How to know if your headphones are too loud - Hearing Sense

In last week’s blog we spoke about hearing loss in young adults and that one of the common causes is headphone volume being too loud. But how do you know if your headphones are too loud? Most phones, computer and music devices have a warning that lets you know if you’re exceeding the recommended decibels. There’s also noise cancelling headphones that can help reduce sound waves that can be harmful to your hearing. But there are some other things you can to do test if your headphones are too loud…

Remove your headphones and listen from a distance

Remove your headphones and hold them out in front of you or place them on a surface nearby. If you can hear the music clearly and loudly, your headphones are too loud. Reduce the volume level and try again. Continue to do this until you can only just make out sounds from the headphones. Remember to take breaks when listening to music with your headphones.

Keep an eye on the volume control

Most devices show the volume of the device in a percentage. The recommended percentage is 60%. Anything over that could be damaging. You might be tempted to increase the volume during your favourite Taylor Swift song, but we recommend monitoring your volume control as much as possible.

Ask someone else

I’m sure we’ve all experienced sitting next to someone on a train or bus listening to super loud music. Another way to test if your headphones are too loud is to ask a friend, colleague or family member if they can hear your music when they sit next to you. If they can hear it loud and clear – they’re too loud.

Find a quiet space

If you’ve been listening to music for a few hours. Find a quiet space and see if you notice any ringing in your ears. If you do, take that as a sign that your headphone volume needs to be reduced.

FUN FACT: Did you know that classical music can be more damaging than rock music. Research has shown that about 30% of rock musicians have a hearing loss, and about 52% of classical musicians suffer from this problem.

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