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Payment Options

Get the Hearing Aids that Suit You Best at Affordable Prices with Our Payment Options

Hearing aid prices can vary greatly but an as independent hearing clinic, we’re able to source the best hearing aids and hearing devices from around the world to ensure they will:

As a guide, hearing aid prices can range from $800 to $4500 depending on the style and technology in the hearing aid. At Hearing Sense, our clinicians have extra training to allow them to fit, program and customise devices from any brand to completely suit you.

Lyric hearing aid inside the ear

7 Budget Friendly Solutions to Improve Your Hearing Loss

We are passionate about helping people with their hearing difficulties and we don’t want the price of hearing aids to get in the way. That’s why we offer 7 budget-friendly solutions to improve your hearing loss.

Free comprehensive hearing tests to really understand your hearing issues because hearing loss involves more than turning up the volume. For some people, it’s more a loss of clarity or other difficulties such as hearing in a noisy restaurant, certain TV shows or a ringing phone. Getting started begins with a chat and a free hearing test.

You can “test drive” your new hearing aids for 30 days without paying anything. We do this so you can experience your new hearing aids in real world situations without paying a cent. 

For pensioners and concession card holders, we are accredited under the Australian Government hearing aid voucher scheme which entitles you to:

In addition, you can receive unlimited batteries, servicing and repairs (even if your hearing aids are out of warranty) for a small annual subscription fee. To check your eligibility for this service, please visit our batteries service page.

Ezi-debit is an easy way to pay for your new hearing aids over time and in manageable monthly instalments, for up to 6 months. By removing the need to pay upfront, many clients find Ezi-debit is a great way to afford the hearing aids they want, and it is also interest-free! We can explain the Ezi-debit payment plan in more detail when you make your hearing appointment with us.

Lyric hearing aids are a revolutionary style of hearing aid that can be worn 24/7 for months at a time and are completely invisible. They are purchased through a monthly subscription which covers the cost of regularly replacing your Lyric hearing aids and receiving technological upgrades as soon as they become available. 

If you have private health insurance, we’ll help you obtain the maximum rebate possible on your new hearing aids. We are accredited with all funds and can help you with your rebate straight away.
Some hearing aids are rechargeable, while others require you to change the batteries. The choice comes down to your personal preferences. The choice comes down to your personal preferences. If you prefer hearing aids that require batteries, we offer the Battery Club which provides unlimited batteries by simply paying a small annual fee. We’ll even mail the spare batteries to your home or you can drop into one of our clinics to pick them up.

Types of Hearing Aids

At Hearing Sense, we strongly believe we have the widest range of hearing aids and hearing accessories in South Australia because we are completely independent. That means we can source hearing devices from around the world – regardless of the brand.

Invisible Options


lyric in ear

Lyric is the world’s first and only 100% invisible hearing aid. It’s also completely wearable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months at a time.

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In the Canal (IIC)

invisible in the canal hearing aid

IIC models are the most discreet daily wear option. These advanced devices are virtually undetectable.

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In the Ear, Behind the Ear,
and Receiver in the Ear Models

An In the Ear hearing aid is completely contained within the bowl of your ear and is custom made for you. Behind the Ear and Receiver in the Ear hearing aids sit behind your ear and connect to a dome or mould that goes in your ear.

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Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids offer the convenience of eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements, allowing users to simply recharge their devices overnight for a full day of use.

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Hearing Aids Costs

Prices vary on hearing aids depending on your personal audiogram, and your communication and management needs. Hearing aid prices start from $800 and go up depending on the level of technology. As the technology level increase, so does:

Hearing Aid Brands We Support

We are not aligned with one particular manufacturer and so can find you the best choice to meet your hearing and budget needs from a huge variety of brands.

Personalised Care and Expert Advice

At Hearing Sense, we understand that each individual’s hearing journey is unique. Our experienced Adelaide audiologists take the time to understand your specific needs, lifestyle, and hearing challenges to recommend the most suitable hearing solutions. They are not just experts in hearing technology but also compassionate listeners who prioritise your comfort and satisfaction. By choosing Hearing Sense, you are not just purchasing a hearing aid; you are investing in a partnership with professionals who are committed to enhancing your hearing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

One may find hearing aids in Adelaide ranging from approximately $800 to over $4500. The variables influencing price include technology level, features, and brand.

Yes, pensioners may be eligible for discounts on hearing aids at Hearing Sense under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program, which provides services and devices at a subsidised rate.

In Australia, opting for rechargeable hearing aids might incur a higher initial cost compared to battery-operated models. However, over time, they may prove cost-effective due to the absence of ongoing battery expenses.

Medicare does not typically cover hearing aids in Australia. However, certain diagnostic hearing tests might be subsidised if they are referred by a physician.

While higher-priced hearing aids often have more advanced features and improved sound technologies, customers may find effective hearing solutions across a variety of price points. A professional audiologist can assist in determining the best option for an individual’s needs.

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