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Hearing Your Best at a Party

using hearing aids at a party

Don’t Miss a Moment: Hear Your Best at a Party

“One on one is fine, but when there is background noise it’s a different story!” this is something many of our clients tell us when they first come to visit our clinic. With normal hearing it can be difficult to hear conversation at a function or party where there is a lot of background noise, so when you have a hearing loss it can feel almost impossible. So what can you do to make sure you don’t miss out because of your hearing loss? Here are some tips to help!

Find The Best Spot

We get it, you can’t always be in control of where a party is held, but you can look out for the best spot for your hearing in whatever location you’re in. Try to position yourself along the perimeter of the room, as the centre of the room tends to be the noisiest place. Avoid standing near any speakers or sound equipment if you can. If you are trying to talk to someone, make sure to face them and have your back facing the noisiest part of the room – our ears are made to hear what’s in front of us!

Tell Others About Your Hearing Loss

When others know about your hearing loss, they will be able to help accommodate you so you can all enjoy the party! If you don’t feel comfortable with everyone knowing, just having one friend or family member who is aware of your loss can be of great value.

Use Hearing Aids Regularly BEFORE the Party

When you buy a new pair of party shoes and don’t wear them until the event, chances are you are going home with the shoes in your hands and blisters on your feet! It can be the same with hearing aids. If you have a hearing loss and don’t wear your hearing aids regularly in quieter environments, when you put them on to go out the sound can be overwhelming. Wearing your hearing aids regularly allows your brain to adjust and adapt to all the sounds around you. Then when you wear them to a function the background noise won’t be as noticeable, and you will be better able to focus on speech.

Rest Up Beforehand

Processing speech and sound takes brain power, so if you arrive at the party already feeling tired you may find it even more difficult to follow conversations around you. If you have an event coming up you want to hear well for, make sure you can have a good night’s sleep the night before and arrive well rested.

Make the Best Use of Hearing Technology

Hearing technology has come such a long way. Many hearing aids can have additional programs added that can help you hear better at a noisy gathering. Then when you’re at the party and struggling to hear, you can simply push a button on your hearing aid (or in an app on your phone) and switch the hearing aids into a program better able to assist you in that hard to hear environment. There are also additional accessories available that can act as microphones to stream other party goers’ voices straight into your hearing aids for you!

Don’t let your hearing loss stop you from enjoying a great party! For more information or help hearing in a noisy place, make sure to give us a call at Hearing Sense on 8331 8047

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