This is not always the easiest conversation to have. For many people coming to terms with hearing loss is a difficult and sensitive topic. It is important to appreciate that this may be hard for your loved one and to be supportive. Approaching the conversation in a delicate manner may be something that your loved one will appreciate. Try framing it as a friendly suggestion, rather than an instruction.

Here are a few tips to put your partner at ease when discussing hearing aids.

Focus on the positives the hearing aid will provide.

-Increased socialising with less effort- concentrating and listening gets very fatiguing.

-Meaningful and valuable social interactions- no pretending to have heard what has been said or withdrawing in social situations altogether.

-Confidence in those social situations again

-To be able to hear the phone ring and the doorbell

-Increased awareness of environmental sounds; the wind in the air and the birds in the trees, the music of life!

-Feel more energised

Hearing aids are more than just hearing aids, they help facilitate meaningful social interactions, which in turn helps our emotional and mental health. They are also important in helping our physical brain health, research has shown that keeping the hearing system active helps to keep the brain healthy.

Importantly hearing aids give power back to the individual.

Remember a hearing test does not mean you have to have a hearing aid, your clinician will discuss your results and personal situation with you so that we can work together as a team for the right outcome for you.

Getting your loved one to their hearing test is often the first hurdle and it is always helpful for you to attend that appointment to support them. At Hearing Sense we are here to support you along every step of the journey. If you would like to discuss anything further with us or make a time to come in to chat with one of our qualified clinicians simply call us on 8331 8047!