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New Hearing Aid Features

Hearing aid technology has come a long way in the last several years. No longer are they large and bulky devices that make unpleasant noises whenever you go near them. Now most hearing aids are incredibly small and discreet, and are able to be fine-tuned to your hearing needs better than ever before. But did you know that many new hearing aids can do more than just help you hear better in day to day life? Let’s look at some of the new and exciting features of recent hearing aid technology.

Bluetooth Compatible

Many hearing devices are now Bluetooth compatible. This means they can be connected to your mobile phone or ipad/ tablet and allow you to stream your phone calls straight into the hearing aids. Because the sound is going through your hearing devices, you can hear the call with ease – without even having to pick the phone up!

Not only does this Bluetooth feature allow you to hear phone calls, but you can also listen to music or videos directly into your hearing aids! No more having to put in earphones in your ears when you want to listen to your favourite songs, you can hear them clear and comfortably with your hearing aids.

Customise Your Settings

For many years hearing aid have had a “volume control” function where you can press a button on the hearing aid to make it louder or softer. While this is still an available option, some people find pressing buttons on their ears awkward. Now many hearing aids allow you to be able to adjust them through your mobile phone! Not only can you adjust the volume up and down, but some hearing aids even have an app that allows you to adjust certain frequencies, change the directions of the microphones, reduce background noise, and more! You can look as if you’re just sending a text message, and all the while you’re customising your hearing aid settings. You can save certain settings to come back to again later, or if you’d like to revert back to your original settings you can simply turn the hearing aids off and on again.

Some hearing aids have a tap control where you tap your ear and speak to your aid to adjust the volume, or ask a question (and the answer goes straight into your ears…like Siri). Amazing right?

Remote Care and Telehealth

We are always happy to see you for an appointment at one of our clinics for your hearing aids. Unfortunately, circumstances like Covid restrictions may not always allow this. Fortunately, thanks to advances in hearing aid technology you may be able to have your appointments remotely. This allows us to make the required adjustments to your hearing aids, without you even having to leave your house!

Additional Features

As mentioned earlier, some hearing devices are compatible with apps you can download on your phone. These apps unlock many additional aspects of the hearing aids. For example, you can set reminders through the app and have them notify you through your hearing aids. Some people use this feature to remind them to take medication or to remind them of an upcoming appointment.

Another feature many people appreciate is the “fall alert” feature. This can be set up so that if you are to fall and require assistance, a text is sent out to the people you have nominated letting them know. This feature is incredibly helpful for peace of mind for those living alone, as well as their family and friends! If you fell, a text message would be sent to your nominated person so they can come to assist you.

Hearing aid technology continues to improve in leaps and bound. If you feel like you could not only benefit from better hearing, but from these helpful (and fun!) new features, contact Hearing Sense for your free consultation and hearing aid trial! You cal also see more on our website

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