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Pets with Incredible Hearing

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If you have a pet, you might have been in this exact situation before. You’re in the kitchen, trying to quietly open a can or a bag of food. Then you look down and suddenly your furry friend is right beside you, their eyes begging for you to share. Our pets can have incredible hearing (especially when it comes to treats!). Check out our blog to learn about some of the amazing hearing abilities of pets!


Dogs have an incredible ability to hear high pitch sounds. The average person cannot hear sounds above 20,000hz, whereas dogs can hear sounds as high as 60,000hz. Dogs can also hear incredible soft sounds we can’t – which is why they tend to know someone is coming to the door before the bell even rings!


Cats not only have incredible hearing, but they also have incredible ears! If you have a cat, you’ve likely been a situation when you have been calling their name and you see their ears rotate back towards you while they keep their head facing forward. These impressive ear movements help cats not only hear but pinpoint the location of a sound. They have 23 muscles in their outer ears (while we only have six!) and can move their ears up to 180 degrees.


While our pet dogs and cats may eventually lose some of their hearing ability – birds won’t. We rely on small hair cells deep within our ears for our ability to hear. These cells will die for various reasons such as injuries, exposure to loud noises and aging. When they die, they are gone forever – unless you are a bird! Birds have the amazing ability to grow these cells back – so unlike us, a bird will never go permanently deaf!


When we think of a rabbit, the first thing that may come to mind is their long ears. These long ears aren’t just adorable, its what helps them detect faint sounds over long distances. The frequency range of a rabbits hearing is up to 42,000hz – way above what we can hear!


We may not be able to give you the amazing hearing ability of your pet companion, but if you feel you are noticing the signs of a hearing loss we can help! Give Hearing Sense a call to arrange your FREE hearing assessment today!

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