You only have one set of ears and it is so important that they are protected. These days, especially with loud concerts, nightclubs and frequent use of iPods at high levels, the ears are even more at risk of noise damage.

Common signs that you may need to consider using some protective devices

  • Do you suffer from tinnitus/ ringing in the ears after a noisy event?
  • Does your hearing feel dull for a day or so after the event?
  • Have you had to yell to be heard over the background noise at the event?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, this is a sign that damage may be occurring and custom ear protection is your answer.

How does noise affect your ears?

Noise effects the ears by causing a temporary shift in hearing but over time the hearing does not recover. Then you are left with a permanent hearing loss. This is because of the damage to the tiny hair cells of the inner ear. See Noise Related Hearing Loss

Noise levels image

We offer a variety of protective high quality devices including:

Musicians Earplugs

These are extremely popular by being discreet and custom made for each person. Perfect for band members, DJs and Sound Technicians, you are able to select how much reduction you would like ranging from 10dB, 15dB or 25dB. These specialised sound filters drop all the sound equally at each frequency so the quality of sound is not affected, just reduced to protect your hearing. The actual plug itself is very small and great for discreet wear.



These are solid earpieces specifically for industrial workers, builders, factory, military/ aircraft operators, motor cyclists or loud concert goers. They can reduce loud noise by as much as 40dB and give great protection all year round. They are very comfortable and custom made to fit the ear. A range of fun colours are available, as is a cord for keeping them together and easy removal and hanging around the neck.



Also known as ‘Hi-Fi’ earplugs, these are most commonly worn by musicians who are not after custom fit hearing protection. The pistol grip design makes these ear plugs easy to insert and reduces the risk of ear infection that can occur from using foam ear plugs. Many flanged earplugs are washable and, if they’re triple flanged, they can stay in place all day. The material of these ear plugs is extra soft, so they fit your ears comfortably.

Earasers are most suitable for: Musicians, factory workers and event workers.

If you are interested in this product, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 8331 8047.

Communication Earpieces

We can provide custom made earpieces which allows comfortable and secure sound for iPods, mobiles, security radios, in-ear monitors and MP3 players. In addition to giving a comfortable fit, the earpieces also provide 25-34dB of noise reduction. This means that you don’t need to turn the volume up as high to hear over the background noise in your environment. A great safe alternative for your ears.

Swim plugs

These are perfect for swimmers, surfers or anyone with an ear condition requiring water to be kept out of their ears. They come in a range of fun colours and are designed to include a safety cord to ensure they stay together and are not lost during water sports. These are available for children or adults.


If you are concerned about the environment in which you work, and possibly may have suffered a hearing loss as a results of the noise you work in, we are fully accredited to provide WorkCover services. Contact us on 8331 8047 or

Please see our link on Workcover