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Hearing Your Best On The Go

Hearing Sense - Hearing your best on the go

Going on a holiday or planning a big day out with the family? Regardless of your plans, you depend on your hearing aids to keep you connected with your friends and family. We’ve compiled four of our favourite ways to maximise your hearing while you’re on the go!

Protect Your Hearing Aids

If you’re out and about in the colder months, be sure to keep them protected from rain and winds – a scarf or hat can provide some protection in the harsher weather. As for the warmer weather, be sure to check the hearing aids (particularly the battery doors) for moisture. If you notice any moisture, you can use a dry tissue or soft cloth to gently wipe it off.

Keep Your Cleaning Kit Close

Whether you’re heading to the park or going on a road trip, it’s always a good idea to have your cleaning tools ready to go – you never know when moisture or wax will strike! A pocket sized case, like the case for your hearing aids, filled with cleaning essentials such as a cleaning cloth, soft-bristle brush, domes and wax guards is always handy to have. You never know when you’ll need them.

Batteries, Batteries, Batteries

Ensure you have spare batteries on hand. Don’t wait for the dreaded ‘low-battery warning beeps’ before you go looking for a spare battery. The battery packets are a convenient size so they can fit perfectly in your pocket, hand bag and some hearing aid cases. If you have rechargeable hearing aids, don’t forget to bring your charger with you when you go away. Most rechargers have a USB port, so you can even charge your hearing devices in the car if needed!

Visit Hearing Sense Before Your Trip

If you’re planning a trip, why not pop into one of our clinics beforehand. Our lovely staff can do a clean and check of your hearing aids and make sure you have enough batteries, wax filters and domes for your time away.

You can never be too prepared for an outing. If you have an upcoming trip or event you want to make sure you’re hearing your best for, feel free to give Hearing Sense a call on 8331 8047 and we can ensure you have the tools you need to hear your best on the go!

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