I like to support local business, and found Hearing Sense after seeing an advertisement. The staff are extremely polite, helpful and patient. They are also very supportive to get the hearing aids fitted correctly. I went back a few times to get it right and on each occasion, they were helpful and patient. I cannot recommend Hearing Sense highly enough. Top class service!

Elias Siahamis

The new phone is a great success, mum is very happy now.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Ros Thiele

Excellent product knowledge, great service and Pavel provided information on the full range of hearing aids. I would recommend Pavel and his team to anyone.

Malcolm Buckby

I knew I had a hearing problem for many years – family and friends would pass comment often. I decided to get my hearing checked once I retired – I needed time to come to terms with probably having to wear hearing aids.

My first appointment was with a government agency – “Yes” you need hearing aids and these are the only ones we recommend for you (behind the ear hearing aids and please come back in two weeks to pick them up and pay for them. This didn’t sit well with me – seemed too rushed and I didn’t like the type of hearing aids. I needed time to emotionally adjust to this big change in my life so I put this on hold for 6 months.

My wife noticed a large advertisement for Hearing Sense in the Sunday Mail, detailing Inner Ear Hearing Aids. From the first appointment with Kelly Korcek, I knew that this would change my life forever. Her kindness, understanding and patience will always be appreciated. I was able to use the hearing aids for over a month without any pressure of payment. They needed a few adjustments but nothing was too much trouble for Kelly and Ashleigh.

It only took me a week to get use to them and the difference to my hearing was amazing,. When we had family functions I was always isolated at the end of the table but now I am right in the middle of discussions. I play lawn bowls now and can easily get involved in all aspects if this sport. I love these hearing aids because they are virtually invisible – they are easy to look after and they are no trouble to put into my ears. They are expensive but the benefits absolutely out way the cost.

As you get older there is nothing worse than becoming more and more isolated because you can’ hear – there is an easy answer — check out Hearing Sense – you won’t be sorry.

Marcel Vella

I highly recommend Kelly and Pavel Korcek of Hearing Sense, at 210A The Parade Norwood, for their professional and outstanding service. My Hearing loss is a difficult one, necessitating trialling several hearing aids, with ongoing adjustments, which Kelly managed in her friendly and professional manner, to achieve the best possible outcome for me.

I am extremely happy with the personal service provided, I have and will continue to recommend their services.

Kay Penezic

I found Hearing Sense extremely helpful and thorough finding me the most suitable aids for me personally and gave me a thorough testing. I have been very happy with the whole procedure.

Helen Sarre

I suspect I am typical of the older person experiencing age-related hearing loss. Deafness runs in my family: my mother, father and grandmother were all deaf in their mature years, and each had various hearing devices over the years. So it was inevitable that I would go this way too.

I also suspect I am typical of the person with their head in the sand regarding their hearing loss. But there comes a time when it is too embarrassing to say “pardon” all the time, so you start to smile and say nothing in reply, hoping you haven’t made a big social blunder. It also becomes unpleasant to go to noisy bistros because you can’t hear conversations, so the inevitable social retreat begins. Then, even at home, having the TV blaring is a whole other story!!!

On the high recommendation of a friend, initially I had tried a free hearing aid trial with Kelly when I was in my mid-50’s and still working. Kelly’s approach and personality was so positive, and she was a delight. However, despite having a few problems hearing colleagues in the open office, at that stage I wasn’t totally convinced I really needed aids. I thought I could get by.

But very gradually over the years, my hearing deteriorated to the point where I really had to take action. I had since retired and was spending a good deal of time looking after young children, and I wanted to be sure my hearing was up to scratch.

After a gap of about 6 years, I had no hesitation in going straight back to Kelly at Hearing Sense for another trial – but this time I was ready to commit. Again, her openness, warmth and professionalism made the process so easy. It was reassuring to find out the exact state of my hearing loss, and choosing the right hearing aid was no problem at all.

The mid-range model she recommended suited me to a tee. It is compact, easy to use, and no-one knows it’s there. I hadn’t realised, but part of Kelly’s process involves a review appointment to literally fine-tune the equipment via a computer program to suit your specific hearing loss.

In short, having hearing aids has changed my life!  No more ‘pardon’s. Lots more bistro dinners. Hearing feint children’s voices isn’t a problem, and at least now I know when they are making up silly words …or not. Going to the theatre is wonderful. Even the dialogue on the TV is clearer, and I can now rest assured the neighbours can’t hear it too. In general, I am so much more confident in simply living my life without the ever-present fear of not being able to hear.

I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Kelly and Pavel Korcek at Hearing Sense. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!  But please don’t wait like I did……go NOW!!!

Diana Kidd

I have been using hearing aids for about 12 years and in that time used 2 different aids which were purchased from different providers. Last year after experiencing problems with my hearing aids I began enquiring to find replacements.

Following up on an advertisement in the ‘courier’ I visited Hearing Sense at Norwood and was impressed with their friendly service and the prices quoted on the various aids. After considering the options, I purchased two hearing aids and a wireless TV Link. I immediately enjoyed the many improved benefits especially the clarity in TV Audio.

My experience at Hearing Sense was a great benefit in improving the quality of my hearing and the services were always given in a friendly attentive manner.

I also recommended Hearing Sense to two of my friends who also purchased Hearing aids with the same helpful service provided.

Without hesitation I recommend Pavel, Kelly and Ashleigh at Hearing Sense as a provider of hearing aid equipment together with quality service.

David Payne

I am from the country, been shearing 35 years, don’t wear a watch or chain so didn’t like to wear hearing aids (manly stuff). I tried a cheap brand but to much glass screeching coming through, could not stand them for even half a day. At HEARING SENSE I was fitted, magic.. the glass had gone. They are small, unseen and comfortable. I forget I have them on. Only a few “beg your pardons” now. I am happy with the payment contract, happy with the aids and happy that I can hear good again. Plus a back up anytime of good service.