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Why Review Appointments are so Important

Hearing Sense Blog Review Appointment

At Hearing Sense we are all about finding the best hearing solution for you, which is why we offer a 30 day trial on all hearing aids. During this trial, we will generally see you for two review appointments.

The journey to better hearing is just that, a journey! Which is why your first and second reviews are important, they’re part of your journey to better hearing. Let’s take a look at what these appointments involve and how you can prepare for them

Your Conversation

Your review appointment with your clinician is all about questions, questions and more questions! We want to know when your hearing aids are working well but, more importantly, we want to know when they’re not. Which environments are challenging? Which important voices in your life still aren’t clear? Any feedback you have, we want to hear it. There’s such thing as too much feedback – bring your notebook, questions and your feedback! All of this information helps the clinician fine tune your hearing aids to your individual needs.

It’s a Refresher

There’s a lot to take in during your hearing test and fitting appointments. During your reviews your clinician will give you a refresher, if you need, on all things care and maintenance for your device, as well as general usage. It’s also a great opportunity to see what features of your hearing aids you love, and what features you don’t feel you have a need for. Just another way we can tailor the hearing aids to suit you!


Every challenge you come across gives your clinician valuable information about your hearing aid settings and what adjustment need to be made. This could be changing the domes or tubing to make the hearing aids more comfortable, or they may add additional programs to help you hear better in different situations. We want you to get as much out of your hearing aids as possible!

We’re Always Here to Help!

Your review appointments and hearing aid trial are not the end of your journey! That’s why at hearing sense, even after you have decided on hearing aids, we offer free check appointments whenever you need. We encourage you to come in at least once a year (or more if you need it!) so we can check your hearing and adjust your hearing aids to make sure they are always suiting your current hearing needs. You can also pop into the clinic anytime for a complimentary clean and check of your hearing aids, or if you have any questions about cleaning and care.

Not sure if you need hearing aids? Perhaps you have hearing aids and feel they could use some fine tuning. No matter the question, Hearing Sense can help you. Call us on 08 8331 8047 and book in for a FREE hearing test or trial some new hearing aids.

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