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Lyric - The World’s first and only 100% invisible hearing aid

Lyric is the world’s first and only 100% invisible hearing aid. It’s also completely wearable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months at a time.

Lyric hearing aids have been designed by the world’s top research scientists, ear nose and throat specialists and audiologists to create a hassle free, totally invisible hearing aid solution.

Most people with hearing loss would prefer a device that no-one else can see.

– Lyric is perfect for this.

Many people want to avoid the hassle of changing batteries or fiddling with volume controls on their hearing aids.

– Lyric is perfect for this.

Some people have trouble with arthritic fingers which makes inserting their hearing aids difficult. Instead, they’d like a hearing aid to be left in place 24/7.

– Lyric is perfect for this.

Most people would prefer to keep wearing their hearing aids when showering, exercising and sleeping.

– Lyric is perfect for this.

That’s why 93% of people fitted with Lyric hearing aids would recommend them to a family member or friend.

Only specially trained clinicians are able to fit Lyric hearing aids and Hearing Sense is one of Lyric’s most recognised providers, having won over 9 awards for Lyric in Australia.

lyric hearing consultation

How do Lyric hearing aids work?

Lyric hearing aids are placed in the ear canal by a Lyric-certified Hearing Specialist during a normal office visit. You don’t need surgery or anaesthesia.

The device stays in place for 2-3 months before being replaced with a new Lyric hearing aid. You or your Hearing Specialist Professional can remove it at any time if you wish.

The actual Lyric device is very different from other hearing aids. It is made of a medically researched foam with the battery and speech processing parts of the aid encased in a wax protected coating.

The Lyric is placed deep into the bony portion of the ear canal – sitting approximately 4mm from the ear drum. Placement deep inside the ear canal provides significant benefits in sound quality and clarity. It uses the human ear’s inbuilt ability to capture sound and is one of the most natural and clear- sounding hearing aids on the market.

In addition, Lyric’s exclusive battery technology can last a few months at a time while specially designed encapsulation protects Lyric from moisture and earwax.

Payment options are available

To make it easier for you to purchase the right hearing aid for you, we offer hearing aid payment options – including our interest free Ezidebit payment plan.

How do I try Lyric hearing aids?

As accredited Lyric specialists, you simply call your local Hearing Sense clinic on 8331 8047 to arrange your Lyric hearing aid appointment where we will:

When you choose Hearing Sense to fit your Lyric hearing aids, you receive a full 30-day no-obligation trial to ensure a Lyric device is perfect for you.

Once you are completely happy with your Lyric hearing aids, we’ll make quick replacement appointments every few months. These appointments should only take 15 – 30 minutes each time.

How do you buy Lyric hearing aids?

Lyric hearing aids are sold on a subscription basis, which means you pay an ongoing monthly fee. Each set of Lyric hearing aids can be worn for months at a time, giving you the benefits of better hearing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no daily hassles.

When you need to replace your Lyric devices, you simply make an appointment with us to be fitted with a new set of Lyric hearing aids.

As an additional benefit, your subscription covers any Lyric technology upgrades. This means you will have access to the most advanced Lyric hearing technology as soon as it is released. So you’ll never need to ‘upgrade’ your hearing aid with Lyric!

Your subscription also includes:

Can all hearing clinics fit Lyric hearing aids?

No. There is an extensive accreditation process to become a Lyric provider and clinicians are carefully selected. That’s why Hearing Sense is one of the few select audiology clinics in Adelaide that are able to offer this amazing device to their clients.

Are Lyric hearing aids waterproof?

Lyric hearing aids are water resistant – not waterproof.

Normal everyday activities such as showering and washing your hair are completely possible with Lyric hearing aids. To protect your Lyric device even more, we can custom make swim plugs to use when showering, swimming or surfing.

Lyric hearing aids for tinnitus

Currently, there are a few studies occurring to evaluate the benefits of Lyric hearing aids for tinnitus.

The preliminary results are encouraging and show most tinnitus sufferers are experiencing a significant reduction in stress, anxiety and tinnitus sounds after wearing their Lyric hearing aids. It appears the concept of wearing a device 24/7 allows the brain to focus on external sounds rather than any ringing in the ears.

As we offer a 30 day free trial on all our hearing aids, we suggest anyone who suffers from tinnitus should consider a Lyric hearing aid.

How to remove your Lyric hearing aids

To help you remove your Lyric hearing aids, here’s a step by step video.

I had been reluctant to speak to anyone about getting a hearing aid for loss of hearing but I finally took the plunge after I saw an advertisement for Hearing Sense in the paper one Sunday morning. I think I was feeling a little embarrassed about hearing loss and uncertain whether I could be helped.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled and delighted to meet Kelly when I made an appointment. She was just so lovely, welcoming, cheery, helpful, kind and educational about hearing loss. I had a comprehensive hearing test and was able to trial a hearing aid to see if we had chosen the right one for me. She also made me feel comfortable about coming back at any time to ask more questions or get help if I wasn’t sure about anything, which I have needed to do on a few occasions.

From the Reception staff right through for all of my appointments or just popping in I have been made to feel welcome and not a burden if I needed help or to ask questions. I also met Pavel one Saturday morning when I needed some help and he was like everyone at “Hearing Sense” – happy, cheerful and helpful. Everyone makes you feel special. I have recommended friends to also seek help for their hearing difficulties from Hearing Sense. I know and have seen that all Hearing Sense clients are treated the same way.

Penny S.

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