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Why Isn’t Your Hearing Aid Working?

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For many people with a hearing loss, their hearing aids have become an incredibly important tool for their daily life. Because of this, if a person’s hearing aid stops working it can be incredibly frustrating. What can cause a hearing aid to stop working, and what can you do to get back “on the air” again? This blog will look at possible problems causing a hearing aid to stop working, and their solutions.

Dead Battery

If your hearing aid is completely dead, it could be that the battery needs replacing. Try replacing the hearing aid battery to see if this is what has caused the problem. When changing the battery, be sure to check the battery door for any moisture or corrosion and gently wipe it out with a cotton bud or an alcohol wipe. If you have rechargeable hearing aids, put the hearing aids in the charger and make sure the lights on the charger/hearing aid are coming on. If the lights don’t come on, try the charger in a different power point.

Blocked with Wax

When wax gets into the speaker of the hearing aid, it can block the sound from coming through and make it feel like you are wearing an earplug in your ear instead of a hearing aid. Try changing the wax filter of your hearing aids to get them working again. To learn about changing the wax filter of your hearing aids, please visit our instructional videos.

Microphone Blocked

Hearing aid microphones can become blocked with hair or dust and debris. If the microphones become blocked, the sound will either be very faint or entirely gone. Using a hearing aid cleaning brush, gently brush over the microphones of your hearing aids to remove any debris that may be blocking the sound from coming through.

We are here to help!

All the staff at Hearing Sense are trained in hearing aid repairs. You can come and see us at our Norwood or Unley clinics any time and we can not only help fix your hearing aid, but we can go over cleaning and care tips with you so you can stay on the air and hear the best you can!

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