Oticon is the world’s second largest hearing aid manufacturer which was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant whose wife was hearing impaired. Their head office is situated in Denmark just outside of Copenhagen.  They have their own retail chain of Audioclinic stores who fit Oticon only throughout Australia and the world.

Their motto of People First has pervaded their excellence in hearing products and care. They have won numerous design awards for their hearing devices, including the 2012 Danish Design awards. The Oticon Intiga was the only category winner to earn two awards from the prestigious design competition, which honours companies that have created innovative products and solutions of a high aesthetic and functional quality.


Oticon have always been at the cutting edge of hearing aid technology, being one of the first companies to release a receiver-in-the-ear (RIC) technology as well as the first to launch Bluetooth capable hearing aids. These technological advancements have changed audiology with RIC and Bluetooth features now being quite standard across the hearing aid industry.

Their products allow clinicians good flexibility to program various features required by the client and ultimately have excellent sound quality.


The latest product from Oticon created a ‘paradigm shift’ in hearing care. It is definitely something new for our Adelaide hearing clinic clients. The whole concept of a hearing aid helping your ears listen has been replaced with Brain Hearing.

Oticon is now introducing Xceed – the world’s most powerful hearing aid. It is proven to give you better speech clarity with less listening effort in noisy environments compared to our previous generations of powerful devices.

Xceed is the only hearing aid on the market that offers an open sound experience, which means you can enjoy 360 degree access to speech and conversations, even with several people at once. It manages all sound sources individually and the fast noise reduction lets you hear speech better and significantly reduces whistling and feedback noise.

This new device gives you proven BrainHearing benefits as it is essential that your hearing aid is fast enough to keep up with you brain.

BrainHearing technology in Xceed scans your surroundings 100 times per second and provides you with the following:

  • Better speech clarity
  • Reduced listening effort
  • Helps you remember more of what you just said

Hearing is thinking…as you hear with your brain, and not just with your ears. The Opn S device also focuses on helping your brain understand the sounds you hear, not just making sounds louder. This technology supports your brain and puts less strain on it with a natural and pleasant ‘soundscape’. This means you are less tired and can just enjoy easy listening.

It boasts being different from any other hearing aid on the market which will try to isolate the speaker in front of you. The Opn reduces background noise but keeps the sound open so you can hear next to you as well as at a distance.

The Opn S hearing aid is also made for iPhone meaning you can stream phone calls and music directly to your aid without needing streamer around your neck. Android devices can work by using a Phone Clip.


These aids also offer a complete tinnitus package for Adelaide patients using ocean sounds to provide relief from tinnitus and calm anxiety or nervousness associated with it.

The Opn IIC is a custom made hearing aid that hides inside the ear and fits you precisely. This device will give the wearer excellent sound quality without compromise, with a constant access to 360 degree sound.

We have found the fit of the Opn IICs have been fabulous giving a tiny, invisible aid with the best sound quality.
This ground-breaking technology has the power to analyse a certain environment and differentiate between speech and noise. By rapidly reducing noise, it provides a natural sound with an ability to switch focus on environments when you choose.
Hearing loss makes the brain work harder, Oticon designed this natural sense of sound to help support your brain health.

Oticon has now introduced CROS enabling people with single-sided deafness to hear and engage in their world like never before. The CROS device sends a wireless signal from the hearing aid on the poorer ear to the receiver on your better ear to achieve a fuller, more inclusive sound.


If you struggle with Tinnitus the sound support technology will help relieve the symptoms by creating customisable sounds such as white noise.

The Siya hearing aids are the new and comprehensive value range from Oticon, almost like the baby brother to their groundbreaking Opn Brain Hearing technology. The exceptional quality and high resolution sound allows the wearer to experience the rich natural details of sound in a comfortable way, helps you focus in on what you choose to hear, and has an extremely powerful noise reduction, so fast it even reduces noise between words.

Oticon have now released a powerful chip, which you will find inside the Siya that processes sound 50 times faster than the previous generation of hearing devices.
Not only that, but the Siya also uses cutting-edge Bluetooth low energy technology. You will be able to connect your hearing aids direct to your iPhone, to your Android phones with a Connectclip, TVs, laptops and many other devices, stream high quality sound and music, all with low battery consumption so you don’t have to keep changing your batteries.

Connectivity solutions:

  • At Home: Stream sound directly to your hearing aids from the TV, landline telephone, tablet or radio.
  • On the go: You can turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones by syncing them with your mobile phone.
  • Remote: Use the Oticon ON App or remote control to regulate volume or change programmes.


Oticon Australia is based in Nundah Queensland and imports its hearing aid components directly from Denmark. They have a large factory with many staff allowing maintenance of hearing aid warranties, new devices and local support.

To try out the incredible sound quality of an Oticon product, call us on 8331 8047 or book online today.

Oticon’s website is www.oticon.com.au

“I put off getting hearing aids for years. I guess my hearing had been deteriorating for at least 15 years. At home, my husband would become frustrated having to repeat himself all the time or by me getting ‘the wrong end of the stick’. At work, well it was a bit of a joke – I misheard so many things my colleagues sometimes burst out laughing. In meeting, unbeknownst to me because I hadn’t heard, I was ‘dobbed in’ for all sorts of difficult tasks that no one else wanted to do. My boss thought I had ‘selective hearing.’ (Well sometimes I admit I did, but mostly I just genuinely didn’t hear). Still I put off the inevitable.

My husband and I had organised an 8 week overseas trip – the trip of a lifetime. I began to realise that I would miss out on so much if I couldn’t hear, so a few months before we were about to leave, I took the plunge. I noticed a hearing centre, ‘Hearing Sense’, on The Parade, Norwood and I made an appointment.

My appointment was with Pavel who immediately put me at ease. He tested my hearing, explained the results, took measurements and even contacted my health insurance company and they discussed with me the amount they would pay out for hearing aids. I returned after a couple of weeks to try out my aids. They are very unobtrusive, I can’t even feel them when they are in place and the very best thing is that I can hear again! I didn’t have to pay anything until I was sure they suited me but I was actually sure from the very beginning!

As I left Hearing Sense, the noise of the traffic in the street sounded so loud, I could clearly hear my feet on the pavement as I walked and the sounds of the birds chirping in the trees was wonderful! It was just amazing.

I know that I can go back to the Hearing Sense ‘family’ whenever I need to and I do drop in occasionally to pick up new batteries but mostly for a chat if they are not too busy. Pavel, his wife Kelly and the receptionist, Ashleigh are such lovely people. They really take an interest in you and make you feel that you are a friend. Just before my husband and I went on our trip, they sent us a bon voyage card and on our return, they were genuinely interested in hearing about our travels. And as for our travels – I didn’t miss hearing a thing!

I am incredibly glad I chose Hearing Sense – they have definitely changed my life for the better.”

Vicky Dancer