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Top 5 Hearing Aid Battery Tips

Top 5 Zinc-Air Battery Tips

  • Hearing aids use a Zinc-air battery. This means that when you pull the sticky label from the battery, it is a good idea to let it sit for 1 minute before putting it into the hearing aid. This will let it take in enough air to charge up before you use it.
  • Try to keep your hands clean when changing batteries as grease and grime can affect it performance.
  • Have a look at the expiry date on the packet of batteries before purchasing, especially those from a chemist which may have been sitting there for a while.
  • When you are not using your hearing aid, it is a good idea to leave the battery door open allowing any moisture to dry out and lower the drain on the battery.
  • If you are using a drying chamber for your hearing aid (which are fabulous for getting rid of sweat and moisture problems), please make sure you take your battery completely out, otherwise out may corrode.

At Hearing Sense, we offer Power One Mercury Free batteries and you can purchase these over the phone or pop into our Norwood, Unley or Salisbury. We even have a Battery Club which provides unlimited batteries for 12 months for a discounted fee.

We also like to do our bit for the environment, so feel free to bring in a jar of your old used batteries and we will organise them to be recycled.


Top 5 Rechargeable Battery Tips

  • Don’t let the contacts of your charger get wet. Wipe down with a tissue once every couple of days
  • For some brands of chargers, it is really important that you put the hearing aids in the correct side slot – ie don’t put the right hearing aid in the left slot.
  • Do not try to open the battery compartment on the hearing aid. Particularly with Lithium-Ion Batteries, these can be toxic if not handled correctly.
  • Whenever you are not using your hearing aid, store it in the charger.
  • When you take your hearing aid out of the charger, be sure to hold it by the hearing aid case, not the wire so it doesn’t stretch or break the receiver.

At Hearing Sense, we offer a full range of products that use rechargeable batteries. We even have stock of replaceable rechargeable batteries. If e can help you in any way, pop into Norwood, Unley or Salisbury or just give us a call on 8331 8047.


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