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Young Adult Hearing Loss The Problem and The Solution

Young Adult Hearing Loss - Hearing Sense Adelaide

People often associate hearing loss with older people. But the truth is, many young adults are experiencing early signs of hearing loss too. One in ten Australians listen to devices at a harmful volume levels. It’s quite common for young adults to crank up the tunes on their headphones at the gym or on the way to work. But this is just one of the things that is causing young adult hearing loss. In this blog we’d like to talk to you about the causes of hearing loss in young adults and some changes you can make today to ensure you don’t damage your hearing…

Reduce your headphone volume

Why do we like listening to loud music? A Danish researcher discovered that people like listening to loud music for three reasons. They can feel the music more, they can drown outside sounds and it increases energy when exercising. Although these reasons may seem fair, listening to loud music for long periods of time can cause tinnitus (see more warning signs of noise induced hearing loss here)

Nowadays, our phones and music players warn us when the volume is too loud. We recommend paying attention to these warnings and not exceeding the volumes they prescribe. It’s generally 60% or less. You can also get noise-cancelling headphones. The recommended sound level is between 60 to 85 decibels (this may mean more to you if you’re a musician) for no more than an hour at a time. Our next blog will have a 5 step test you can do to check if your headphones are too loud.

Watch out for construction sites or areas with loud noises

Avoid areas where there’s heavy construction or loud noises. Although this is sometimes unavoidable, do what you can to keep away from it. If you’re walking towards a construction site you might want to cross the road to get some distance between you and the noise. If you’re sensitive to loud noises or already experiencing tinnitus or mild hearing loss, we recommend carrying some ear plugs with you. You can read more about hearing protection options here.

Take precautions at work

Bartenders, musicians, construction and factory workers are just some occupations that come with loud noises. Take care and make sure you wear the appropriate hearing protection if and when required. Take breaks when you can and where possible use quieter equipment.

Take care at concerts

As we mentioned before, loud music can give you energy and help feel the music more. But if you’re a frequent concert goer,  we’d really like to encourage you to invest in some basic ear plugs that will protect your ears from future damage. EARasers are a great brand for musicians and concert goers.

How do I know if a noise is too loud?

Rule of thumb is that if you have to raise your voice, can’t hear what other people are saying or have ringing ears when the noise has stopped – it is too loud.

Book a hearing test

If you’re exposed to loud noises at your job or are experiencing any ringing in your ears that you’re worried might be the start of hearing loss, come and see us. We offer free hearing tests that will put your mind at rest or resolve any hearing difficulties you might be having. Contact us today to find out more on 8331 8047 and book a free appointment at Norwood, Unley or Salisbury clinics.


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