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Treating Hearing Loss: Why Patience is Key

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When we have a problem that impacts our life, it is only natural that we want to address and fix that problem as soon as possible. After all, we are all so busy. The sooner we resolve an issue we are having, the sooner we can get back to focussing on what is important to us. But what if the problem we are facing is a hearing loss? It is important we take the steps to treating a hearing loss, but doing so does take patience.

A hearing loss is something that usually happens gradually. You slowly start missing out on certain sounds around you, the air conditioner, the kettle boiling, the tapping of fingers on a keyboard. When you put on a hearing aid for the first time, your brain must get used to all these sounds again. You may feel that your hearing aids initially pick up on all the annoying sounds, and yet you still need to ask your family and friends to repeat themselves. But once you give your brain time to adjust, these sounds will naturally fade into the background again and your hearing aids can be adjusted to give you more speech clarity.

Think of it this way; if you got a grandfather clock for your lounge room, initially the tick tick ticking may be all you can hear. Eventually though, it doesn’t sound so loud. You may even be shocked when someone comes to your home for the first time and comments how loud the clock is, because you barely even notice it anymore. The same thing happens to your brain when you get hearing aids. To begin with there may be noises that are very noticeable, but by being patient and allowing yourself time to get used to these sounds, you will reach a point where you barely notice them anymore.

So, why can’t we just give you a hearing aid that amplifies important things like people’s voices, and dulls down the annoying sounds? Because these sounds are all part of the same frequency. The rustling of paper or the sound of water running in the kitchen sink are in the same frequency as certain letters that allow us to understand speech clearly. When we get used to all the sounds around us, we will also be able to better understand speech.

In addition to patience, it is important that we have realistic expectations when it comes to treating a hearing loss. Even with normal hearing, there may be times we need to ask people to repeat themselves or there may be certain television programs that we need to turn up a little louder than others. When we recognise and accept this, it will make the journey to better hearing a much more pleasant and smooth experience.

Untreated hearing loss can negatively affect our lives and even our health in many ways, so whilst treating hearing loss does take patience it is most definitely worth it!

Embrace the journey to improved hearing with understanding and patience. Book your hearing consultation with us today and discover why patience truly is key in treating hearing loss.

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