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3 Easy Ways To Care For Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids are vital to your daily hearing. They allow you to hear the world around you, which helps you lead a healthy and happy life. Because they’re so crucial for your day to day life, it’s important to know how you can clean and care for your hearing aids so they continue to help you hear for years to come.

We’ve listed 3 important ways to care for your hearing aids below.

  1. Protect Them From Damage

    One of the best ways to look after your hearing aids is to protect them from physical damage, such as being dropped, stepped on, eaten by a hungry puppy or lost.

    • We recommend choosing a routine place to store your hearing aids when you’re not wearing them. It should be a cool dry place that is out of reach of children and pets. Your bedside table or nightstand can be great spots to keep them.
    • It’s important that your hearing aids are fitting well and that you insert them correctly into your ears. This helps the hearing aid stay in place and greatly reduces the risk of them falling out.
  2. Protect Them From Dust, Wax, and Moisture

    Some of the most common causes of hearing aid damage is dust, wax and moisture. Dust particles can block the microphones, wax can clog tubes or speakers, and moisture can cause corrosion and damage to the electronics in your hearing aids

    • Make sure you clean your hearing aids regularly. We recommend checking the hearing aids before putting them away at night so it becomes routine.
    • Use the correct cleaning tools. A soft, dry cloth and the cleaning instruments (such as a small cleaning brush) from our clinics will do the trick. Replace the wax filters on your hearing aids as needed.
    • Clean your ears – but not with a cotton tip! Wipe your outer ears, but avoid inserting anything in your ear canals. If you have severe build-up of wax, consider getting a professional clean for your ears.
  3. Visit Our Clinics For Repairs And Adjustments

    Even the small problems with your hearing aids can become bigger issues if they’re not resolved. That’s why all of our staff are trained to clean and service your hearing aids whenever you come into the clinic. We recommend bringing your hearing aids in every few months or so we can do a full clean and check for you. It’s also important to have your hearing checked by a clinician about once a year, so they if there are any changes in your hearing the hearing aids can be adjusted accordingly.We’re here to help, even if it’s just to give your hearing aids a quick clean. If your hearing aids need adjusting or you have any questions, feel free to visit one of our clinics or give us a call on 8331 8047.

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