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Why People Hide Their Hearing Loss

Why People Hide Their Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is often very treatable, and at Hearing Sense we treat a wide range of people with a wide range of hearing loss. An individual’s hearing loss can be as unique as their fingerprint. But, even if someone is suffering with the symptoms of hearing loss, many people avoid getting help due to lack of awareness, as well as concerns about the social stigma and expense. Unfortunately this means that millions of Australians are suffering from hearing issues each day even though treatments exist. Here are a few key reasons why hearing loss often goes untreated:

  1. People Do Not Realize How Bad It Is

Not everyone who is avoiding hearing loss treatment is doing so purposefully. Some people would seek treatment if they realized there was an issue, but they think they can hear just fine. Those with this problem may just feel like others are mumbling or think that their telephone or television volume needs to be turned up a little.

Since it can be hard to notice gradual hearing loss, it is important for seniors and other at-risk groups to get regular check-ups. Though you might think you can hear just fine, you may be shocked to realize how much you were missing once you get treatment. 

  1. People Are in Denial About the Problem

Many people avoid treatment because they do not want to think about the problem. There are all sorts of reasons people may have for not wanting to take the steps to get treatment. This can lead to them actively refusing to address the issue even though they are aware of it.

Having to acknowledge their hearing loss would mean they have to admit that they are not as healthy as they once were, or it might require them to face fears about medical visits or ear exams. It can be tough to take a step back and admit that you need help, but it’s important to not let your own fears keep you from getting the treatment you need.

  1. People Are Concerned About Expenses

A sad reality is that some people want to seek help for their hearing loss but are worried about medical expenses. They put off getting treatment because they feel like it is easier to just miss out on some sounds instead of having to pay for treatment.

There are all sorts of hearing loss treatments, so it is possible to find low-cost alternatives to pricier solutions. At Hearing Sense we fit a wide range of hearing aids, we have a solution for everyone. We offer FREE 30-day no-obligation trials on ALL hearing aids so our clients can test out a device before they commit. We are also a contracted provider of the Office of Hearing Services program which provides free hearing aids to all pensioners & veterans. 

  1. People Worry About What Others Think

The reason that some people avoid getting treatment is that they fear there may be a social stigma attached to the concept of hearing loss. Those dealing with this condition may try to hide it because they see it as a sign of getting old or infirm.

In these situations, a person may not want to get hearing aids or other visible forms of treatment because they worry that it might impact their job or social interactions. Keep in mind that hearing treatment might not be as noticeable as you think it is, and dealing with some potentially negative opinions is worth the benefits.

There are all sorts of completely understandable reasons that people avoid seeking help for hearing loss. It can be hard to overcome all these concerns, but it is important to keep them from getting in the way of your treatment. The benefits of finally being able to hear again can be a huge relief after years spent hiding the condition or avoiding treatment.

Have you experienced changes in your hearing? Do you struggle to follow conversations or find it difficult to hear speakers in noisy places? It could be a hearing loss. If you are ready to finally get treatment for your hearing condition, Hearing Sense can help. Give us a call on 8331 8047 to book your FREE appointment.





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