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Our Story

Helping South Australians
overcome hearing loss

Since 2012, Kelly-Mare and Pavel Korcek, the Directors of Hearing Sense, have been helping South Australians overcome hearing loss. Hearing Sense are fully accredited providers under the Australian Commonwealth Government Office of Hearing Services.

The Hearing Sense team achieve amazing results for their clients. They do this by focusing on each client’s lifestyle and by using their extensive knowledge of every brand and style of hearing aid. That’s why being totally independent is so important to Kelly-Mare and Pavel. They want to recommend the best hearing aid solutions for their clients – not a limited range produced by a single hearing aid manufacturer.

South Africa and Slovakia come together in Australia

Kelly-Mare was born in Johannesburg in South Africa in 1978 and immigrated to Australia with her family at age 16. She finished her final two years of schooling and went on to study a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree completing in 1998. Stimulated by an interest in hearing health, she then went on to study her Masters of Audiology degree, graduating as top student in her class in 2000.

Pavel was born in Bratislava in Slovakia in 1978 and also moved to Australia with his family at age 8. He completed his school years and graduated from his Bachelor of Science degree in 1998. He also graduated as Dux of his class for Certificate IV in Audiometry in 2005.

Kelly and Pavel’s stories combined when they met during their first degrees at University of Adelaide studying Microbiology and Chemistry together. It was love at first sight.

The first business

Kelly and Pavel married in 2001 and started their own business ‘Hearing Care’ in Salisbury in 2003. This very successful practice grew and grew and they decided to branch into the Eastern Suburbs and opened an Unley clinic in 2005.

Kelly and Pavel pioneered the way for audiology and hearing technology service in South Australia by being the first clinics to offer cutting edge technology for free home trials. They were and still are extremely passionate about ensuring it is not only the ‘right’ device for their clients, it is the ‘perfect’ device.

A change

In 2007, a hearing aid manufacturer offered to purchase both Salisbury and Unley clinics to become part of a retail chain of hearing clinics. At the age of 30, Kelly and Pavel looked at this as an opportunity to further their experience in a different field, and also start a family. They were contracted to work for 5 years for the company and continued to consult and manage the Salisbury and Unley clinics.

They also took this time to expand the ‘Korcek clan’ and now have a beautiful daughter Nika and cheeky son Cody.

State manager for Bloom for South Australia

In January 2012, Kelly was promoted to State Manager for South Australia to manage all clinics that had been purchased in a similar fashion to their clinics and establish a retail network for the hearing aid manufacturer. Pavel continued to manage and work in the Salisbury clinic.

However, in October 2012, Kelly and Pavel’s 5 year contract was up, and although they enjoyed their time and experience working as part of a retail network, they decided that nothing is better than being an independent practice and business owners.

Nothing as great as owning your own practice…

Amidst great excitement, in December 2012, the doors to ‘Hearing Sense’ Norwood and Salisbury were opened, with an Office of Hearing Services government contract awarded at the same time. Kelly and Pavel have taken great pride in the design of the Norwood clinic allowing for speech in noise testing, TV displays of auditory function and hearing loss and wall mounted speakers allowing sound demos with and without hearing devices.

Totally independent

Kelly and Pavel also now offer a massive range of hearing aids from around the world and are not aligned to any specific hearing aid manufacturer. They also supply assistive devices with a comprehensive range of hearing impaired phones, TV accessories, voice mics, Sennheiser headsets, Bluetooth technology and other assistive listening devices.

Kelly and Pavel have absolutely revelled in and loved the wonderfully loyal clients who have found them in their new practice and transferred over, as well as the thousands of brand new clients seeking hearing help and a better way of life. By being completely independent hearing specialists, they can now offer any and every brand of hearing aid to ensure, the perfect solution is found for each and every one of their clients.

Furthermore their drive and faith in their new products allows them to again offer completely free 30 day trials of any hearing devices.

With their clinical expertise, entrepreneurial history and business experience, Kelly and Pavel are here to make a difference in South Australian audiology.

Being independent also means the Hearing Sense team can do things differently like:

Offering a wide range of hearing assistive devices including:

We totally believe in making everything possible for our clients to have hearing success and completely and utterly step into life again, hearing clearly. We are very passionate about helping people hear better and just love our jobs!

Kelly-Mare and Pavel Korcek

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