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Can You Wear Hearing Aids With Glasses?

Modern technology has made it possible to easily, and stylishly, wear both your glasses and hearing aids at the same time! Manufacturers are always designing hearing aids with enhanced technology and more discreet and sleek designers to better suit your everyday needs.

In the past most hearing devices that sat behind the ear were large and bulky, which caused irritation for those wearing glasses. Now however, many hearing aid options – even the behind the ear models – are small and discreet enough that you can comfortably wear with your glasses.

When you get fit with a new pair of hearing aids, it’s important to make sure they feel comfortable, because if they don’t you just won’t want to wear them! If you are someone who regularly wears glasses, make sure you bring them into your appointment and try them on with the hearing aids. Some people find it more comfortable to put the arms of the glasses over the top of the hearing aids, other people find it better to slide the arms of their glasses between their head and the hearing aids. Still some people prefer an in the ear style hearing aid, where they don’t have to have any part of the hearing aid behind their ear at all. It’s all about finding the right solution for you as an individual!

If you are having trouble wearing your hearing aids with your glasses, or you would like to arrange a FREE 30 day trial of any hearing aid style, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 8331 8047. We are here to help!

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