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We are very excited to add a new hearing aid manufacturer to our portfolio and offer even more solutions and choice for our Adelaide patients.

Hansaton, a company established 60 years ago draws off a family into their third generation of visionaries whose main goal is to support the hearing impaired to improve their quality of life.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, this company believe hearing aids are little miracles and are focused on innovation, cosmetics and comfort.

The new Stratos hearing aid from Evertone is a sophisticated design, which fits the shape of your ear comfortably and neatly. Available in six stylish colours, it is very durable with a special plasma coating to provide protection against dust and water.

Bluetooth also turns these devices into wireless headphones allowing the wearer a safe, hands-free option for a variety of devices including phones, tablets and computers. This can be used for iPhone and Android phones.

Stratos hearing aid

The Stratos device can be purchased as battery operated or rechargeable and the design is only one of the many appealing factors. The real ‘WOW’ factor lies in the brilliant sound it offers from the first moment, and with the practical functions it offers in everyday life. The HearIntelligence functions are designed to support your natural hearing intelligence and stimulate your brain and ears every day.

The system adjusts voices and sounds perfectly to fit your life, giving a brilliant 360 degree listening experience. Hansaton have really focused on hearing in quiet and noisy situations helping to filter out distracting ambient noise.

The hearing aids automatically classify environments and work out what sounds is best for that situation. These include:

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The hearing aids automatically switch between the settings based on where you are in your life. This allows you to have the clearest sound in all situations.

It also featuring a Wind Noise manager – which is really useful for those walks on the beach or in the car with the window down.

They also have a range of technology options from basic up to premium and can cater for behind the ear Stratos aids, Jam XC Pro custom-made in-the-ear hearing aids and AQ Sound Power options.

Hansaton offers a range of accessories including a Partner mic, TV adapter and remote control. The app is called Hansaton stream remote and allows users to alter the volume, change programs and adjust clarity of speech in real time.

To experience the new Hansaton sound and book into our Adelaide clinic for a free trial, simply call 8331 8047 or book an appointment online today.

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My name is Gerhard Valk. As a young man learning the trade of cabinetmaking I was exposed to a lot of machinery noise and later in my life I had to use hearing aids constantly.

I went to Hearing Sense for a new hearing aid and met Kelly. I told her about my problems with using the telephone and hearing the television. Kelly told me to get a new mobile telephone, Kelly then connected my hearing aids to my mobile phone and to the television.

This was very successful and I am very happy with it. Kelly and her husband, Pavel and the friendly team behind the counter are very helpful and I thank them very much.

Gerhard Valk

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