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Masks and Hearing Aids: Our tips and tricks!

man with mask hearing aid

Coronavirus really has changed the world how we know it; face masks and social distancing are our new norm in 2022. Our personal protective equipment helps keep us safe from many infections but they can introduce communication challenges for everyone, especially those of us who are hard of hearing.

Our masks help protect us from many illnesses, they can be viewed as a very essential part of society. They keep our vulnerable and high-risk population protected from inhaling or exhaling airborne illnesses that could cause them to fall ill.

Wearing a mask can be a challenge especially with hearing aids, and in this article we share our tips and tricks that can help you.

1. Making sure our mask straps are long enough

If our straps of our mask are too short not only can they give us a headache throughout the day, they can also pull our ears forward making behind the ear hearing aids a lot less secure in our ears.

Look at investing in a mask with adjustable straps or even one that goes behind the head, this can help our hearing aids sit a lot more comfortably.


2. Wearing a mask with thinner straps

We only have so much room behind our ears, we don’t want our hearing aids and mask straps competing for space so thinner strapped masks can help with comfort.

3. Taking our mask off in a secure location

We understand masks can be frustrating, sometimes it can be tempting to take our masks off as soon as we are no longer indoors, but the last thing we want to do is lose our hearing aids!

Sometimes waiting to be in a comfortable and secure location to take our masks off can be best, this could be waiting until we are in our car or home to take them off so if the hearing aids do get a bit tangled there’s less risk of losing or dropping them.

lady taking with hearing aids taking off medical mask
Masks can make our day-to-day conversations more difficult in-fact some of us didn’t even realize we were lip reading until we couldn’t anymore, but don’t be afraid to speak up about it! There is no shame in asking someone to repeat themselves as masks can muffle our speech significantly and put stress on our conversations.

Summing Up

Next time you’re having a hard time communicating remember- removing your own mask unfortunately doesn’t improve your hearing, ask your conversation partner to speak up or rephrase their sentence and if you’re finding it really challenging don’t hesitate to call Hearing Sense and get booked on for a complimentary hearing check, maybe we can help make your life a little easier.

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