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Noisy Restaurant? Hear Every Word with These 10 Tips

noisy restaurant

Restaurants and cafes can be a challenging space for individuals with hearing loss. So, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks in making restaurants a more inviting place for those of us who are hard of hearing.

Choose the venue when you can. Try an internet search. You can enter “quiet restaurants” in your browser to get some suggestions from locals who may know some great quiet spots to have a meal out.

2. Scope out a restaurant in advance

Scope out a restaurant in advance, make suggestions in advance of a group gathering. Look for restaurants with low ceilings, wall décor, curtains and table cloths. This can help reduce reverberation and distortion of sound. You can also use this opportunity to check out the menu so when it comes time to order you may already have an idea of what you want. This means you can focus on the conversation rather than reading the menu.

3. Sit with your back to the noise so facing the wall

Sit with your back to the noise so facing the wall – so the noise is behind you and your hearing aids can focus their microphones in front on conversations rather than amplifying the noise.

4. Choose a restaurant with a booth

Choose a booth if you are in a casual restaurant or diner. Not only are they more comfortable, often they are on the outside of the room and can block lot of noise from other patrons.

5. Avoid sitting near the kitchen

Avoid sitting near a noisy kitchen or bar area. These areas can be noisy as they are high traffic areas where people are working with cooking equipment, sitting away from these areas can decrease the noise around you.

6. Seating Arrangement

Position yourself so that you can see the speakers face. Lip reading can be a huge help when it comes to hearing in a busy space, some people do it without even realizing. Being able to see your companion also means you are likely facing them which can aid your hearing as well.

7. Avoid dark rooms

Ambience is nice but avoid dark rooms where visual cues will be obscured. Watching facial cues and gestures are even more critical when the message isn’t perfectly clear. Facial cues can help us piece together a conversation if the social setting is particularly noisy.

8. Prepare for your conversation topics

Think ahead about who you’re gathering with and what topics of conversation might come up. You studied for school, you prepare for work so take some time to prepare for your fun night out. You’ll be ready for some of the conversation topics over the course of your meal.

9. Make use of context

Make use of context. Stay alert and connected to the topic. If you hear only part of a sentence, use context to help figure out the part you missed. This one can be easier said than done but jumping in and out on a conversation to send a text can make context unclear.

10. Avoid “faking it.”

Listeners get into trouble when they nod “yes” to everything they don’t hear. Ask the speaker to repeat if you don’t understand something. Don’t be afraid to admit you have trouble hearing.


So, there you go 10 great tips to help you navigate hearing in a crowded restaurant. Maybe these tips can come into use the next time you go out for dinner with friends!

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