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Tips for dating with Hearing loss on Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again… Valentine’s Day! This is when our good friend, Saint Valentine, gives us an excuse to go out and buy copious amounts of pink and red cards, presents, chocolates and if you’re extra lucky a romantic meal. But how can you feel the love and romance if you can’t hear the thing that matters most, an ‘I Love You’ from your significant other.

Hearing loss often has a major impact on romantic relationships. It changes the nature of communication and often causes frustration between partners when they are not able to take part in everyday activities and social events.
In a research study by Cochlear America, 35% of respondents stated their romantic relationship was suffering due to hearing loss. Audiologist and professor of the Division of Health Professions, Patricia Chute states ‘All too often spouses blame each other’s ability to listen when in fact it is truly a hearing problem that is chipping away at their ability to communicate.”

So, this Valentine’s day, stop with the ‘Never mind’s’ and ‘Forget it’s’, and take your partner to one of our top date spots for people with hearing loss!

1. A Quiet Bar or Restaurant

Valentines Day Restaurant

Noisy and dark restaurants are a disaster zone for people with hearing loss.
There has always been links between sight and hearing. When a person with hearing loss is focusing on the television, a book or for instance, can’t see your face in a dark restaurant, they find it that much harder to hear what you are saying. This is because visual cues relay a lot of information that might be missed by hearing. This is why it is always important to research beforehand a restaurant or bar that has small rooms, good lighting and soft furnishings. This allows you to have a great conversation while you eat, with no visual distractions apart from the delicious food and your love in front of you.

2. Museum and Art Galleries

Valentines Day Art Gallery

More of a day date sort of person? Head to our gorgeous Adelaide Museum and Art Gallery on North Terrace for an inspirational and educational Valentine’s Day. These venues are guaranteed to be quiet, and there’s nothing better than experiencing something new with your partner as it allows you to have an interesting topic of discussion afterwards.

3. Be Creative at Home

Valentines Day Lounge

It seems pretty obvious, staying home means no distractions or unwanted noise. But make it fun! Organise a romantic candlelit dinner, turn your lounge room into a cozy wine bar, have a board game or movie night and make breakfast in bed in the morning. This way you feel comfortable in your own space and you can create the setting that works best for you.

4. Parks and Beaches

Valentines Day Park

There is nothing better than taking a picnic rug and amazing food to the Botanic Gardens or a beautiful park then laying down for the day eating and enjoying each other’s company in harmonious tranquillity.

Even take the time to have a scenic drive out to the coast and enjoy a gorgeous time on the beach followed by a romantic sunset for just the two of you.

5. How about a Hearing Test?

Okay… so it’s not the most romantic thing ever. But if your partner is adamant that they don’t have hearing loss and you look at this list of date spots and think ‘well we can’t even do these things’ then it might be time to book your other half in for a Free Hearing test with us. Something that can work well is if you book in a hearing test for the both of you as part of a general health check.
We will treat you to coffee, biscuits and friendly service with a smile as well as getting you on your way to a more loving and communicative relationship.

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