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Our Top Tips for Looking After Your Hearing Aids This Summer!

Our Top Tips for Looking After Your Hearing Aids This Summer

Although this summer might be a little different from what were used to, there’s one thing that remains constant and that’s the summer heat!

Swimming, spending time at the cricket, BBQ’s: there’s no shortage of things to enjoy in the summer sun and your hearing aids are there to help you enjoy every moment. While you’re enjoying everything summer has to offer, it’s important to remember that too much heat and moisture can damage the delicate components of your hearing devices. Don’t fear – you can still enjoy all your favourite summer activities by taking a few simple steps to protect and care for your hearing aids.

The Summer Culprits

Sand – It feels great between your toes but if you’re helping your grandkids build sand castles, make sure to wash your hands before you touch your hearing aids. Sand and other debris can clog the microphone and tubing which can prevent your devices from working properly and lead to permanent damage.

Water – We’ve mentioned it before but water and moisture can damage the microphone and receiver of your hearing devices. If you’re planning a day at the local pool or beach, be sure to turn your hearing aids off and store them safely in their hearing aid case. Make sure you keep the case in a cool, dry place. Somewhere you won’t lose it!

Humidity – Humidity levels can wreak havoc on hearing aids, especially when you’re moving from a lovely air-conditioned room to the steamy outdoor temperatures. Beware of sweat in hot and humid weather too! It can work its way into the microphone and receiver of your hearing devices causing some damage.


Beat The Summer Culprits With These Tips!

Wipe down your hearing aids every night before you go to bed. If they’re not rechargeable hearing aids, take the batteries out and gently wipe the battery doors with a dry cloth. This will help to clean away excess dust and moisture, preventing it from damaging your device. Be sure to open the batteries doors when you aren’t wearing the hearing aids to allow them to dry. Make sure you keep hearing aids and batteries in safe place away from pets and small children.

Avoid the heat. Whenever you take your hearing devices out, store them in their case and put them in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving them in your car, out on patio tables or by a window that’s near direct sunlight – all of these places can cause heat damage.

Moisture of any kind is damaging to your hearing aids but the one that is easy to forget about is sweat! If you’re working up a sweat, try to keep your ears and hair as dry as possible to prevent the sweat from getting into your hearing aid microphone and receiver. Be sure to wipe over your hearing aid after your workout!

Dust and wind. Did you get caught out in the elements on a day out? Make sure to carefully clean your hearing aids afterwards to protect them from dirt, sweat and moisture.

Come and see us! Whether you’re having issues with your hearing aids or would just like us to give them a clean and check after a day out in the sun, we’re here to help! We can provide you with all the tips, tools and tricks you need to keep your hearing aids working great all summer long!

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