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Taking Care of Hearing Aids in Summer

Taking Care of Hearing Aids in Summer

In 2020 our summers might look a little different from the years past with restricted social gatherings, but there is one thing that will always be constant and that’s the summer heat.

Swimming, spending time at the cricket, barbecuing: summer brings plenty of fun in the sun, and your hearing aids can help amplify every moment. As you soak up all the season has to offer, it’s important to keep in mind that too much heat and moisture can damage the delicate components of your hearing devices. Don’t sweat it—you can still enjoy all your favourite summer pastimes by taking a few simple steps to protect and care for your hearing aids to help them last for years to come.

Managing moisture

Picture this: It’s a beautiful summer day. You’re lounging by the pool, listening to sounds of laughter and splashing, when you decide to take a dip. As soon as you hit the water, you remember—you’re still wearing your hearing aids! Maybe you work up a sweat after a long morning of gardening under the hot sun, or happen to get caught in the lawn sprinkler. Or, maybe you put a load of washing on wanting to take advantage of the sun for drying and you leave your hearing aids in one of your pants pockets.

Whether you’re at the pool, tending to the yard or at the mercy of your washing machine, your hearing aids will inevitably come in contact with moisture this summer. While many hearing aids are designed to repel light moisture, an excessive exposure to water, humidity and sweat can cause damage, kill your batteries and invite unwanted bacteria growth. Having a game plan for proper hearing aid care will help

These are some common places to take extra precautions and protect your hearing aids this summer – the pool, the beach, boating, spas/ steam rooms, camping or other outdoor activities.

How to your hearing aids dry.

There are a variety hearing aid tools specifically designed to protect from and eliminate moisture. Keep these accessories handy along with your sunglasses and sunscreen:

  1. Drying chamber:A container for both storing and dehumidifying your devices
  2. Hearing aid covers: Sometimes called hearing aid sweatbands or sleeves, these slip over your behind-the-ear hearing aids to protect them from dirt and moisture.
  3. Hearing aid cord and clip:These keep your hearing aids attached to your clothing, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off and getting lost.
  4. Portable waterproof container:For storing your devices around wet areas

At Hearing Sense we have solutions such as drying chambers, sweatbands or sports cords available to clients. Give us a call on 8331 8047 to learn more about how these devices can benefit your hearing aids.

How to save wet hearing aids.

If you do accidentally get your hearing aids wet, don’t panic—they aren’t necessarily damaged beyond repair. Here’s what to do:

  1. Turn off your hearing aid and discard the battery. A wet battery can cause further damage to your device.
  2. Gently dry your hearing aid with a towel. If it has fallen into dirty, salty or soapy water, gently wipe with a baby wipe or alcohol wipe before drying it off.
  3. Use a moisture chamber or hearing aid drying kit to completely remove moisture. Put your hearing aids into the dryer with the battery door open (and batteries out) and allow to dry overnight. Don’t have a hearing aid dryer? You can use the old method of placing them in uncooked rice or leave them to air dry for 24 to 48 hours. Never use an oven, microwave or hot blow dryer to dry your hearing aids, as strong heat can be even more damaging than water.
  4. Once your device is dry, install fresh batteries. Check to make sure your device is working properly. Water-damaged hearing aids will produce distorted, crackling sounds.
  5. If you still experience issues, contact us at Hearing Sense as soon as possible.

Summer should be fun not stressful. Follow our tips above for a worry-free summer that’s full of sounds and sunshine. Have questions about how to care for your hearing aids? We are here to help! Give us a call on 8331 8047 or drop into one of our three clinic locations. We have clinics in Norwood, Unley, and Salisbury.



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