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Caring for Your Rechargeable Hearing Aids

rechargeble hearing aids

In recent years, more and more hearing aids are becoming available in a rechargeable option. Many people love this technology as they don’t have to worry about having supply of spare batteries and the sometimes-fiddly task of changing batteries over. If you have made the change to rechargeable hearing aids, this blog is for you! Let’s look at some tips for caring for your rechargeable hearing aids.

Placement of the charger

Hearing aids don’t like getting wet – and rechargeable hearing aids are no different! It is important to keep your hearing aid charger out of areas like the bathroom or laundry. If moisture gets into the hearing aid or the charger, it can stop it from working. Many clients will keep their charger somewhere like a dresser or bedside table.

Keep the Charger Clean

Rechargeable hearing aids need to make a connection to the ports of the hearing aid charger to properly charge. If the ports in the hearing aid charger become dusty, it can stop the hearing aids making a connection. If you notice any dust or debris in the ports of your hearing aid charger, gently wipe it clean with a dry cloth or cotton swab. If your hearing aid charger has a lid, keep this closed to prevent dust getting into the ports in the first place!

In Your Ears or On the Charger

Rechargeable hearing aids are very clever, they get to 100% and then they wait for you. They will not overcharge. So, whenever the hearing aids aren’t in your ears, they should be kept in the charger. This serves a dual purpose of making sure the hearing aids are always ready when you are and helps avoid accidental loss of the hearing aids.

Use the Correct Cords

Its important to use the correct cords and power plug for your hearing aid charger to ensure it works well and safely. Use the cord and power plug that came with your charger to keep it working well!


Rechargeable hearing aids are an amazing advancement in hearing technology. By following these tips, you can keep your rechargeable hearing aids working well for years to come!

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