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Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

This is really an exciting time to be getting hearing aids. Wireless and Bluetooth technology now allow you to be connected to a mobile phone, home phone, TV, computer, Skype, Ipod, Ipad, tablets, voice microphones and any other gadget that uses Bluetooth.

What does this mean for you and how does it work?

It means that you can be connected to and hear with super clarity the sound coming from what you are listening to. Take for example a mobile phone. When your phone rings, it will now ring in your hearing aids, so no more missed calls. You can answer the phone and have the entire conversation through your hearing aids without even picking up the handset. This is the same for talking on the home phone or through Skype.

It means you can hear the TV or music clearly even over a large distance. You can turn your TV to zero, have it as loud as you like in your hearing aids, and even go into another room to make yourself a coffee and have the TV or music signal exactly as though you were standing right in front of it.

This technology is really fantastic and we are proud to be the experts in this field. The even better news is that we set everything up for you. You do not have to go home with instruction manuals and try to figure out how to connect everything. We give you this service for FREE.

The other really good news is that Bluetooth is not just a hearing aid technology. It is an electronics industry standard and has been tried, tested and approved and is in use with most electronic devices. This means that is reliable and can be trusted.

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