Widex is the world’s sixth largest hearing aid manufacturer and is one of the only privately owned manufacturers. The company was founded in 1956 by the Tøpholm and Westermann families, who still own and run the company.

They have just built a new headquarters in Allerød Municipality, Denmark, north of Copenhagen which is just incredible to see – it is really a ‘green site’. It uses multiple natural energy sources to reduce environmental impacts. This includes using groundwater for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Widex also placed an energy-generating wind turbine next to the building.

Widex have also expanded into having Retail market share buying independent branches and rebranding them to Bloom Hearing Specialists across Australia.


In close collaboration with international audiological researchers and specialists, the company has developed a wide range of digital hearing aids, including the world’s first 100% digital in-the-ear hearing aid in 1995. In 1990, they began using a patented Camisha technology which allows custom made hearing aids and moulds to be done through computer modeling and laser technology.

Widex sound has a very unique premise, using very low kneepoints focusing on bringing up the soft sounds of speech for better clarity in quiet and noise. The Widex sound is one where existing Widex users rarely change brands and usually choose to be fitted with an upgraded latest release Widex aid as time goes on.

In October 2015, Widex released their latest hearing aid range called Unique. These devices are very exciting as they provide the best wind noise reduction system which allows you to hear voices even on windy days. This technology can also automatically detect your listening situation and make sure you hear the right sounds at the right time in the right place.

They are available from a very small Passion behind-the-ear unit right down to a completely-in-the-canal model.

In June 2016, Widex have also launched the Fashion mini device which is a small device that packs a punch in terms of speech detection and noise reduction.

Widex also offers the full range of wireless accessories including the:

  • RC-Dex mini remote control
  • Com-Dex which streams sound from any Bluetooth device directly to the aid.
  • Call-Dex which is a discreet adapter for automatic mobile phone use
  • Uni-Dex which is a neck worn plug & play solution for any mobile phone use
  • TV-Dex which improves TV listening without echo or delay and is by far the most popular accessory
  • CROS which caters for one-sided deafness by streaming the sound over to the other ear.
widex unique

Widex Australia is based in Port Melbourne in Victoria.

For a free 30 day trial of a Unique Widex hearing aid, simply call 8331 8047 or book online.

The website is www.widex.com.au