Transferring or organising a hearing test

If you would like to see us and already have hearing aids or had a hearing test under the Australian Government Program, it is really easy to transfer.

And we would love to see you and help you hear better.

What do I get when I transfer?

We would do this by giving you the full Hearing Experience, testing your hearing and adjusting your hearing aids to sound as good as they can. Sometimes, a second opinion, especially in the programming of your hearing aids is really important. See Your connection and relationship with your clinician

If you are eligible to be refitted under the program, in other words, able to claim again for new hearing aids under the government program, we would help you to make the best choice and you get to trial it out to make sure there is an improvement and you are hearing well See 8 things I need to know before choosing a hearing aid.

How do I transfer?

All you have to do is contact us on 8331 8047 and we will transfer your file through the Government Portal.

There is no charge to transfer and any current maintenance simply transfers over – you will not have to pay your Maintenance fee again.

Please feel free to call us on 8331 8047 and we would be delighted to help you with this process.

Remember, we can see you at Norwood,Unley and Salisbury or are happy to organise a Home Visit if you find it difficult to make it into the clinic for an appointment.

What happens to my Battery & Maintenance program?

If your Battery & Maintenance program is up to date, this will transfer over to us and there is no extra fee to pay. In fact, you actually get a free few months.

We then happily look after your battery supply and any repairs you need for your existing hearing aids. All your appointments continue to be free. See Batteries and Service


I am a client of Hearing Sense already but need a new hearing test

If you already see us at Hearing Sense and are due for another hearing test, we will always let you know and organise all the paperwork for you.

If you feel you just need an adjustment or your hearing has changed, simply call us on 8331 8047 to arrange an appointment time and we are very happy to see you at no charge.

We really look after our clients, and always encourage you to pop in for a free check up and service of your aids while you have a latte or cappuccino on us. We like to see you at least once a year for a check appointment with Kelly, Pavel or Rhiannon. We will certainly be in touch to let you know when you are due.