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Flex upgrades to hearing aids

Flex upgrades to hearing aids

Choosing a hearing aid can be daunting, there are many options and technology levels, of course at Hearing Sense, we are here to support you every step of the way throughout your journey.

Unitron, one of the many manufacturers we fit, have a particularly unique technology which allows you to upgrade your hearing aid technology, even a year or two after you have purchased them.

Sometimes your hearing needs change, perhaps it is a new job or a new hobby. Some individuals find that once they are used to their hearing aids, that they start joining in those social situations they had been avoiding for so long because of their hearing loss. Maybe starting with a lower level of technology is ideal for you now, knowing you have the opportunity to upgrade in the future. These are just some of the reasons you might find that you need to upgrade your hearing aid technology.

With Unitron aids you are able to temporarily trial any technology level you wish for a month to see whether that technology level is right for you. Unitron have advanced data logging technology which enables us to track and analyse the different types of environments you spend time in to help us better understand how you listen to find the perfect solution for you.

For example if you are spending a large proportion of your time in conversations in groups or in noisy environments the aid is able to give the clinician a break-down of the proportion of time you spend in those environments. This helps us determine which technology level is right for you.

Perhaps you are wearing an entry level device but you are spending most of your times conversing in groups, you would benefit from a more advanced level of technology, as this which will provide you with more speech understanding technology and support in background noise.

The technology is so comprehensive it can help us guide you to the correct technology level for your listening needs. Most importantly you can then trial that technology level for a month before committing to any permanent upgrades. At Hearing Sense we are extremely passionate about finding the right solution for you and we always want you to trial your devices for a month before making any financial commitments.

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