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Self Assessment

Think your hearing may be deteriorating? Try this quick and easy at-home test to find out if you should talk to a hearing professional.

Do you feel like people are mumbling or talking softer than they used to?*
Do you feel like you can hear the voices but the exact words are not clear?*
When in background noise like at a restaurant, do you have trouble following the exact conversation?*
Do you need the TV or radio louder than others at home?*
Do you have trouble hearing in the car – from the backseat or the indicator?*
Do you have trouble in meetings following exact conversations?*
Do you often get missed calls as you cannot hear the phone ring clearly?*
Do you have trouble if someone is quietly spoken or has an accent on the phone?*
Do you have tinnitus or ringing in the ears?*
Do loved ones or friends comment that you are not hearing them?*

This 3-minute test can evaluate (at a basic level) how well you’re hearing.

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