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The Sounds of Autumn

Can you believe that it’s Autumn already? Neither can we! The leaves are changing from their lush green colours to the stunning orange and reds that we all know symbolise the start of the cooler months. Although the sights of Autumn are wonderful to behold, there are many sounds we can hear during the coming months that are delightful as well! Here are some of our favourites…

Walking through leaves
Watching the leaves change from green to a vibrant red or orange is a beautiful sight… but the sound of the leaves crunching under your feet after they’ve fallen to the ground is a pretty satisfying too! Have you been missing this sound?
If you’ve recently had your hearing aids fitted, there’s no better time to head outdoors and go for a walk in a local forest or through the hills; kick the leaves and listen to the sound of them crunch under your feet!

Autumn Rain
As we head into the cooler months we start to miss the summer sun, beach days and BBQ’s but there’s plenty to love about autumn too! The gentle ‘pitta patta’ of rain on the leaves of trees, in puddles or on the roof of your house is one of our favourite sounds and definitely shouldn’t be taken for granted.

The autumn wind can be strong, sometimes a little too strong – when you can hear it howling through trees or it causes a door to slam shut! But one of our favourite things about autumn wind is the sound of rustling leaves and branches as it flows through the nearby trees, or picks up a pile of leaves that have fallen to the ground.

We might not be able to enjoy them during summer, but in the cooler months of the year, there’s nothing quite like sitting around a nice, warm fire. Whether you’re at home with family or camping with friends, there’s just something mesmerising about watching a bonfire. One of our favourite’s sounds is the crackling of the wood, or the occasional ‘pop’ from a gum tree branch. The ‘woosh’ of the flames as the gentle autumn wind flows past and makes the flames dance.

There are so many seasonal sounds to enjoy, so if you or a loved one are suffering from the symptoms of hearing loss, book a free hearing test at one of our clinics so you can enjoy all the wonderful sounds Autumn has to offer!

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