The only American Owned and operated hearing aid manufacturer in the world, Starkey was founded in 1967 and has taken the hearing aid world by storm by consistently producing the smallest, high quality hearing aids. The Invisible-in-the-canal SoundLens IIC hearing aid is a product of great design and excellent hearing technology which many Hearing Sense clients enjoy using. We fit many of these hearing devices and have consistently found the hand crafted shells to be the smallest on the market.

Starkey are very focused on evidence based practice. What this means is that they rarely release a product or new feature that hasn’t been clinically tested and proven to make a difference.

Starkey has recently released a brand new range of hearing devices based on cutting-edge research in virtual reality, advanced neuroscience, and signal processing. This is very exciting times.

Their new hearing device is the Livio AI, which is the world’s first hearing aid with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence.

The Livio AI is compatible with the “Thrive Hearing Control App” which allows users to use their mobile phone to make customised programs in their hearing aids which are geo-tagged based on their phone GPS, answer phone calls, use their phone as a remote control for their hearing aids, use a virtual assistant to trouble shoot issues with their hearing aids, as well as monitor brain and body activity and health, translate up to 27 languages, and have siri translate your texts and emails into your hearing aids.

The Livio hearing aids use “Hearing Reality” technology which works by helping manage the layers of sound using real world signals and mimicking the natural process for reducing unwanted sound and augmenting wanted ones to help make hearing effortless. This means greater speech clarity in noisy environments.

The Livio hearing aids come in receiver in the ear and behind the ear technology, as well as with a rechargeable option.

Their new IQ line-up includes Muse IQ, wireless hearing aids; Halo IQ, Made for iPhone hearing aid; and SoundLens Synergy IQ, invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid.

This new research in virtual reality helps you to understand where sounds are coming from to help you feel part of your surroundings.

The IQ may be the most natural sounding hearing aid ever, with benefits such as, no whistling or feedback, superior speech detection and automatic noise reduction. Two brilliant new features also include – Speech indicators for memory, meaning instead of hearing beeps to know what memory you are in, the hearing aid uses descriptive words such as ‘car’ or ‘home’ and Smart VC, giving wearers a desired increase in loudness when needed.

The Muse IQ and Synergy IQ both work with the Surflink wireless accessories to provide ear-to-ear streaming of calls, music and media, remote hearing aid control and a personalized hearing experience. They come in in-the-ear, receiver-in-the ear, and behind-the-ear options, as well as rechargeable. The mobile, remote and microphone are all part of the Surflink accessories and allow the user to pair their hearing aids through wireless Bluetooth enabling them to talk on the phone – hands free, enjoy music and so much more.

The Halo IQ is the smartphone compatible hearing aid that connects with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and select Android devices.


The brand new Soundlens Synergy is a very small invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids which amazingly enough can connect wirelessly to phones even though they are still super tiny. This has been extremely popular amongst our Adelaide clients who want an invisible solution and either go for a Soundlens or Lyric.

Starkey are also committed to charity and have an organization called Starkey Hearing Foundation which was founded in 1984. The underlying philosophy is “Alone we can’t do much. But, together we can change the world.” The foundation has distributed nearly 500 000 hearing aids around the world to people in need. We think this is fantastic.


Starkey have also bought some independent clinics to form part of their retail chain throughout Australia called iHear clinics. Their manufacturing branch is based in Alexandria, Sydney.

To try a tiny Starkey hearing aid, simply call us on 8331 8047 or book online.

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