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The Loudest Animals on Earth

image showing many animals

Have you ever been sitting out on the porch and heard the droning of cicadas? Or perhaps you have been trying to sleep but the dog has found something to bark at outside? In those moments, you may have thought no animal could be louder than them. But who really has the loudest voice in the animal kingdom? Check out our list to learn about some of the loudest animals out there!

Number 1: Tiger Pistol Shrimp

Yes, you read that right, the first entry on this list is a humble shrimp. The tiger pistol shrimp is equipped with a large claw that shoots jets of water, which moves so fast it creates an air bubble. When that air bubble implodes, it creates a shock wave that is over 200db – that’s louder than a gunshot! This little shrimp certainly does pack a punch!

Number 2: Blue Whale

It makes sense that the largest living creature on earth is also one of the loudest. To talk to each other, blue whales make a loud whistling call that can reach up to 188db. Because sound travels further under water, their sound can be heard from over 800km away -that’s about the distance from Adelaide to Melbourne!

Number 3: Cicadas

Another small animal with a loud sound on our list – cicadas are the loudest insect in the world! More specifically, male cicadas are the loudest as they sing to get the females attention, while she remains silent. Some species of cicada can make a noise of up to 120db, which can be heard from up to 2.4km away.

Number 4: Lion

The king of the jungle can make a fear inspiring roar, which can reach a level of 114db and be heard from 8km away. Because a lions territory can be over 260 square kilometres, having a loud call that travels such a long way is a helpful way for them to establish their territory and communicate between other members of their pride.

Number 5: Coqui Frog

Coqui frogs live in Puerto Rico where their population is abundant. This means that each male frog must croak louder and louder to try and outdo their competition. A single frog can croak at a level of around 90-100db – about as loud as a jackhammer!

The animal kingdom is certainly filled with some incredible voices that can reach unbelievable volumes!

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