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Siemens is a very well-known German brand who have a reputation for quality in all electronic devices, ranging from devices such as washing machines and hi fi systems. They changed their name to Signia hearing solutions and are now owned by a global corporation along with Widex.

We were in fact, one of the few clinics in Australia asked to participate in evaluating one of Siemen’s original premium hearing aid called Binax, as we are very independent and not aligned to a single manufacturer. We are also very honest and take the time to evaluate hearing aid trials very thoroughly, allowing our patients to truly test them out in the real world. We gave feedback directly to the manufacturer about fitting the product and our patient’s opinions.

Since then Signia products have developed strength to strength.

The Signia Augmented Xperience is the latest technology platform from Signia and it boasts a unique way of processing sound. It does this by splitting the speech sounds from environmental sounds, boosting them and then recombining to give better clarity.

In addition Signia AX aids offer:

Another exciting development from our view is the ability to offer you full programming through Telecare. This means you, the patient can contact us through an app and we can fine tune and adjust your hearing aids to help you hear better without even needing to come into the clinic.

Signia uses the Signia app which allows a whole variety of clever remote control and fine-tuning solutions and is free on the App or Google Play store.

Signia offer a wide range of products including:

Signia hearing aids are very reliable and we often fit their products.

Signia is also one of the only hearing aid manufacturers who have not purchased or own retail clinics in Australia. They mainly supply independent clinics like ours and Hearing Australia.

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Styletto X

At Hearing Sense we are always looking for new and exciting hearing solutions to offer our clients. Recently Signia has released the iconic new Styletto X. Many clients love Signia hearing aids, their products are very reliable. The new Styletto X is the complete package hearing aid – ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise their active lifestyle just because of hearing loss. These aids help to improve listening in any situation, providing crystal clear sound and best speech comprehension even in noisy environments. They are packed full of the wonderful features found in other Signia products, and come in many stylish colour and design options.

On the go charging

Styletto X incorporates Qi wireless charging technology into a nifty hearing aid charging case. Clients can simply place the Styletto X pocket-sized charging case on a charging pad in any environment they choose. Charge on the go in cafés, restaurants, or cars, instead of having to plug it into the charging port. The aids can be fully charged in only four hours to provide a full day’s wearing, including five hours of streaming.

I am writing to say how pleased I have been with the service you have provided. I had worn hearing aids for more than a decade and the pair that I was wearing had reached their limit of usefulness. So in May this year, I decided to consult with Hearing Sense.

Three things were a standout with Hearing Sense. First was the pleasant and professional way I was treated by the staff. I was never kept waiting for a consultation and I have always been helped on subsequent visits either to you or reception.

Your use of animated videos at the time of testing was really educational and explained how we hear and how hearing aids work. The educational program and advice you gave has made a big difference to the way I use them and their effectiveness.

Finally, the Signia hearing aids themselves are most successful. You were able to recommend just the right pair for my needs and my budget. You have chosen settings and adjustments that seem to work well in all situations and I know that if my hearing requirements changed you would respond with further changes. I now wear my hearing aids all day and am very happy with them.

I will undoubtabley continue to use your services and will have no hesitation in recommending you and Hearing Sense to my friends.”

Yours sincerely,
John Pearman

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