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Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology in 2021

Hearing aids, like everything else, are advancing in leaps and bounds. This is helped along by the fact that a hearing aid is basically a computer dedicated to processing sound. Some modern hearing aids can process sound at over a billion operations per second!

All this power is dedicated to cleaning up sound in a way that makes it easier for people to hear despite hearing loss.

Below are the biggest changes you can expect from new hearing aids in 2021:

  1. Better sound quality

Sound quality has improved dramatically over the last 4 years, delivering better sounding music reproduction as well as better pick up of soft speech and less distortion in loud environments. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep up a conversation in noisy environments again?

Good news! Many hearing aid computers are now able to process more sound than before. So fewer compromises need to be made to fit all the sounds of life into the hearing aid’s processing.

With this improvement you will be able to hear the soft-spoken, you can also hear those whispers or distant speech without having to ask for as many repeats.

  1. More connected

Connectivity of hearing aids to mobile phones has been around for several years. This tended to require neck worn loops and other “jewellery” to make it all work.

Many of today’s hearing aids have the ability to connect directly to your mobile phone (particularly iPhone, although Android options are starting to appear) for wireless phone calls and music streaming using Bluetooth. There is also the option of downloading a phone app, which will allow control of your hearing aid via the phone.

So, say hello to exceptional mobile phone sound quality in 2021 via your hearing aids.

  1. Smaller

Improvements in technology are also bringing us smaller hearing aids. Not only ‘in the ear’ models like, but also on ‘over the ear’ models. Even more powerful hearing aids have been shrunk. So now people have the option to wear their hearing aids more discretely and with more confidence.

  1. Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Many manufacturers have introduced rechargeable models, and in 2021 there are ‘in the ear’ models being released with rechargeable technology. This means there are more options for more convenience with less fiddly battery replacements while making hearing aids better for the environment.

  1. More water-resistant

Advances in technology have not only been focussed on the computer that runs the hearing aid, but there have also been several improvements in the materials used to build the hearing aid housings.

As moisture has traditionally been one of the biggest killers of hearing aids, most modern devices have improved reliability and durability due to these recent advances. While these advancements don’t mean you can to swim in your aids or submerge them in water, it does mean that hearing aids will be less susceptible to moisture damage. Which is a win for all hearing aid users!

  1. More automatic

Faster computer chips mean more can be done in the same amount of time. Advances have also been made in how hearing aids analyse the environments people visit every day. By analysing the sound environment several times each second, a modern hearing aid can more accurately determine the correct settings for that particular environment.

This means less fiddling is required to ensure our clients are hearing as well as possible. This also helps in making the handling of the hearing aid much better than on older generations of devices.

  1. Tinnitus masking built-in

Many people with hearing loss suffer from tinnitus. In the past, we did not have many options apart from the volume of the hearing aid itself to try and offer some tinnitus relief.

Almost all modern hearing aids have tinnitus masking abilities built-in. This means that clients can choose when they want to introduce a masking signal to take the edge off your tinnitus. This is especially helpful in quiet environments, where tinnitus tends to be most annoying. Having a sense of control is of great emotional benefit when it comes to tinnitus management.


Give us a call on 83318047 and find out today how modern hearing aids can help you improve your quality of life, confidence and hearing ability. Book a FREE appointment to speak to one of our skilled clinicians to see if we can help you upgrade your existing hearing aid, or fit you with hearing aids for the first time. At Hearing Sense we offer FREE 30-day no-obligation trials on all hearing aids.




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