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Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

If you work in an industry where you’re exposed to loud noises that may damage your hearing – this blog is for you! Hearing protection comes in all shapes and sizes. We’ve pulled together a list of hearing protection types to help.

Foam earplugs

Probably the most common form of ear protection, foam plugs are soft, light and inexpensive. Foam plugs tend to be worn for light sleepers, travellers and in some cases factory or construction workers (depending on how noisy the workplace is). You can obtain these at a local chemist and some supermarkets. Check the noise reduction rating to find out what your ear plugs protect you from.

Most suitable for: swimming, motor bike riding, light factory work.

Hearing Protection - Foam Earplugs

Silicone earplugs

Unlike the foam earplugs, silicone earplugs are carefully moulded to fit the ear well. Silicone earplugs tend to feel more comfortable and secure than foam earplugs. If you don’t like the feeling of foam earplugs, silicone earplugs are a better alternative as the soft putty like material moulds into the shape of your ear. You can also find these at your local chemist.

Most suitable for: swimming, sleeping, explosives, sporting events.

Hearing Protection - Silicon Earplugs


Flanged earplugs

Also known as ‘Hi-Fi’ earplugs these are most commonly worn by musicians who are not after a custom fit. The pistol grip design makes these ear plugs easy to insert and reduce the risk of ear infection that can occur from using foam ear plugs. Many flanged earplugs are washable and if they’re triple flanged, they can stay in place all day. The material of these ear plugs is extra soft, so fit your ears comfortably.

Most suitable for: musicians, factory workers, event workers.

At Hearing Sense, we’ve recently brought on a new type of plug called Earasers from Sonic Innovations. Although they are not custom-made, they are very comfortable and provide a high fidelity sound at a reduction of 17dB. Simply give us a call on 8331 8047 or pop into the clinic to try these out.

Earasers Vertical Black Back - Hearing Sense Adelaide
Earasers Musician’s Hi-Fi Earplugs


Hearing Protection - Flanged Ear Plugs
Moldex – Pura-Fit. Source: Best Digs.

Custom moulded musician, swimmer and sleep plugs

These earplugs are custom made by taking a mould of your ear. They’re designed to fit a person’s specific ear canal size – so are built to be comfortable.  A Hearing Sense clinician will take an impression of your ear and these are designed to fit tightly and securely to provide excellent reduction of noise.

Musicians earplugs are specifically designed to be custom made and you can choose the amount of reduction it provides. A musician’s earplug differs from all other plugs as it will reduce the amount of decibels equally across the frequency range which means there is no loss of fidelity of the music.

We highly recommend GN Resound and Adelaide Earmoulds. You can select the amount of reduction you like – 10dB, 15dB or 25dB and sometime can even double filter to provide a little extra reduction. Perfect for singers, band members or concert goers.

Custom swim plugs are great for adults and children who need to keep the ear canal free of water. Whether it be for comfort, to reduce the risk of ear infections or to keep water out after surgery – our custom swim plugs are the perfect solution!.

Sleeping plugs are custom made and designed for comfort. They also help reduce loud snoring or other noises so you can get a great night’s sleep!

Hearing Protection - Sleep Plugs
Source: ReSound Hearsaver



Earmuffs are recommended for people who require hearing protection on a permanent basis (ie: construction workers). Your choice of ear muffs should come down to comfort, effectiveness, durability and personal preference.  Pro Choice offers a range of heavy duty earmuffs, some built into a hard hat or visor. You can buy hygiene kits to prolong the life of your ear muffs. We recommend these are replaced every 6 months.

Most suited for: construction workers, miners

Hearing Protection - Ear Muffs

Damage to your hearing can occur gradually over time or suddenly when exposed to loud noises. If your occupation exposes you to loud, persistent noises and you are worried about your hearing book in a hearing test with us today. For custom plugs – simply give us a call and arrange a time for an impression of your ears. It is easy, effective and a great way to protect your ears.



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