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The Latest in Hearing Aid Technology

Despite it being one of the most common conditions in the world, the treatment for hearing loss is still quite a taboo topic and people can be quite uncomfortable discussing it. The problem with hearing aids is that those who get noticeable benefits aren’t always comfortable sharing their experiences and spreading the word.

Unfortunately, people still carry a pretty outdated perception of hearing aids in their mind. When thinking of hearing aids, a big clunky device that screeches and whistles is the first thing that comes to many peoples minds – and it couldn’t be further than the truth. Over the last few decades there have been some incredible advancements in the hearing aid world, some discreet designs and incredible technology to make your hearing experience all the better!

Rechargeable Hearing Devices

Sick and tired of changing your batteries over? Then rechargeable hearing aids are perfect for you. Instead of opening the battery doors on your devices at night before you go to bed, you can take your hearing aids off and place them on a charger overnight. They’ll be charged in the morning ready for a full day of work!

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Perhaps one of the best advancements is Bluetooth hearing devices – there are so many new features that are at your fingertips thanks to Bluetooth. You can pair your hearing aids to your phone, and instead of struggling to position your mobile phone speaker above the microphone on your hearing aid, you can now stream the call directly to your hearing aids! That’s not all. Depending on the model of hearing aid you’ve purchased, you can stream music and videos, and with the help of an adapter you can stream your TV to your hearing aids too! No more subtitles on the bottom of your screen or turning the volume on your TV all the way up!

Your Phone is Your Remote

Thanks to the power of Bluetooth you can use your phone to adjust the way your hearing aids are working in different environments. Most hearing aid manufacturers have developed apps for our smartphones that allows us to adjust the volume of your hearing aids and, depending on the model of hearing aid you have, you can create personalised settings for places like restaurants and cafes.

Invisible Hearing Aids

Hearing aids continue to get smaller and more powerful as new technology comes out. There are many styles of hearing aid available, including wireless options, that rest comfortable inside your ear canal that are either virtually invisible to others or, if you’re wearing the Lyric hearing device, completely invisible. These are great options for those who are self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid or prefer a more discreet device.

Sound Quality

You would expect sound quality to improve with all the advancements in technology in recent years, and you would be correct in assuming so. Clients are generally finding that the hearing aid sounds far more natural than what they have previously. Other things that have improved in technology are the faster speeds in which the technology itself works. Music perception and enjoyment has definitely improved too.

There’s no better time to look at getting your hearing tested and exploring the world of hearing aids. If you’d like more information you can visit our website at Hearing Sense or call our lovely team on 8331 8047 to book in a complimentary hearing test and find out more about hearing aids.

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