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Accessories that enhance your hearing experience

Enhance your Hearing Experience

Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving and has improved leaps and bounds over the years. Hearing aids now have wireless capabilities. This means that there are a lot of accessories that you can use with your hearing aids which can really enhance your hearing experience, make your life easier and let you get more out of your hearing aids.

TV streamer

This connects via a simple cord to the back of your TV and allows you to stream sound directly from your television into your hearing aids. This greatly improves the sound quality for the hearing aid user. It also means you can adjust the volume of the TV in your hearing aids so as not to affect anyone else in the room, and you can even mute the television so it is only playing through the hearing aids.

Mobile phone app compatibility

Many hearing aids now have the ability to connect wirelessly to your mobile phone allowing you to easily and discretely change the program and volume of your hearing aids, as well as stream music and mobile phone calls.

Tinnitus Support

You can use this app on your mobile to control a tinnitus program in your hearing aids to provide you with relief of tinnitus symptoms. You can use relaxation guides, music, podcasts and audio books as well.

Remote microphones

These turn your hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset, act as a remote control to change program and volume. These are particularly helpful in meetings and lectures to improve the sound quality of the speaker for the hearing aid user. These can also be used to stream phone calls direct to the hearing aid.

Remote control

This is just like a TV remote but for your hearing aids. It is a small portable remote that you can take in your pocket anywhere you go to easily and discretely change the volume or program on your hearing aids, without having to feel on the hearing aids for the buttons. It is a great option if you do not have nimble fingers.

Phone adaptor

These attach to a conventional home phone and stream the calls to your hearing aid.


A dongle can be used to create a wireless headset with your hearing aids to chat with family and friends over Skype or listen to audio on your computer.

You can even set your hearing aid up to receive alerts when you receive an email or text message or even when someone rings your doorbell!


There are many options available and we encourage you to contact us at the clinic on 8331 8047 if you have any queries and think one of these may be a great solution for you.



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