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Tips for Talking to a Loved One About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a very personal topic. Many people don’t feel comfortable talking about their hearing loss and therefore don’t often get the help they need. Some people see hearing loss as a sign of ageing and don’t want to accept it or talk about it. Because of this, it’s not easy to broach the subject of hearing loss with a loved one. To help you have the conversation, we’ve written some tips for talking to a loved one about hearing loss. We hope that sharing these will help you have a conversation with your loved one about their hearing loss that makes them feel loved and comfortable enough to seek the assistance they need.

Let your loved one know there is something you’d like to talk about

Hearing loss can be frustrating for both partners. Because of this, it’s easy to raise the topic in a moment of frustration. It’s important that you set the right time and place to have the conversation. Let your partner or loved one know that there is something you are concerned about and would like to speak about it privately over a nice cup of tea or lunch. The environment is a key part of making sure your loved one feels comfortable.

Speak with love

Deliver the conversation with a tone of care and love. Prepare some examples of the things they are missing out on and the impact it is having on their relationships and continue to reinforce these examples with words of love and support. The last thing you want is for your loved one to feel attacked or belittled so, take care when speaking to them and remember to come from a place of love.


Recommending they see an audiologist is the next step. Offering to schedule an appointment for them is even better. We have a great video testimonial from one of our clients, who talks about the impact of hearing loss on their relationship and how her husband’s quality of life has improved since being fitted with a hearing aid. WATCH HERE. Perhaps watching this will help them feel more comfortable with taking the next steps. Offer to schedule and attend the appointment with them so they feel supported.


Remind your loved one that they have nothing to lose by going for an appointment. In fact, they have everything to gain. Remind them of the joys they’ll be able to experience again with healthier hearing. Music, movies, conversation, the sound of their children or grandchildren. Help them to feel excited about improving their quality of life overall.

We also now know that taking action sooner rather than later can help stimulate the brain and reduce the risk of dementia, memory loss and further hearing loss.

If you have a loved one who is suffering from hearing loss, we can help. Hearing Sense is a husband and wife team of hearing specialists who are passionate about helping our clients improve their quality of life by addressing their hearing. Book a FREE appointment here or give us a call on 08331 8047. We’d love to help in any way we can.


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