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My Hearing Aids Are Wet: Now What?

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With winter around the corner, we’re not just expecting cooler temperatures and toasty log fires. There’s always plenty of rain, and if you’re a hearing aid wearer that can cause some issues. Maybe it’s not the rain that got your hearing aids, perhaps you forgot you wearing them and stepped into the shower or they went for a spin your washing machine. Either way, you’re hearing aids are wet and you’re here to find out what to do when that happens!

What To Do When Your Hearing Aids Get Wet

So you’ve jumped into the shower and suddenly realised you’re still wearing your hearing aids. Don’t panic! If this happens and they get wet, simply remove them and turn them off.

If you have battery hearing aids (not rechargeable) take the battery out and leave the battery door open overnight to allow the hearing aid to dry fully. Carefully wipe the outside of the hearing aid down with a soft cloth and inside the battery door – this is really important if you’ve taken a dip at the beach because salt water is more likely to corrode the metal inside.

If you have a hearing aid dehumidifier case, dry capsules or drying kit at home use them to help soak up any remaining moisture. We don’t recommend using things like hairdryers to ‘quickly’ dry your hearing aids – the excessive heat can cause further damage to the device.

Once your hearing aid has sat overnight and is dry, put a new battery in and test to see if it’s working. If not, bring it in to your local Hearing Sense clinic and one of our lovely team members can look over the devices for you.

Try To Keep Them Dry

Prevention is the best medicine. If you’re visiting the beach or local pool, don’t forget to remove your hearing aids before you jump into the water. It’s a good idea to stay up to date with the weather forecast too – if you know it’s going to be raining, bring an umbrella or make sure you have a hooded jacket or beanie to cover the hearing aids.

Got a waterproof case or container at home? Bring it with you if you’re planning on visiting one of your favourite summer spots like the beach or pool, or even if you plan on going out and about in the rain. It’s a foolproof way to guarantee your hearing aids won’t get wet. You can stash pone in your car, bag or boat – any place that you can easily access it if you need it.

If your hearing aid ever goes for a swim with you and you’re not sure what to do, we’re always here to help. You can call our helpful receptionists on 8331 8047 or pop into one of our clinics.

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