing aid manufacturers, so they are able to source hearing aids and equipment from a range of manufacturers. A small, relatively inconspicuous hearing aid was recommended for me and I was allowed to “test-run” this prior to purchase. This particular aid is also linked to my mobile phone such that I can answer my mobile phone “hands-free” up to a distance of about 15 metres.

The early detection of my hearing loss and subsequent use of my hearing aids also inhibits the progress of my hearing loss, so early diagnosis by anyone feeling they may be suffering hearing loss is highly recommended.

I therefore recommend Kelly and Pavel to anyone reading this to have hearing tests carried out at Hearing Sense. They will treat the quality of your hearing with the utmost importance and I cannot fault the subsequent personal and professional care they will give to your hearing needs.


Ray Goulter


A year off 80, I had thought that hearing aids were beyond my means. I knew I needed them! However, two friends had had them fitted in the last two years and both had paid around the $10,000 mark.

Finally, my GP suggested that I go across the road to Hearing Sense. I made an appointment and was met in a very courteous and friendly manner by Kelly. The test proceeded and I learned that I had ‘profound hearing loss’. With Government and Private Health rebates, I paid zero.

The hearing aids fulfil all my expectations. I suppose the most disturbing thing has been that I am hearing things I never knew I was not hearing. Traffic noises, birds, children’s voices, female voices, TV noise – all took on a new aspect.

It took me virtually no time to adjust to the hearing aids and the technology. I do not feel in the least obvious for wearing them. In fact, so often I have to actually draw attention to them. I find the habits of removing them for sleep and shower, replacing them in the morning almost second nature.

All along the staff at Hearing Sense have been attentive and ready to assist in all ways.

Walking into Hearing Sense was one of my better choices in recent years.

Robert Crotty

The hearing aids I have now compared to the old ones are 1000 times better, I am very happy with them and very happy with the service. I recommend anyone with a hearing loss to come to Hearing Sense.

Rino Mattiazzo

Dear Pavel,

Let’s face it, I was a reluctant customer, even though I was aware that my hearing was not what it used to be.Most of my friends keep their hearing aids in a drawer, or keep complaining about their deficiencies.

I asked a lot of questions and was given clear explanations by an expert.

I  was not pressured at any time to make decisions quickly. I had three months – with any necessary extra consultations – to make sure that my choice was the best available for my situation, before any payment was required.

The final result?

  1. I put my hearing aids in every a.m. — wear them all day and have been known to climb into bed at night, having forgotten to take them out.
  2. My hearing aids have definitely improved my quality of life.
  3. That’s what I call  SATISFACTION!
Marcia A Wilkinson

I am very happy with the service I received from Hearing Sense. Thank you Pavel, for being so professional and friendly and at the same time understanding my concerns and addressing them without being patronising.

The little adjustments that you have made to my hearing aid, seem to be working well, the hearing aid have made a big difference to my daily life.

Once again,

Thank you

Julia Pawliszewski

Dear Kelly

I am writing to say how pleased I have been with the service you have provided. I had worn hearing aids for more than a decade and the pair that I was wearing had reached their limit of usefulness. So in may this year I decided to consult with Hearing Sense.

Three things were a standout with Hearing Sense. First was the pleasant and professional way I was treated by the staff. I was never kept waiting for a consultation and I have always been helped on subsequent visits either to you or reception.

Your use of animated videos at the time of testing was really educational and explained how we hear and how hearing aids work. The educational program and advice you gave has made a big difference to the way I use them and their effectiveness.

Finally, the hearing aids themselves are most successful. You were able to recommend just the right pair for my needs and my budget. You have chosen settings and adjustments that seem to work well in all situations and I know that if my hearing requirements changed you would respond with further changes. I now wear my hearing aids all day and am very happy with them.

I will undoubtable continue to use your services and will have no hesitation in recommending you and Hearing Sense to my friends.

Yours sincerely,

John Pearman

To the undecided or apprehensive – don’t be.

Early last year I was finally realising that maybe I was getting slightly hard of hearing when I spoke to a friend.

He had recently decided to do something himself, and said “don’t put it off, it will only make it harder to correct”. He then said go and see Hearing Sense and ask for a test. They are not tied to any one company, also pensioners can get a subsidy from the government so it will be cheaper than you think.

So I took his advise and made an appointment.

I was first greeted by their friendly staff and then I met Kelly who took me in and explained, although in quite detail, in understandable language all about the hearing.

After a test (very easy to do) it was decided I did indeed need help.

Deaf in one ear can’t hear out the other sort of thing.

Kelly then went through the various products and prices, and we decided on a pair to suit me and my pocket. It was strongly pointed out several times that there was no rush and that I had to be satisfied before parting with any money. They would continue to adjust the units to suit me and if that took several visits, I didn’t pay until I was happy.

It did take a while to get use to hearing things I hadn’t for some time and things somewhat louder. It can take a while, some people quicker than others.

All the people at Hearing sense treat clients as friends and not just money. They are all very friendly and ready to help.

I can only say, do it now, you will find another life. You will need to adjust, but that is simple and quicker than you think.

I have been wearing them now for 6-7 months and rarely know I have them in. I do know when I take them out, it all goes quiet.

Go for it!


Derek Stubbs

Dear Kelly and Ashleigh,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your care during my hearing tests, the supplying of first class hearing aids and your follow up since.

My hearing loss due to age has been complicated by a sudden loss in one ear due to a vascular problem and Kelly has persisted with me to get the best possible result using the amazing software adjustments made by computer.

It seems to be all part of the service and I look forward to the welcoming smiles every time I visit for adjustments or new battery supplies.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Hobbs

To Kelly and Pavel,

To let you know I am quite please with the hearing aids I received from you.

Highly recommend to everyone.


My Name is Beth Robertson I am 81 years young and I have been wearing hearing aids for 30 years.

As time has progressed so have the hearing aids. When I came to Kelly I had good hearing aids, but they needed programming properly. And up until I met this remrkable young lady, who is very good at her profession, my aids were giving me trouble, noise and not hearing clearly.

Kelly programmed them and gave me 2 extra programs, one for taking out some of the loud noise of traffic and the other to connect me to the T switch, which is very good to use in the theatre or any place where they have a loop, it always helps to enquire about it as it enables you to hear directly to the person who is speaking, without the noise of people around you.

Recently Kelly said I was due for new hearing aids, and advised me to go for the ones which would allow me extras. I took her advice, one of the extras allowed me to use my aids and hear my moble through them, without taking my moible out my handbag. I also am able to listen to music from my ipod and when I skype my friend in UK I am connceted with my computer into my hearing aids.

When you are DEAF it should not mean you are isolated. I volunteer and love to meet people, I learned to lip read which helps.

Do not be afriad to try hearing aids but be prepared to persevere.

Contact Kelly for help and discuss your needs with her she is a very capable lady, Kelly has certainly helped me! Before I came to see Kelly I was struggling to hear properly.

Beth Robertson

I just wanted to say thank you for my aids. When I wear them I forget I have them on because they are so comfortable and my pride isn’t hurt because no one can see them.

Recently, having just remarried, whilst on our honeymoon, I wore them all day and every day and benefitted from hearing all that was said and not having to ask people to repeat things to me or hope I was saying yes and no at the right moment. Also, when dining out, I can converse with and hear all the chat at our table despite the restaurant being very busy and noisy.

I am staggered by the difference my hearing aids have made!  As a 79 year old retired maintenance supervisor, I have suffered from tinnitus for many years resulting from my occupation.  Your level of knowledge and ability to communicate the problem as well as the solution was astounding.  The tinnitus is gone and it’s amazing to hear again without the interference.

After having my hearing aids fitted, I was astounded at all the sounds I had been missing out on like birds singing, the sound of rain, floor boards that used to squeak but now squawk! etc, etc.

You really changed my life and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am. May I also mention how much I appreciated not only your professional services but the personal touches (get well card – with lollipop! – during my hospital stay and congratulations card for our wedding) which reflect your care for your clients.

With many thanks,

Wilf Penley

Dear Kelly,

I can’t thank you enough for your patience, very professional and friendly manner in which you have dealt with me.

After the initial trial month using the LYRIC I have found that my life has improved immeasurably, I’m back socialising again and can hear the grand-children!

With the loss of hearing I was withdrawing from social events as I could not contribute or understand the conversations, thank you, life is good again.

The warm welcome from Ashleigh on arrival and your wonderful care and service is much appreciated.

I highly recommend the LYRIC to those people that don’t want to be seen wearing a hearing aid. It’s not for everyone but for me it has given me back my confidence.

Fond Regards,

Wendy Butler

Hi Kelly and Pavel

Would like to thank you for the hearing aids that you have supplied to me. You have explained to me about what the best to have and what benefits it has. Your service has been very good and I would recommend anybody to see you in need of if hearing aids

Kind Regards

Ray Snider

Hello, Originally I came to see Pavel years ago because I thought I might have a hearing problem.At last somebody who might listen to me and understand what was going on.

I sensed something was gradually changing in my ability to communicate at work, home and socially. Often it seemed like I felt isolated and not keeping up with most group conversations.

I was hearing speech but not really understanding certain words quickly enough because the subject had moved on while I was still wondering what they were all talking about.

To try and make it easier I started to avoid noisy situations, switch off or disengage to be on my own.When Pavel measured my hearing loss I was amazed. It was now clear what was happening slowly over a number of years – it explained a lot.

As soon as I was fitted with the two hearing aids that he recommended and set up just for me,  it was like switching the world back on again !I instantly realised what I had been missing out on, for years – so much, it was just incredible and a huge relief now that I could re-connect with everybody again.

I was able to actually do something about it!

Since then I have been coming to see Kelly, Pavel, Ashleigh & Sherri and have recently upgraded to even better digital devices which also allow me to hear my phone, the TV and music better.But most of all, I can now hear better in noisy background situations, eg pub & restaurants etc

They are so advanced I also have the ability to adjust them myself through my phone app if I need to.

Thanks Hearing Sense for your caring attention to detail, knowledge and keeping in contact regularly to check how I’m going.

Yours Sincerely

Philip Smith

I first met both Kelly and Pavel when I bought my first hearing aid about nine years ago.

I was only in my early 40’s and quite sceptical about the cost, look and benefit of a hearing aid for me.

Both were very friendly and professional and I didn’t feel pushed or obligated into a particular product. They genuinely wanted me to find a solution to my hearing deficit, not just make a commission.

After 8 yrs of success it came time to replace and update my device.

I approached about 3 different Hearing aid companies and found they were not eager or unable to show me a range of aids other than their own brand. After rediscovering Kelly and Pavel again at Hearing Sense I was ecstatic that they were more than happy to show me a broad range of devices. Again their attitude to assist me was genuinely to help me find the right hearing aid.

I recommended Hearing Sense to my mother who has had limited success with hearing aids. Similarly she was relieved when Kelly as able to provide a service that improved her hearing aids without her spending a large sum on new devices.

So thank you Kelly and Pavel for your dedication to helping those with a hearing problem find solutions.

Penny Illman

As I had a hearing loss I contacted Hearing Sense. The attention and service was excellent and I was fitted with hearing aids that I found to be a perfect solution.

The after care was always available to solve any problems.

The staff were extremely helpful and caring.

Michael Nugent

My Testimony in 2014 – 2015 & on… of a wonderful warm Family Business

Hello my name is Lindsay and we moved to the Maylands area after living for over 30 years at Broadview. Whilst residing at Broadview at the age of 60, my family were sick of having to repeat everything they said, and then sometimes the answer I gave was so far away from the question it became comical to the family.

I then went as 60 year old, to a local Hearing Service Centre and was fitted with my first pair of aids. WOW what a blessing, I could hear the leaves on the trees rustle and the noise the car tyres made on the roads and many, many other things that I had not heard for a very long time, owing to Industrial Deafness .

In November 2014 it was necessary to see, yet again, a hearing clinic and so I chose a local one………………….You know! I chose Hearing Sense.

1) ( Because I like the fabulous colour of their shop ) and also because of the immediate warmth of the staff and proprietors in particular Pavel, Kelly and Ashleigh, the only three I have met.

2) The other clinic I used to go to the staff were not as cheerful in personality, they seemed to be doing a job.

3) NEVER have I needed to visit Hearing Sense and been told to come back later UNLESS a technician has not been in shop or they are too busy. You can always have a cuppa or a fantale or both while you wait. And read the history snip its on the wrapper to see if you relate.

4) The two technicians Pavel and Kelly go neck to neck in providing the better service that you need at the time you present yourself at the premises.

5) They convinced me that I also needed a compilot, which is invaluable and you should ask to experience one if your hearing is worse than the other people you share your life with.

6) If my Dad had gone to Hearing Sense he may well have heard the train that put him where he no more needs hearing aids or glasses

7) Truly when you get Hearing Aids you MUST persevere with them, after all that’s what you spent money on getting them for , SO STICK THEM IN YOUR EARS and only take them out when its shower time or bed time or if you swim where sharks live because they don’t like the batteries in them.

8) Truly all jokes aside, Hearing Sense makes sense and the whole team there at Norwood are professional, TRUST THEM and believe me what I have written was a pleasure to write to them.

9) Both Pavel and Kelly listen to what you are there about and THEN make an assessment of your situation and then supply what you NEED all you have to do is wear the product you bought and think of the reason you bought them.

10) I respect in full these fine people and their company, I hope they will be there for me for a long while to come.





Dear Pavel and Kelly

Just a short note to thank you for your help in overcoming my hearing difficulties. My hearing is too good in some ways these days (just joking). I would also like to compliment you on your staff, who have been very helpful on each occasion I have called into your rooms on Norwood Parade.

Kindest Regards

Ken Tregloan J.P. FRA (retd)

I have been using hearing aids for years and I was always struggling to hear – regardless of the type of hearing aid I was using. Especially in noisy environments and the telephone .

Then one day I saw the advertisement of the Lyric in Adelaide’s Advertiser and I started to make some enquiries. I did like what I heard and read and made an appointment to see Kelly.

My first impression the clinic was very good and the staff at reception were very friendly and offered me something to drink while I was waiting.

Kelly was also very friendly and had a professional approach. She assessed my hearing and inspected my ears. I explained my hearing troubles and Kelly thought that the Lyric would be ideal for me. I did decide to continue and try the Lyric. Initially I had some “tunning” problems but they were resolved with consultation of an American Lyric Audiologist.

At the moment I am very happy with the Lyric and I don’t even notice that I am wearing them and neither does anyone else. I feel like I was in my “pre-hearing aid days”. I can use the phone and noisy environments don’t bother me at all.

When I need to see Kelly for a replacement of the Lyric it is a pleasure to go to the clinic to see Kelly and the girls.


Dear Kelly and Pavel,

I cannot speak highly of Kelly and Pavel Korcek at Hearing Sense.

My first introduction to them was about ten years ago. I didn’t want to admit to my frustration of not understanding what was being said..but I need not have worried, every detail was assessed.

I was introduced to quite small hearing aids that worked brilliantly, most people didn’t even know I was wearing them.

Just recently I saw that Kelly and Pavel had started their new business in Norwood. What great news, that was as I was due to upgrade my hearing aids and my Husband and I were greeted like long lost friends.

I have nothing but admiration for their professionalism and care


Jenny Beenham

I have been a patient of Pavel Korcek for some years.

The way in which he conducts his business is exemplary with patient care being his top priority.

He is very gentle when he examines you and is very good at explaining what he is doing.

He understands what entitlements you may benefit from and ensures that he explains the process to you in a way that you will understand.

I lost contact with him for a couple of years and as a result have experienced practitioners that don’t go the extra mile like he does. I was thrilled to find that he was practising in Salisbury and promptly made my next appointment with him.

I have no hesitation in recommending Pavel and Kelly Korcek to any future patient.

Kind Regards,

Jean Andrews

Thank you, Kelly and Pavel, for the very professional and friendly way you have helped me to choose a suitable hearing aid. Your follow -up after purchase has been excellent.

A hearing aid has made such a difference when I’m in groups, and I no longer fear offending someone because of incorrect responses! For I am wearing a hearing aid and quickly got used to wearing it. I appreciate your helpfulness and I am so glad I no longer put off getting a hearing aid. I realise now its better to get one sooner than later. It’s so good not to be asking people to repeat, which is much appreciated by my husband in particular!

Kind Regards

Jacquie Holdich

I started using hearing aids about 11 years ago with varying and limited success. When I saw the offer in the Sunday Mail from Hearing Sense to trial their product I thought why not give it a try. Pavel was very professional and understanding of my problems and so the trial began. After a few minor adjustments, I felt the aids were substantially better than my previous ones. I was also made aware of a TV gadget called Com-pilot which enables one to hear TV programmes directly through the hearing aids. I tried the Com-Pilot with outstanding results – the fact that I can no longer hear my wife talking to me – was beside the point. All things considered, I am very happy with my aids, thanks to Pavel, Kelly and staff.

Ivan Munchenberg

Dear Pavel

We are often shopping in Norwood and I noticed your offer for upgrading ones hearing aid to a smaller device, I have had a hearing aid since 2007, for left ear only.

I rang my present supplier but they do not deal in the smaller devices, my immediate family have been advising me that my present set up is very unsatisfactory, although I had purchased ear phones for listening to the television.

I made an appointment review. I immediately felt very comfortable with Korcek HEARING SENSE reception, and proceeded with PAVEL’s investigation, including a hearing test – which indicated very poor hearing after further testing I had a trial of devices and was advised the best option was to have ear attachments tailored to fit my ears with new small hearing aids for the right and left sides.

The new ear attachments were manufactured and after fitting I had a trial period and this showed a vast improvement so I went ahead and purchased the new hearing aids – this has been beyond my expectations and is amazing in small and large groups – THANK YOU for your care and attention.

Kind Regards

Yours Sincerely,

Douglas G Townsend

I am happy to hear much better, now that I have new hearing aids. Happy that I am not asking people to repeat themselves. Happy to hear the birds when outside in the garden. Happy not to be in a silent environment. Happy that I am not missing conversations at meetings and socialising.

Kind Regards

Di Clements

Last August I saw an advertisement in the Advertiser for free trial Hearing Aids. My Main hearing problem seemed to be the high volume I needed on the TV especially with English shows with their accents. On phoning I had an appointment the same day and was very impressed with Pavel’s service. He explained everything to me in detail and we agreed on the hearing aids that I would trial for a couple of weeks.

I am extremely impressed with the aids that Pavel suggested and since taking them home for the trial I have worn them everyday. I cannot imagine life now without them. They also work extremely well when I am in a noisy Restaurant, I can still hear clearly the people speaking to me at my table.

I find them very comfortable to wear and the improvement in my hearing and understanding of language especially people with an accent is such an improvement. Now I can watch TV with the volume at a level that suits my husband and family.

Derry Donaldson

Kelly and Pavel Korcek, I would like to write a testimonial on my husband’s hearing aids – as I’m the reason for his first visit to you. After having to repeat myself and raise my voice in frustration for years and it got gradually worse – watching TV with the volume at 85-90 which I thought my neighbours could hear. But after seeing an advertisement in the paper for hearing aids I rang Hearing Sense and made an appointment for him which I attended as well. After a couple of weeks Cornelis went back to see Pavel for his fitting of his hearing aid and our lives started to improve immediately, even our son commented on how good it was that Dad could now join in conversations between him and his friends, and enjoy their company.

I can highly praise Pavel for his kindness to his sensitive hearing problem, and his follow up with Cornelis at any time we might have a problem.

I would recommend Pavel to anyone for advice and support with regard to hearing problems, he has been my life saviour “thank you”


Does your spouse say you are deaf.. and you reply.. you are mumbling? Do you need to turn the volume up on the TV or Radio? That was my situation. I came to Hearing Sense in July 2014. That was the start of something good.

Making an appointment with Ashleigh was a delight and easy. Hearing tests were done with professionalism and friendliness, without any fuss. I felt at home with Kelly.

It didn’t take long for my Hearing Aids to be ready. They are helpful and easy to wear. I got a free trial period with visits to adjust if needed. You don’t think you need hearing aids but they make sounds clearer and friends don’t even notice them.

My last visit was with Pavel and he was as friendly as Kelly.

I fully recommend Hearing Sense if you have any sense. They are excellent in everything they do and if you are good you may even get a lolly!

With Thanks

Gerald Jacob

I have had hearing aids for a few years now and just “put up with them” – “this is as good as its gets”….I didn’t know I could do any better. I saw an advert for Hearing Sense and booked a session, it was free, and I thought what have I got to lose?.. and to think I very nearly cancelled!

I am so glad I didn’t cancel. Meeting Kelly changed my life – my hearing life at least, and that’s a lot. I learnt that there was more variety of aids than I had been told before. I admired Kelly’s knowledge, understanding and sensitivity to hearing loss. And, indeed, within a few weeks I was walking around with much improved hearing aids. Not only is the sound cleaner but they are so much more comfortable.. I forget I’m wearing them!

Thank you, Hearing Sense: you’ve certainly improved my sense of hearing.

In Gratitude,

Barbara Willow

Dear Kelly and Pavel

I received your letter in January 2015. I am pleased to give you a favourable report on my experiences with my hearing aid. It is the best I have had so far. I would recommend anyone to give it a try as I did and I feel sure they will not be disappointed. Wishing you all the best with your promotion.

Yours Sincerely

Marcia Roberts

Since I have had this set of Hearing Aids I feel like having more conversation with a group of friends, and listen to TV. I am happy to have them!


I first visited Hearing Sense after seeing an advert in the paper. I was looking to upgrade my hearing aid that I had had for 4 years. I read about the Lyric and was particularly interested in it. I could not believe the variety of options that Hearing Sense were able to offer me, and I could not believe the amount of information that Kelly gave me, not only about the various hearing aids, but about hearing loss in general. Information that was never explained to me by my previous provider. Not information overload, but really important, interesting information.

I had a free trial with the Lyric, and was blown away with how small it is, how well it performs, and how well hidden it is! Yes I am a bit vain, and at 55 years of age still think I am too young to need a hearing aid. But, I do. And now I am no longer embarrassed by the fact I am wearing a hearing aid, but I am still really happy that it is invisible to the naked eye. Even better – I can hear what is going on around me, I can join in conversations, and I am no longer missing out on the fun and banter on social occasions.

It does take a bit of getting used to, but after a couple of weeks you don’t even know it is there. The 6-8 week replacements only take a 10 minute visit, and give me a chance to have any adjustment made.

Kelly is an absolute gem. She is so patient and kind. She goes out of her way to accommodate me when I need to come to Adelaide for appointments, and she is genuinely interested in her clients as people, not as customers.

I also must commend Ashleigh who also goes above and beyond. She changes appointments, answers dumb questions, and runs messages to Kelly for me. Always helpful, obliging, and with a smile and a laugh.

Hearing Sense is an outstanding locally owned and run business. I am extremely confident in saying that you will not find better, and I have been to at least 5 others in Adelaide.

You will never regret coming to Hearing Sense.

Annette Travers

For some time I had been aware that my hearing was deteriorating and I had difficulty with the TV or at the Cinema,  particularly with female voices. Another situation where I had a similar problem was in cafes or restaurants where there was a lot of background noise. A relative  of mine enthusiastically  told me about her hearing aids and particularly suggested I go  for a consultation  at Hearing Sense, who she found so pleasant and helpful.

My visit there confirmed how pleasant and helpful they are. The first thing was a discussion of the nature of hearing loss and how it can be helped by suitable hearing aids. Then a hearing test and the nature of my hearing loss was carefully explained and how this can be helped by hearing aids specifically modified for my pattern of loss. I was then shown different types of aids and the merits of each type were discussed  and I was shown the type that I thought would suit me. I was then to get a pair of aids adjusted to suit me and have them for a month to trial, obligation free. The details were carefully explained including  the costs, arrangements for supplying the batteries and obtaining insurance for the aids in case they get lost or damaged.

When I collected the aids I was shown very carefully how to manage positing them in my ears, how to adjust them, change the batteries, and keep them clean.

I found initially that some rather metallic and sharp sounds seemed to be exaggerated. A check visit had been arranged and the setting was adjusted and the sharp sound is much less noticeable. I tired the aids right away in a couple of noisy restaurants and found an obvious improvement. They also help with the TV but with some voices, especially when the actors drop their voices, I still have difficulty understanding them. Similarly with strong, unfamiliar accents but with both these situations  I find other people with me have trouble and they are much younger and apparently have normal hearing.

Throughout the whole process of getting the aids I have been impressed with the friendly approach and the carefully detailed discussion. In no way have I felt pressured to make a decision and I can only commend the service and help that I received from those at Hearing Sense.

Aldo Vic Dreosti

I have tried different Hearing Aids over the years. Until in February of this year, after replying to Pavel and Kelly’s advert, I have never looked back. I fully endorse the aids I have from Pavel, they have got to be the best in the world. Thank you Pavel and also Kelly, for your kind caring of my ears. Keep up the good work. Fully recommended.

John Carr

I have suffered from slight deafness for many years and have denied this condition, this impacted on my life as I was struggling to hear friends and family in a social environment so it was just easier for me to stay home, hence impacting on my friendships and quality of life.

My family eventually convinced me to get my ears tested so I started to seek places to where I could get this done. The first place I looked was the local messenger newspaper which is where I saw your advertisement so made the call and was greeted by such a friendly voice.

On the day of my appointment I was still a little anxious however as soon as I walked in to your reception area I was greeted extremely nicely and even offered a cup of coffee.

You arrived dead on time and were very friendly which straight away made me feel at ease.

You were very clear in explaining everything to me and showed me multiple choices of what was going to help mean you did not push me towards the most expensive ones.

I was fitted with hearing aids that day and when I left the shop I was absolutely amazed at the things I could hear, things that I had not heard for years, it gave me a new lease on life.

I am so happy that my family finally convinced me to get my ears checked and so glad that I attended your clinic which made my experience so life changing.Thank you.

Vivian Lennox

My experience at Hearing Sense was very good. You are made to feel comfortable from the beginning with the friendly and professional service from everyone. Kelly recommended a new hearing aid for me which has proved really comfortable and good. I would recommend anyone to use this great service.

Bryan Elliott

I am very happy with service and have recommended you to all my friends who have hearing problems.

Margaret Baxter

My new hearing aids have helped to open up a new vista in my life.

Jean Wright

Pavel is a warm, friendly, knowledgeable person.

Diane McCartney

Excellent service, cannot be bettered.

Marie Woodward

What made a lasting impression on me at Hearing Sense was the relaxed, unhurried approach to establishing the extent of my hearing loss together with a professional, easily understood explanation as to its cause, as well as the hearing aid solutions available to redress the problem.

Then, I was encouraged to believe that the trialling period with my new hearing aid should progress for as long as it takes to get it to my entire satisfaction, making a number of welcomed returns to the consulting rooms for reassurance and minor adjustments.

The outcome is that I can now confidently face the world with ease in all manner of social activity inside and outside the house whereas before it was something of a strain all round.

Accordingly I can thoroughly recommend the friendly services of senior audiologist Kelly & receptionist Ashleigh.

Stuart Barry

I put off getting hearing aids for years. I guess my hearing had been deteriorating for at least 15 years. At home, my husband would become frustrated having to repeat himself all the time or by me getting ‘the wrong end of the stick’. At work, well it was a bit of a joke – I misheard so many things my colleagues sometimes burst out laughing. In meeting, unbeknownst to me because I hadn’t heard, I was ‘dobbed in’ for all sorts of difficult tasks that no one else wanted to do. My boss thought I had ‘selective hearing.’ (Well sometimes I admit I did, but mostly I just genuinely didn’t hear). Still I put off the inevitable.

My husband and I had organised an 8 week overseas trip – the trip of a lifetime. I began to realise that I would miss out on so much if I couldn’t hear, so a few months before we were about to leave, I took the plunge. I noticed a new hearing centre, ‘Hearing Sense’, had opened on The Parade, Norwood and I made an appointment.

My appointment was with Pavel who immediately put me at ease. He tested my hearing, explained the results, took measurements and even contacted my health insurance company and they discussed with me the amount they would pay out for hearing aids. I returned after a couple of weeks to try out my aids. They are very unobtrusive, I can’t even feel them when they are in place and the very best thing is that I can hear again! I didn’t have to pay anything until I was sure they suited me but I was actually sure from the very beginning!

As I left Hearing Sense, the noise of the traffic in the street sounded so loud, I could clearly hear my feet on the pavement as I walked and the sounds of the birds chirping in the trees was wonderful! It was just amazing.

I know that I can go back to the Hearing Sense ‘family’ whenever I need to and I do drop in occasionally to pick up new batteries but mostly for a chat if they are not too busy. Pavel, his wife Kelly and the receptionist, Ashleigh are such lovely people. They really take an interest in you and make you feel that you are a friend. Just before my husband and I went on our trip, they sent us a bon voyage card and on our return, they were genuinely interested in hearing about our travels. And as for our travels – I didn’t miss hearing a thing!

I am incredibly glad I chose Hearing Sense – they have definitely changed my life for the better.

Vicky Dancer

To whom it may concern,

After trying other hearing aids twice before, I am delighted with the improvement in my ability to hear since Hearing Sense found the right ones for me.

Kelly was patient and meticulous in ensuring the best result possible.

I do not hesitate to recommend Kelly and Pavel for their professional dedication, and friendly manner


Valda Edwards

Valda Edwards

Having been in denial over a period of years about my increasing hearing loss, I now wish I had come to terms with it sooner following my very positive experience at Hearing Sense. Professional and caring best describes Pavel and Kelly’s approach to my problem and I am grateful for this and their ongoing support.

Rosemary Harding

My name is Peter.

I had an inner hearing aid for many years but could not cope with it. I noticed I was lip reading and knew it was time to do something about it.

Hearing Sense on The Parade were having free assessment and I made an appointment. Pavel did the assessment and found two aids that were necessary. With his experience and knowledge I have two comfortable aids that I average twelve hours a day.

There are three things learned in business and life.

One is something you want, you thrive to get.

Two is something you need in life and I found it at Hearing Sense.

Three is just as important is after sales service.

Thankfully yours,


Peter Salotti

In 2007, you fitted me with the latest Oticon Delta hearing aids.

I think only 3 visits to you were needed, for them to be tuned 100% to my hearing needs.

Happiness for many years with my improved hearing.

The aids are used at all times and all conditions, being fitted on getting out of bed in the morning and removing them last thing at night. They are only removed when showering, swimming, or using noisy power tools.

After 6 years, in 2012, I thought that my hearing was not as good as it used to be and had the amplification turned up, I think to maximum. That resulted in annoying feedback in confined spaces, such as the car. My wife also complained every time I put my hands near my ears!

You suggested trialling the new Phonak Audeo hearing aids, as technology had improved a lot, including an anti-feedback system, since I bought the Oticons’.

The sensation was similar to trying on new shoes in a shoe shop and looking at the old pair alongside.

After a few months use, I can say that I hear much more speech, even lower frequency, bird calls and other noises than I did with the old Oticons’, in all sorts of quiet and noisy environments.

The sound quality is better, with a greater range of tones.

A big plus is perspiration does not stop the aids operating, as used to happen.

Battery life is longer.

Paul Kaminsky

Since realising that my hearing had deteriorated a few years ago, to the extent that my hearing loss was affecting my ability to distinguish words and sounds correctly, or to actively take part in family gatherings, my hearing aids have given me a lot more confidence in every day life.

I have been very pleased and satisfied with the aids fitted by Kelly and Pavel, and also their friendliness and professionalism in follow up care.

Pamela Hoy

You are both  top of the tree in your skills, as importantly you care so much it sets as a perfect result as you are able to work with those who have a battered auditory system.

I believe that Appendix A applies to both of you, You have my most grateful thanks.

Appendix A

The motto of the white knight, one of King Arthur’s knights of the round table.

Early English Fables.

“I shall pass this place but once, any goodness or kindness that I can do let me not defer it – for I shall never pass this way again.”

Martin Huntley

At 74 I never dreamed I would need or accept hearing aids – until the volume dial on the TV reached extra high, phone conversations became difficult to understand, the grandchildren repeated questions several times to which I replied No instead of Yes.

But now I laugh with comedians, hear the approaching ambulance siren, enjoy chatting with the grand kids and listening to nature – the birds, frogs, crickets, etc

The step I took improved my life considerably.

Patricia Minuzzo