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Tips for Travelling with Hearing Aids

Tips for Travelling with Hearing Aids

Travelling overseas can sometimes be nerve-wracking – particularly if you suffer from hearing loss. But this doesn’t mean you have to strain or miss out on conversation. With the right hearing aid preparation and protection you’ll be able to enjoy every bit of your trip. We’ve pulled together top tips to help you prepare, protect and maintain your hearing aid while you’re away from home. Here are our tips for travelling with hearing aids…

Before you go

  • Pack spare batteries in case you need to replace the batteries while you’re on the road or in the sky. If you are part of our Battery Club, just let us know how long  you are away for and we will give you plenty to last you. Make sure you take batteries in your carry on luggage rather than your suitcase.
  • If your hearing aids are rechargeable, pack a travel adaptor to ensure you have the right power point to charge your hearing aid at night.
  • Take all necessary cleaning tools and equipment for your hearing aid. Speak to Kelly, Pavel or Rhiannon if you need a top up on your cleaning items. This can be kept in your carry on luggage and some things to take along are:
    • Replacement filters
    • Spikes if you have slim tube behind-the-ear hearing aids
    • Mini brush
    • Hearing aid box
    • Batteries
    • Soundlync and oil if you wear Lyric
  • If you have any old hearing aids at home, pack them as spares.
  • Clean and re-tube your hearing aid before you leave. You can pop in anytime to Norwood or Unley for the girls to service your hearing aid so it is in perfect nick before you go.
  • If you’re flying, avoid booking the exit seat.
  • You may like to call the airline and hotel you’re staying at to find out if and what assistance they provide to passengers/guests with hearing loss.
  • Some of our patients take an alarm that sets off light or a vibration to wake up.
  • Familiarise yourself with hearing aid clinics in the area you’re staying, in case you need to visit one during your trip.
  • Make sure your hearing aids are included for loss or damage on your travel insurance.

At the airport

  • We recommend that you notify a member of security staff that you’re wearing a hearing aid before you pass through security. You shouldn’t have to remove your hearing aid for screening.
  • The screening equipment, X-rays, body scanners and handheld detectors will not affect your hearing aid.
  • If you’re not wearing your hearing aid, but it’s placed in your luggage, your device may be subject to additional screening.
  • You’re not expected to carry official medical documentation, however should you wish to take a card or document with you we can assist with this.
  • Check the flight time boards for gate changes as even people with normal hearing have trouble hearing the announcements.
  • If your hearing aid has a loop, most lounges feature a loop, so ask when you enter the lounge how to access this.
  • You can ask in the lounge to be personally notified when your flight is called.

During the trip

  • Some people find the noise of the airplane especially if near the engine quite loud. A trick is to take out the hearing aid closest to the window and leave the other aid in for hearing your travel partner and air hostesses.
  • If you’re visiting a humid area, take a de-humidifier with you. Speak to Kelly, Pavel or Rhiannon about an electronic dryer which can dry out any perspiration and a UV light to kill any bacteria.
  • If the device is exposed to moisture or humidity it may cause your hearing aid to be intermittent. If your hearing aid gets wet, take out the battery and dry the battery compartment with a tissue. A cold hair dryer can also help dry out any moisture
  • Let your tour guides know that you wear hearing aids, so you don’t miss any important instructions or announcements.
  • Try to sit near the front for any tours or shows so you can use your visual cues for lipreading as well.
  • If you have headphones given to you for the tour, you should be able to use them over your hearing aid.
  • Ask in venues, if there is a loop area so if your hearing aid contains a telecoil, you can use the loop.

If you’re taking a trip and feeling nervous about preparing your hearing aid for travel, give us a call on (08) 8331 8047 or email us at We’re happy to help!


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