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15 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Ear Wax Removal

ear wax myths vs facts

There are many myths about ear wax and ear wax removal. Misinformation can lead to improper care, and possibly even potential damage to your ears. In this article, we will examine the most persistent myths and provide information to help you maintain ear health safely.

Myths and Facts

  1. Ear Wax is Dirty and Unhygienic:

    • Myth: Ear wax is a sign of poor hygiene.
    • Fact: Ear wax is a natural substance produced by the body to protect and clean the ears.
  2. Cotton Swabs are Safe for Ear Cleaning:

    • Myth: Using cotton swabs is a safe way to remove ear wax.
    • Fact: Cotton swabs can push ear wax deeper into the ear canal and cause blockages or damage to your delicate ear canal and ear drum.
  3. Ear Candling is Effective and Safe:

    • Myth: Ear candling is a safe and effective method for removing ear wax.
    • Fact: Ear candling can be dangerous and is not recommended by medical professionals.
  4. Ear Wax Removal is Painful:

    • Myth: Removing ear wax is a painful process.
    • Fact: When done correctly, ear wax removal is usually painless.
  5. Hearing Loss is Always Due to Ear Wax:

    • Myth: Hearing loss is always caused by a buildup of earwax.
    • Fact: Ear wax can affect your hearing, but only if it is completely blocked (occluded). If there is a gap in the wax (even a small one!) your hearing will not be affected.
  6. Home Remedies are Always Safe:

    • Myth: Home remedies are always safe for ear wax removal.
    • Fact: Some home remedies can be harmful if not used correctly; it’s best to consult a healthcare professional.
  7. You Can Feel When You Have Excess Ear Wax:

    • Myth: You’ll always know if you have too much ear wax.
    • Fact: Excess ear wax can build up without noticeable symptoms until it causes a blockage or discomfort.
  8. Ear Wax Builds Up Because of Poor Hygiene:

    • Myth: Ear wax buildup is a result of not cleaning your ears properly.
    • Fact: Ear wax production varies among individuals and is not necessarily related to hygiene practices.
  9. Only People with Certain Ear Shapes Get Ear Wax Buildup:

    • Myth: Only people with certain ear shapes or sizes experience earwax buildup.
    • Fact: Ear wax buildup can occur in anyone, regardless of ear shape or size.
  10. Ear Wax Removal is a Complicated Procedure:

    • Myth: Removing ear wax is a complex and risky procedure.
    • Fact: In many cases, ear wax removal is straightforward and safe when done correctly by a healthcare professional.
  11. All Ear Wax Removal Products are Safe:

    • Myth: All over-the-counter ear wax removal products are safe and effective.
    • Fact: Not all products are created equal, and some may not be safe for everyone. It’s important to read instructions and consult a hearing professional if unsure.
  12. Ear Wax Removal Can Be Done by Anyone:

    • Myth: Anyone can safely remove ear wax at home.
    • Fact: Improper techniques can cause injury or infections. It’s best left to professionals.
  13. Ear Wax Removal Can Be Done with Household Items:

    • Myth: Household items like hairpins, paper clips, or other small objects can be used to remove ear wax.
    • Fact: Using such items can cause serious damage to the ear canal and eardrum.
  14. Ear Wax Removal is a One-Time Fix:

    • Myth: Once ear wax is removed, it will never be a problem again.
    • Fact: Earwax is continuously produced, so regular monitoring may be necessary.
  15. Ear Wax Causes Ear Infections:

    • Myth: Ear wax is a primary cause of ear infections.
    • Fact: Ear wax actually helps protect against infections by trapping dust and debris.

Safe Ear Wax Removal Practices

Ensuring ear wax is managed correctly can prevent discomfort and potential damage to your ears.

Professional Ear Cleaning

Professional ear cleaning performed by a hearing professional is one of the safest methods to remove ear wax. Professionals use specialised tools and techniques that are gentle and effective. At Hearing Sense, we utilise the micro suction method, which is the gold standard in safe wax removal.

Microsuction involves using a small vacuum to safely remove blockages. To perform this, the professionals at Hearing Sense have received specialised training.

Regular check-ups and professional cleanings can be beneficial, particularly for individuals prone to ear wax build-up. They ensure ear hygiene is maintained without the risks associated with self-cleaning methods.

Are you tired of dealing with ear wax issues and misinformation? Visit Hearing Sense in Adelaide to get the facts straight and receive professional care. Book your appointment today and let our experts help you maintain optimal ear health!

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