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How EGGcellent is a bunny’s hearing?

Have you ever wondered why rabbits have such large ears? Well, rabbits ears have two main functions. Firstly, they can catch sound from any direction by simply turning an ear to the direction of the sound. Each ear can move independently which makes them terrific listeners and unfortunately, it’s quite easy to tell if a rabbit isn’t the least bit interested in your choice of conversation. Cats ears do this too, however they are never interested in your conversation.

Astonishingly, a rabbit’s range of hearing is 360 hertz to 42,000 hertz compared to that of the average human hearing between 64 hertz and 23,000 hertz.

Secondly, a rabbits ears give off heat from their bodies through a large number of blood vessels to keep the bunny cool, much like a dog would puff and pant. And before you pick up the phone, unfortunately wearing false bunny ears will not achieve this cooling affect, nor will it keep your chocolate from melting in the sun.

Sadly, humans’ ears are unable to do both of these two things. Most of us are unable to move our ears independently to improve our hearing unless one is perhaps a circus recruit. Nor can that vast majority of us use our ears as air-conditioners, which is unwelcome news for many of us after the summer we just experienced.

The good news is that Hearing Sense offer the largest range of devices and latest technology for us with human ears so that rediscovering our sense of hearing has never been easier. These devices themselves are significantly smaller than rabbit ears as well. Whether it be a behind the ear device, and in the ear-canal device or the sensational Lyric invisible wear in-canal devices, there are choices for everyone.

Keen to hear better? Give us a call! Hop to it!

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