Checking into the hospital can be a stressful, and your hearing aids shouldn’t add to that stress. We’ve listed our top 8 tips below to help you protect your hearing aids and keep you hearing your best during a hospital stay.

  1. Use A Hearing Aid Case: Your hearing aid case will be your best defence against losing your hearing aids! Make sure it’s labelled with your name and keep it on your bedside table so it’s close by if you need them. Always put your hearing aids in the case when you aren’t wearing them.
  2. Don’t Put Them On The Food Tray: As convenient as setting your hearing devices down on your food tray may be, it’s very easy for them to get damaged or lost that way. Back to step number one, make sure you keep them in a designated and labelled hearing aid case.
  3. Take Them Out: If the staff are coming to change the bedsheets and you’re not able to get out of bed, make sure you remove your hearing devices and put them in your hearing aid case on your bedside table so they don’t fall out and into the linen that will be discarded.
  4. Skip The Pockets: Pockets are such a fantastically convenient place to store things like your phone, wallet and keys, but not for your hearing aids! Your hearing devices could get forgotten about and end up being tossed through the washing machine and damaged or lost.
  5. Making Batteries Last: Remember at night to open the battery door of your hearing devices. This will help reduce moisture in the hearing aid and maximise battery life.
  6. Ask A Friend For Help: if possible, have a friend or loved one help you manage your hearing aids during your hospital stay. They can help you insert your hearing aids correctly, change your batteries, and remind you to keep track of where your hearing aids are.
  7. Share Your Concerns: Your medical team are there to help you, so make sure they are aware of your hearing loss and your hearing aids. Tell your doctor if you’re concerned about being able to hear just before or after surgery.
  8. Think Ahead: Inpatient hospitals don’t usually assume responsibility for lost hearing aids, glasses or dentures, so create a checklist for yourself and loved ones who can help you keep these critical items safe and sound during your stay.

If you have a hospital trip coming up and require anything for your hearing aids before you go, please feel free to pop into our clinic! We can supply you with batteries, cleaning supplies and an extra hearing aid case if you need it.