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Hearing Loss – It Impacts People of All Ages

When it comes to hearing loss many people think it is something that only affects the elderly. In reality, though many younger individuals suffer from hearing loss, because of the stigma around it they may be reluctant to address it. Why is it important that all of us, regardless of age, check our hearing? And what steps can young and young at heart take towards better hearing?

Hearing Loss Impacts Your Work and Personal Life

When your hearing is impaired, your ability to communicate becomes impaired as well, leading to frustration at work or school as you may struggle to understand a task or miss crucial instruction. If you’re struggling to follow conversations with friends, you could slowly start to become socially withdrawn. This may result in low self-esteem and feelings of anxiety or depression.

Ignoring it Will Make it Worse

If you find out you have a hearing loss at a young age, you may feel that hearing aids aren’t right for you just yet. You may think that they will “age” you and that your hearing isn’t so bad, so you might as well wait till it’s really declined before you take action. However, when it comes to our hearing, the sooner we treat a loss the better! The longer you wait, the harder a hearing loss becomes to treat.  Not only that but when you keep your ears and brain active by wearing hearing aids, you can prevent your hearing from getting even worse.

Don’t Be Afraid of Hearing Aids

You may have an image in your head that hearing aids are big cumbersome things that stick out of your head, noticeable by all. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most hearing aids are incredibly small and discreet – some like the Lyric hearing aid are even completely invisible in the ear! At Hearing Sense we want you to hear the benefits of hearing aids for yourself, which is why we offer a FREE 30 day trial on all hearing aids!

If you or someone you care about appears to be suffering from a hearing loss – take action! Call us on 8330 8047 to arrange a free hearing test. Because all of us, regardless of age, feel better when we hear better.





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