unitron-hearing-aidFor close to half a century, Unitron have designed and manufactured hearing aids. Their headquarters used to be based in Canada, but when they were purchased by Sonova, the research facility remained in Canada while the production moved to Switzerland. As both Unitron and Phonak belong to the Sonova group, Unitron is known in the hearing industry as the baby brother to Phonak, but still fiercely independent and offer significantly different devices. The Australian factory is based in Baulkham Hills, Sydney

Unitron cater for lower priced value devices which still offer lots of features.

Unitron’s motto is Hearing Matters and this pervades all their development of hearing devices. Their Smart Focus technology was one of the first clinically proven speech in noise advancements since directional microphone technology. Their latest North chip platform really concentrates on understanding conversations – whether it is in quiet or noisy places. It really focuses on lifting speech out of noise in an extremely fast way with no distortion.

Unitron, a global innovator of hearing solutions, has now released its brand new Insera ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aid to the company’s Tempus platform line-up.

The Insera hearing aid extends the wearer’s conversation capabilities by offering a greater variety of rechargeable options and a sophisticated EarMatch process that optimises directional microphone performance by compensating for individual differences in each patient’s ear.

The philosophy surrounding the tempus range is realism, meaning all natural sound entering the device is heard just the way it should be. Patients using this hearing aid are more aware of what is happening around them and able to perceive the emotional undertones that accompany those sounds.

The Moxi Now was released in October 2016 features the smallest wireless Receiver-in-the-canal device in the world. Packed with clever technology, this aid is super discreet and allows clarity in all listening situations, including in noise and with music.

In February 2018 Unitron announced the release of its amazing new hearing instrument called the Moxi All. Designed around the company’s core philosophy and delivering incredible sound quality, this hearing aid is designed for all phones, not just the iPhone. This device is not only hands-free, meaning patients don’t even have to touch their phone, callers are automatically transferred through the mobile but it is also rechargeable.  The reason why this is so exciting is that most Android phone users need to wear a streamer or phone clip to connect to their device. The Moxi All allows direct streaming without needing an intermediary device so is truly hands free.

The easy to connect, streamer-free TV is also available. Allowing you to enjoy your television programs with high-quality stereo sound that is streamed directly to the Moxi All.

This rechargeable option joins the Moxi Fit R and Stride M R, to guarantee you are getting more enjoyment out of life’s conversations every day. There is no need to mess around with batteries and buttons, it is as simple as taking them off, charging the device and popping them straight in! Our Adelaide patients that have used this find it is so convenient and easy.
And also, no need to fret if you do happen to forget to charge your devices. The Moxi R is filled with flexibility, you can swap in normal batteries at any point.

Like all other manufacturers, Unitron offer the full range of devices for mild to profound loss –  from very small completely-in-the-canal devices through to the Moxi receiver-in-the-canal devices all the way through to Power devices for profound loss.

Unitron offer the Smart Alert system which integrates alerting systems like doorbells, smoke alarms and telephone directly to a hearing aid.

To try the new tiny Moxi Now hearing aid, simply call us on 8331 8047 or book online.

The Unitron website is www.unitron.com