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Phonak are a very large hearing aid manufacturer based in Switzerland and have been established since 1947. They have always been at the forefront with leading technology in hearing devices.

Phonak have recently launched the new and exciting Phonak Audeo Paradise. These new hearing aids are designed to give our Adelaide hearing clinic clients excellent sound quality with the new PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) sound processing chip. PRISM may sound like it’s a gadget from The Jetsons, but, it’s a powerful tool to help clients get the most out of their hearing aids. This computer chip has double the memory and speed with such great flexibility so our Audiologists can provide excellent and precise adjustments in a way that is similar to a DJ.  The new technology is especially useful for those with mild hearing loss. 

Most important of all to any patient that comes to our Adelaide Hearing Centre is hearing better in noisy places. The Paradise hearing aid includes a new speech enhancer, dynamic noise cancellation, and motion-sensor hearing technology for automatic comfort in noise as well as being able to hear clearer, no matter where you are. Here are the new features:

And how clever is this…the motion sensor allows you to connect with Siri®, Google Assistant™, or Amazon Alexa® by just double-tapping the side of your ear.

Lots of our Adelaide Hearing Aid clients love the rechargeability option for hearing aids and the Phonak Paradise hearing aid can give a full day of listening, including audio streaming, on a single charge and comes with an easy-to-use portable charging unit.

You can control sound settings for Phonak Paradise using the myPhonak app. You can easily adjust the level of background noise, the tone and clarity through the app. You can easily connect to our Hearing Sense Audiologists with telecare for adjustments to your aid and even a hearing assessment remotely.

Phonak’s devices range takes hearing solutions to the next level of clear, rich sound, with rechargeable options as well as connectivity to all phones!

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Phonak devices are setting the benchmark for what a hearing experience should be.

Phonak hearing aids include ‘Made for All Phones’ technology meaning you can stream phone and music signals from iPhone and any Android phone without needing something hanging around your neck. You can even answer your phone on your hearing aid as the microphone on the aid actually picks up your voice for the phone. This means you can have a whole phone conversation from the kitchen, even if your phone is in the bedroom!

For people with single-sided deafness, Phonak have a wireless solution called Audeo CROS. This allows you to hear from both sides. We really love this product as it is truly amazing that someone who is completely deaf on one side can hear someone whispering into that ear. It does this by streaming the sound from the deaf side over to the other ear, allowing the person access to hearing on either side of them through their good ear. This can work for someone with normal hearing in their good ear and even someone who has some hearing loss in their better ear.

Phonak also produces Lyric (one of our personal favourites), and it is the first and only hearing solution that can be worn without interruption for up to three months. The “contact lens for the ear” sits deep in the ear canal – close to the eardrum – and can be worn during all kinds of daily life activities, e.g. sports, taking a shower, sleeping. In order to fit Lyric, a clinic has to be accredited and approved and we are very proud to say we have won an Award for Lyric every year since 2015. Come into our hearing clinic for a free hearing test and Lyric candidacy appointment. See the Lyric Hearing link for more information.

Phonak also offer a range of custom-made hearing aids including their famous Titanium hearing aid. This is the only invisible aid made of pure titanium to withstand any amount of pressure. So this is one device you never have to worry about i1f it drops on the floor!

Phonak aids are very popular in our clinic and patients really enjoy their small size, quality sound and great technology.

At Hearing Sense, we specialize in all brands of aids so you can find the perfect solution for your hearing.

If you are interested in trailing the new Phonak Paradise, Titanium, Lyric or any other Phonak hearing aids for 30 days for free, just give us a call on 8331 8047 to book a FREE Hearing Aid Trial or book an appointment online today.

Click here to visit the Phonak website.

Hello, my name is Stanley Aukland and I have two Phonak hearing aids fitted by Hearing Sense. The clinicians at Hearing Sense are a husband & wife team, Pavel and Kelly-Mare Korcek. Both are very knowledgeable, sincere and respectful in addressing your needs. Completing the great team at Hearing Sense are the reception staff who are trained to clean and care for your hearing aids.

I would like to talk to those people who have a hearing loss and may be nervous or apprehensive about trialling a hearing aid for the first time. Both Pavel and Kelly acknowledge you may have issues regarding new hearing aids. The will listen to your smallest concern with patience and understanding to put your mind at ease.

Once the style of hearing aids has been chosen, they will expertly fit them to your ears and program them to your hearing level. They will explain the details of your hearing aids in plain language but if you forget, please don’t be afraid to call them as they will be happy to help you.

As I said before, a great team.

I sincerely hope you get the same satisfaction from your new hearing aids as I have. They will be great.

Thank you for listening.

Stan Aukland

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